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Dragon Age Inquisition guide and walkthrough part 5: From the Ashes

Work your way through the flooded caves in part 5 of our Dragon Age Inquisition walkthrough.


Dragon Age Inquisition guide and walkthrough part 5: From the Ashes

Find a way into the dam

So you’ve killed the Highwayman Chief. Next on the agenda is following the marker for the Still Waters quest. It will lead you to a doorway, so pop through, down the corridor to the right, up the stairs and through the door. Now you’re outside, follow the pathway to the southwest until you come across the sign for Old Crestwood.

At the junction, go left to the tavern and talk to the villager inside. On the first floor, make your way to the room at the end and push the wheel inside to lower the water and initiate a cutscene.

Find a way into the flooded caves

Return to the Old Crestwood sign and head north. If you can’t be bothered to loot and kill enemies, just fast travel to the northern camp. When you spot a rift far off to the left, head towards it. On the way, you’ll come across a basic rift that you can seal for 2 power levels. Continue northwards.

You can make a quick detour when you pass a landmark. Nip into the shack behind it for some loot, then carry on to the north to discover an astrarium. You want to begin in the centre triangle, at the left middle point, then left to map the outer triangle and around to the top of the centre triangle. Now map the right outer triangle to finish the puzzle.

Resume your journey to the Still Waters marker, and at Old Crestwood, go north, into the flooded caves. Follow the path and light the torches as you proceed. At the waterfall, take the path to the left to find some loot, then go around to the path on the right to find a chest. Plop down to the central area and continue along the path to the lower caves.

When the path splits, head to the right. Kill the enemies and grab the loot, then leave the area via the tunnel to the right to find a chest and an item you’ll need to inspect. Double back to the main room and carry on towards the lower caves.

Eventually you will reach a door that has a torch on either side. Ignore it for now, and enter the room next to it, on the right. To your left as you enter, is a corridor that you can follow to the end to find a mosaic piece. Retrace your steps to the door with the 2 torches outside. To the right is a breakable wall that a warriors can destroy, and beyond it you’ll find a ladder and some supplies for crafting. Head down the ladder to find loot, a mosaic piece, and more crafting materials.

Go back to the door with the torches and go on through to find a rift. You’ll have to battle through 3 waves of enemies before you can seal it. Once it’s closed, pick up the loot from behind it and pillage the chest in the room. Go across the hall, enter the northeastern doorway, across the water, up the stairs and the the ladder ahead, then up the steps to the left.

Follow the pathway at the top to the lever and yank on it to open the next door. Sweep the room for loot, then carry on through the tunnel to leave the cave. Kill the enemies and seal the rift out here, strike out to the west, and turn south as soon as it’s possible to do so, to reach Crestwood Village. The Still Waters marker will lead you to the mayor’s house, so follow it and read the letter you'll find inside to end the quest.

Meet Hawke’s warden ally

Exit the village to the south, then head east as soon as it’s possible to do so (west of the marker for the Here Lies the Abyss quest). You’ll pass through a campsite on the way, so stock up here, then go around to the southeast to get back onto the path to the north. The map marker will lead to a cave, so talk to Hawke at the entrance, then go on inside. At the doorway, inspect the banner on the right, then head through to initiate a cutscene.

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