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Dungeon Siege III dev sets co-op party limits and more

Obsidian has fielded questions from fans eager to know more about its upcoming hack 'n slash RPG. Save game, party-size and control scheme-based results are inside.

IGN recently invited fans to send in questions to pose to Obsidian regarding its action-orientated RPG.

Associate producer, Nathan Davis, responded to the best of them, allaying fears about the save system in online co-op.

"All of the loot that the character has collected and all of the levels that they have gained are saved on the host game," he said.

Specifying party-size, Davis said the game would support four players for online and two for local co-op.

For further answers about pack mules, difficulty scaling and WASD control schemes, head for the full interview here.

Dungeon Siege III launches on PC, PS3 and 360 on June 17 in Europe and June 21 in the US.

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