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Dragon Age: Inquisition - tell us your party set up

Dragon Age: Inquisition really rewards those who take combat seriously. So go on; tell the rest of us what the ultimate combinations are.


There are a couple of way to play Dragon Age: Inquisition. If you turn the difficulty down you can run through most battles just controlling your player character, equipping whatever gear and abilities your fancy, and bashing the attack buttons.

If you turn the difficulty up, you'll need to micro-manage battles using the tactical view camera, thinking about positioning and ability combinations, and build your characters in various synergistic ways. You may even need alternate parties and gear sets for some battles.

Somewhere between the two extremes are a variety of approaches leaning towards more casual or more hardcore. How are you playing right now? Do you think it'll change by the time you get to end game? What are you best gear finds? Tell us!

I'll start you off: I'm 17 hours in, most of which has been spend faffing about in the Hinterlands. I've recruited Sera, Vivienne, Iron Bull and Blackwall in addition to initial starting characters. I'm not strong enough to fight dragons, and I have to be cautious approaching Great Bears. My average party level is seven.

My main party is Cassandra, Soras and Vivienne. I'm building up Cassandra with the Vanguard tree, focusing on threat and defence. I'm thinking of changing this approach so she has more crowd control abilities.

Soras started with a few Spirit abilities so I've buffed up his barrier abilities to help protect Cassandra, and I've also given him revive, although I regret it. I'll probably replace him with Dorian, and skip Spirit stuff. Vivienne has a bunch of lightning abilities. With both mages I'm trying to get abilities that cause status effects that can be detonated.

My player character is a rogue and I'm focusing on gaining detonation abilities to set off the combos the mages set up, with a side line in crowd control, avoiding threat and getting criticals or damages spikes from flanked, prone, sleeping or otherwise unaware enemies.

Tactical camera or go home, amirite.

My general approach is to have Cassandra charge in and generate as much threat as possible; I usually lead with her or with my Inquisitor in stealth, and follow up with sleeping powder. The mages hang back, at a distance and slightly apart so they can set up crossfire on the enemies Cassandra pulls. Solas always casts barrier on Cassandra as soon as the battle starts; thanks, AI!

Depending on how enemies are arranged and how much aggro Cassandra pulled, I try to take down all the smaller enemies with standard or chain attacks from the mages. Usually they can take down a bunch of smaller foes before Cassandra's barrier (and in tougher battles, her guard) wears off. Then I have the mages set up combos on the biggest foes, which the rogue detonates. I then put my Inquisitor in stealth, as she'll pull a lot of aggro with that move, and Cassandra generates threat again. Rinse, repeat.

I haven't looked into gear too much yet, although I've stacked my rogue with items that cause status effects for those times when she's just wailing on baddies with her daggers; I figure a 15% chance to bleed is going to happen pretty often when you're flailing away like a confused blender. I have Cassandra using sword and shield rather than a double-handed weapon because she's not really required to do much damage.

Sop that's me: now tell me your far superior approach. Go!

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