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Dragon Age Fans Are Head Over Heels For Its Mysterious Qunari Lady

Move aside Solas, a new character is capturing hearts.

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Yesterday, BioWare gave us the most detailed look yet at the next Dragon Age's development. It was mostly concept art, but one character in the art caught a lot of fans' eyes—a female qunari fighter.

Among the many screenshots and art pieces that were shown, there were a few appearances of a mysterious Qunari woman. We know next to nothing about her, other than that she wields two blades and has surprisingly long hair, at least compared to previous Qunari characters like Iron Bull or Sten.

Her appearance in the concept art has many fans thinking she's a potential companion—in Dragon Age parlance, a character that can join your party, quest with you, and notably for some, be a romance option for your main character. It took very little time for fans to start speculating about this mysterious "Qunari lady," and whether she is romanceable or not.

These artists work surprisingly fast. | Screenshot via @ling_extra on Twitter

Some threads have speculated about what role she might play. Considering that—from both the concept art and the ending of Dragon Age: Inquisition's Trespasser DLC—a trip to Tevinter seems likely, that also means Qunari could play a more prominent role. The Qunari and Tevinter Imperium do love squabbling with each other.

The mysterious Qunari is fast becoming a favorite. | Screenshot via @yellowplumfruit on Twitter

Just as fast as the theory-crafters and lore nerds (I say this as one of them) were the artists, who found a new muse in this Qunari warrior. Art of her seemed inevitable, as Twitter users immediately began crafting their own version of their mysterious Qunari infatuation.

If you're not in the Dragon Age fandom, the love for this Qunari warrior might seem overzealous. Throughout the Dragon Age games though, it's been a slow process to see more fantasy races become companions, and potential love interests at that. Iron Bull was the series' first Qunari romance, and that was in Inquisition; there's never been a female Qunari companion. Trespasser had Viddasala, but Qunari women overall have been less prominent. It's no wonder there are already fancams, even if we don't have a name for her yet.

Part of the excitement around a new Dragon Age is seeing it explore more of this world, its culture, and its people. Fans are also eagerly hoping for a dwarven romance in this game, which would be a series first and especially welcome after the overwhelming response to Scout Harding. As Dragon Age's scale and scope get grander, can't we let ourselves hope for grander romances too?

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