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Dishonored 2: blueprints location guide

Where to find every blueprint in Dishonored 2, mission by mission.


Dishonored 2 players can upgrade their gear at Black Market shops - provided they've collected the necessary blueprints.

There are some really powerful and versatile possibilities out there if you track down all the blueprints, but they're definitely the best-hidden of Dishonored 2's collectibles.

On this page we'll tell you how to find every blueprint we've come across in Dishonored 2. You'll notice we link out to mission pages in our Dishonored 2 walkthrough; if you need help tracking down each blueprint, putting it in the context of the broader level layout may help.

By the way, don't worry too much if you upset the Black Market Shop vendors; there'll be another one along in a minute.

Mission 02: The Edge of the World - Dockyard Quarter and Addermire Station

Your first two blueprints are found in Karnaca's Dockyard Quarter. If you want to use them immediately you'd better collect them before you rob the Black Market Shop! Again, better find and use them before you rob the shop.

  • Dispersed Incendiary Release
    In a safe (no combination required) in an office accessible via the blue awning near the bar in the initial starting docks area.
  • Fire Hardening Treatment
    On the hutch on the desk near the dafe in the Overseer's Outpost (F2).

Mission 03: The Good Doctor - Addermire Institute

There are two blueprints in Addermire Institute, or for some reason three if you happened to miss one in the last mission.

  • Combat Sleep Dart Formula
    In the combination safe in the main lobby area. Face the wall of light and look up and right to find the path.
  • Memory Vapor Distillation
    In Hamilton's Quarters, which are right at the top of the central staircase. You need the key from Disease Treatment (F2 East) to get in, and mind the traps!
  • Dispersed Incendiary Release
    If and only if you missed this one in the last mission, it's sitting on a bench in Disease Treatment (F2 East). Don't ask us how it got here.

Mission 04: The Clockwork Mansion part 1 - Upper and Lower Aventa District

Collect two blueprints in Aventa District before you enter the Clockwork Mansion itself.

  • Pyrosonic Casing
    In the safe (no combination required) in the ticket booth at the carriage station in Lower Aventa. Buy or steal the key to this room from the Black Market Shop nearby.
  • Alloy Polarization
    On the third floor of the guard station in Upper Aventa, on a desk just outside the office where an elite guard is sleeping.

Mission 04: The Clockwork Mansion part 2 - Clockwork Mansion

Be wary of the clockwork soldiers as you grab the blueprints Jindosh has carelessly left lying about his mechanical home.

  • Conductive Filaments
    Stand in the atrium by the waiting room and use the configuration level to send it away. The blueprint is on the desk in the room that replaces it.
  • Slug Splintering Wedges
    In the cabinet doors on the outside edge of Jindosh's desk in the upper level of the laboratory where you eliminate him.

Mission 05: The Royal Conservatory - Cyrian Gardens and Royal Conservatory

Three blueprints are available here. They say there's also a chance to collect a blueprint you may have missed earlier, but we didn't, so we can't tell you.

  • Configurable Grooving
    Reward for completing the Black Market Shopkeeper's sidequest. You must speak with him before you find the associate's apartment or collect the prototype. Do not rob or otherwise aggravate the NPC until you have completed this quest.
  • Reverberation Tubing
    In the apartment linked to the Royal Conservatory by a pipe against the area wall. Climb the bloodfly infestation blockade on the stairs to enter.
  • Triggered Housing
    In a side room with a wall of light on floor 1 of the Royal Conservatory.

Mission 06: Dust District - Batista District

  • Spiked Grenade Housing
    In a metal crate disguised as a table, in the centre of the bottom floor of Paolo's Apartment, found above The Crone's Hand Saloon.
  • Secondary Coiling
    In the basement of The Crone's Hand Saloon.

Mission 07: A Crack in the Slab - Aramis Stilton's Mansion

Only one new blueprint is available here; Stilton is a social scientist, not a tinkerer.

  • Firing Chamber Pivot
    In the safe (no combination) in the vault off the dining room. The door is open in the original present timeline, but the safe contents are only available in the past.

Mission 08: The Grand Palace part 1 - Ravina Boulevard, Palace District

Stealthy types will definitely be passing through the area with this blueprint. May as well collect it as you go.

  • Small-scale Combustion Refinement
    On a desk in the seized apartment.

Mission 08: The Grand Palace part 2 - Grand Palace

You should have most upgrades now, so again, there's only one blueprint to find here.

  • Blade Conversion
    In a cabinet in the duke's office.

Mission 09: Death to the Empress - Dunwall Streets, Dunwall Tower

Two final blueprints await you in this last mission.

  • Dual-layered Galvani Weave
    In the workroom behind the briefing room on the Dreadful Wale.
  • Counter-blast Inversion
    On the table in Dr Galvani's lab (the apartment with the safe).

That's every blueprint in Dishonored 2. Hope you've got the cash to pay for all these upgrades.

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