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Dragon Age Inquisition guide and walkthrough part 7: Here Lies the Abyss

It's time to face off with the Aspect of the Nightmare boss. Brace yourself with this guide.


Dragon Age Inquisition guide and walkthrough part 7: Here Lies the Abyss

Secure the gate, get to the battlements and find Warden-Commander Clarel

In the Skyhold war room, highlight Orlais, then select the ‘Here Lies the Abyss’ map marker to trigger a cutscene. After a brief battle, a second cutscene will start. Go through the door to the west, up the steps, turn left and kill the enemies here. Go up the steps to the west, kill the enemies along the way, Follow the path to the door at the end and go through.

Go down the steps to the right where you’ll encounter some wardens. Instruct them to get to safety, refill your supplies and grab any loot lying around, then head south and through the large door. Go up the stairs and around to the north, killing the enemies up here. Pick up the loot from the balcony, then up the stairs located in the centre of this area, to the battlements.

Clear out the enemies up here, then make your way up the northern ramp for more loot and supplies. Pop through the door to the east to find a Pride Demon and some minions. The Pride Demon is the boss from earlier and is immune to physical effects, paralyse, freeze and sleep, but on the plus side, his HP is half that of your first encounter.

Once you’ve put them down, make your way to the south (ignore the stairs for now) and follow the path to another Pride Demon and some loot. Double back to the stairs, head down them. and through the large door. Kill the enemies here then move around to the right and on through the door. pick up the loot before going through the door to the north and triggering a cutscene. Do not opt to fight the wardens!

Follow Clarel

After the cutscene, take out another Pride Demon with the help of the wardens, then go up the steps in the northwest corner. Defeat the enemies up here and carry on making your way north, being wary of the dragon attacks. Ignore the stairs and head right into the next corridor, where you’ll be attacked by the dragon again.

Retaliate to get it to move its scaley arse, then push forward to the stairs at the end on the right. Continue up the second flight of steps on the right and head right at the top, around the corner and up another set of stairs to trigger a cutscene.

Escape the Fade and get to the Divine

Find the table and chair to the south, inspect the item on the table and look for loot to the south. Place the item on the table and take the item from the chair.

Make your way to the north until it’s possible to head southeast towards your map marker. Pop up the southeastern stairs to trigger a cutscene, then fight the enemies straight after to pick up their memories for another cutscene.

Make your way to the next map marker, following the eastern pathway. Be sure to sweep the area for loot, particularly after fights. Investigate each diamond-shaped marker and use your scanning ability to discover the hidden item, then take it to the appropriate spot to gain a lost attribute.

When the road forks, go north to find a corpse that you need to examine. A demon will appear that you’ll need to dispose of, before proceeding north and inspecting the mirror you’ll find at the end of the path. Some more demons will appear, so take them out and examine the mirror again to gain another lost attribute.

Grab the loot and return to the fork in the road. Head east, killing the enemies along the way, until you reach the Divine. Have a chat and stock up on supplies.

Escape the fade through the rift

Kill the demons off to the right to pick up their memories and trigger a cutscene. Take out the spiders that appear afterwards, then inspect the cauldron at the diamond-haped marker on the map. There’s a statue northeast of the cauldron. Scan the area to the right of it to find a tarot card, chuck it in the cauldron and regain a lost attribute.

Head east, battling enemies and examining mirrors, until you reach a green portal and are set upon by spiders. Once you’ve exterminated them, you’ll be presented with 2 different routes that ultimately lead to the same destination. You can even loop around from one to the toerh so that you don’t miss anything - like the Broken Window side quest.

Set off down teh lower path towards the diamond-shaped marker and inspect the table when you reach it. Kill the enemies that will attack, then move to the next marker, scan the graveyard to locate the vial of darkspawn blood, return to the table and pop the blood on it for an attribute point.

To the northeast of the table is a set of stairs. Inspect the mirror to the north of the steps, then head on up to face a whole lot of demons and a Pride Demon. When they've been dispatched, go up the stairs and head west to the upper pathway. Take out the 2 Pride Demons, then inspect the bed in the north, Use your scanning ability to find the teddy bear and toss him on the bed to get an attribute point.

Move to the south to find a device that you can activate by setting 5 points alight. If the points were to be numbered from 1 to 5, from left to right, you need to light them in the order 4, 1, 3, 5, 2 and then pick up the loot that appears.

Head back down the stairs to the east picking up loot as you go, refill your supplies near the stairs, the proceed down the steps to trigger a cutscene, after which you’ll face the Aspect of the Nightmare boss.

Aspect of the Nightmare Boss Battle
HP: 40, 479
Immune: Physical effects, Fear, Frozen, Asleep
Vulnerable: Spirit, Electricity

Dive into the battle and when some minions start to appear, focus on them before targeting the boss again. When parts of the floor start to glow, have your mage dispel the area so that the Nightmare’s spells don’t erupt and cause damage.

The boss will also throw a little teleporting into the mix, so ranged attacks will come in handy when he’s doing this, and draw his attention with a warrior.

All-in-all this is a super straightforward fight, but once it’s over, you need to decide who gets to live between Hawke and Stroud, so have fun with that. Watch the cutscene and you’ll be returned to Skyhold.

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