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Destiny's Challenge of the Elders: How to beat the Overmind Minotaur

Shoot him in the belly. He doesn't like it.


How to beat Time stalker of the Vex, the Overmind Minotaur

This page is part of our guide to Challenge of the Elders, the Prison of Elders end-game activity included as part of Destiny's April update. It's updated every Tuesday and includes all the information you need on the weekly reset, modifiers and bosses.

Guardians familiar with Qodron from the original Prison of Elders should find themselves well prepared for this Vex boss. The mechanics are similar, and in fact considerably easier.

As with Qodron, the Overmind rather grandly positions himself permanently on the central dais, allowing his servants to hunt you down while bombarding with missiles from range. He is also constantly scanning the arena to spot Guardians in order to encase them in a detainment bubble, similar to the ones that the Templar boss and Atheon use in the Vault of Glass.

Being ‘Spotted’ means that you’ll need to shoot your way out of the bubble, which is nothing more than an inconvenient time penalty which might also put pressure on other members of the team. Not being spotted is simply a case of using all the cover available to stay out of the Overmind’s line of sight, which is of course tricky while taking aim at the guy and avoiding damage from adds.

The Overmind’s weak spot is his belly, ideally targeted with high-impact sniper rifles or a rocket launcher with target tracking. Since he doesn’t move around too much, relying on adds to create the confusion/distraction, sticking together is the best strategy and the far left corner from the airlock is usually the safest place to operate from. Also, as with Qodron whose detainment bubbles caused physical harm, grouping together allows you to shoot out of the bubble much faster.

Higher-level Guardians can relax quite a bit though, it’s fair to say. It is quicker to spread out and keep the DPS going for when the Overmind goes for a short stroll, occasionally turning his back to one side of the arena or becoming obscured by the towers. The Vex minions are of the standard, non-Taken, variety and routinely taken out with precision shots to the torso, standard Minotaur very rarely cause problems when hosed into the ground. Your best primary weapons for this entire encounter are scout rifles or pulse rifles that can also chip away significantly at the Overmind.

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