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Dragon Age Inquisition guide and walkthrough Part 9: What Pride Had Wrought

Complete the ritual and defeat Samson as you near the end of the main Dragon Age: Inquisition quest.


To move on with the story, you’ll need a power attack level of 40. Head to the war room when you’re ready to trigger a cutscene and accept Lady Morrigan’s help. Return here after the cutscene, highlight Orlais on the map and select the mission “What Pride Had Wrought”.

Get through the blockades

Once the cutscenes have wrapped up, head south along the path until it veers to the east. Defeat the enemies here with the help of Inquisition soldiers and continue east until you reach a waterfall. Make your way north until it’s possible to strike out to the east again.

You’ll shortly stumble across an enemy encampment with some pretty tough enemies inside, so take the necessary precautions, such as casting barrier spells to bolster your party’s defence and focusing your initial attack on the Sentinel Shadow. Once you’ve cleared out the camp, sweep the area for loot and stock up on supplies before resuming your trek on the northern path that will eventually turn east again.

The enemies at the last blockade are Red Templar Behemoths, resistant to fire and weak against ice. Continue north once you’ve taken care of them and keep your eyes peeled for a path leading to the east as you approach the next map marker. This detour will lead to some enemies and a bit of loot so do what you have to do here, double back to the main path and follow the river northwards to the temple.

Enter the depths of the Temple of Mythal

Stock up on loot and supplies outside of the temple then enter to trigger a cutscene. Carry on to the stairs, looting the bodies at the top, and flitting off to the east and west sides for a little loot collection. Proceed to the main door in the south and try to open it, only to find that you can’t. Move toward the altar in the centre (to the north) to trigger a cutscene.

Open the door by completing the ritual

Puzzle time! There are 2 rows of stones - one around the altar, and on to the north of the altar. Make sure you don’t tread on any of the stones twice. Begin on the southern side of the ring around the altar, and heading to the east, follow it around to the northern point. Stop on the stone in the corner to the northeast. You now need to move to the west side of the altar, but you must step on every stone on the way, so from the northeast corner, move west, south, west, north, west, south, to make an S-shape. From here, continue around the altar in a circle and the puzzle is solved! The main doorway to the south is now open, so head on through.

Make your way down the corridor and through the next door to trigger a cutscene, after which you’ll be set upon by a number of enemies. AOE attacks are your friend here, so dish them out aplenty.

Perform the rituals or follow Samson through the hold

Once you take down the group of enemies, you’ll trigger a cutscene that will leave you with the choice to fanny about solving puzzles or to charge in and whoop some arse. Obviously, fannying about is what we’ll cover here.

Follow the map marker to the room in the southeast. The puzzle here is akin to the last one around the altar. Begin on the steps to the west of the platform and proceed east (right) across 2 of the southernmost tiles. Continue along the path as it turns, and keep south as you approach the opening by the platform. When you reach the end of this row, step one stone to the north, one to the west, and one to the north.

To your east are some gold stones that have no bearing on the puzzle solution, so tread on these and pull the lever to the east to close the gate behind you while opening those ahead. move on to the stone to the south and step one stone to the east. Face south and move one stone over. Now move to the east until you can’t proceed any further in that direction. Step one stone to the north, then bust out S-shaped manoeuvre from the last puzzle, moving east, north. west, north, east, north, west, north. You should now hopefully be in the northeast corner and the only stones left should be to the west.

Move as far west as possible, then step one stone to the south and one stone to the west. Gold stones should be on the ground to the south, so hop onto those and yank the lever to open the gate you just closed.

To the northwest of the golden stones are 3 stones that haven’t been stomped on yet. Tread on the one to the west first, then the north and then the eastern stone, leaving one last section of stones to take care of. Step one stone to the north and proceed as far west as possible and carry on back to the starting point at the stairs. Job done.

Go back to the main room, head down the stairs to the north and to the room in the northeast corner. Move up the stairs to the west of the central platform to find another stone puzzle.

Begin on the south stone to the right, step one stone south, then proceed as far east as possible. Use the S-manoeuvre and step one stone to the north, one to the west, one to the north, one to the east, and one to the north. Now go across to the west as far as you can, then move one stone to the south, two to the east, one to the south and one to the east to complete this puzzle.

Return to the main room and enter the room to the west for yet another stone puzzle. Begin on south stone to the left, head 2 stones to the south, one to the west, 2 to the north, one to the west, one to the north, 2 to the east, 2 to the north, one to the west and one to the south, depositing you next to the stairs on the east side of the room.

Head up the stairs - which won’t affect the puzzle - and start on the stone in the north on the right side. Step 3 stones to the west, one to the south, 2 to the east, 3 to the south, 2 to the west, one to the south and 2 to the west.

Hop onto the gold stones to the south and plop down onto the steps to the southeast. Begin on the north stone on the right side and turn so that you’re facing west. Step 2 stones west, one to the south, 2 to the east, 2 to the south, 2 to the west, one to the south and 2 to the east, leaving you next to the steps on the southern side of the platform. go downstairs to the last section of the puzzle.

Begin on the stone to the south on the right, step 2 stones to the north, one to the west, one to the north, one to the east, 2 to the north, one to the east, and 5 to the south to finish up. Return to the main room and through the southern door to trigger a cutscene.

Get to the Well of Sorrows following the Sentinel Guide

You’ll be given a choice to ally with the Sentinels, which is recommended because why make life harder for yourself? Exit via the door to the east, following the Sentinel through the temple. The Sentinels are battling in various rooms along the route so feel free to tag in to lend them a hand, or leave them to their own affairs, sticking to the guide’s fight-free route.

The guide will deposit you at the top of the temple, so pick up any loot here and ready yourself for battle. Go through the door to the east and take care of the enemies there, the head through the 2 doors to the south, looting the body of the dead sentinel to restock your inventory. Carry on down the stairs to trigger a cutscene that willl lead to the boss fight.

Samson Boss Battle
HP: 46, 488
Immune: Slowed, Panicked, Physical Effects, Paralysed, Frozen

Samson will have some minions with him, so mop them up first. Be sure you use barrier spells to prevent things getting out of hand, as these enemies pack quite a punch. When they’ve been taken care of, move on to Samson.

Ideally, you’ll need a warrior equipped with a sword and shield to engage Samson directly while the rest of the party hangs back to offer support. Samson has an AOE stun ability that will affect your whole party, so make sure the minions are gone as soon as possible, or you’ll be open to their attacks as well. If you’ve followed our advice so far, this won’t really be too much of a problem when he uses it without his cronies around. When you defeat Samson, a cutscene will kick in, after which you have to choose who will take the power from the well. Watch the ensuing cutscene and you’ll return to Skyhold.

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