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Destiny: Rise of Iron Record Book - how to claim your Days of Iron armour

Destiny: Rise of Iron brings the motivation of Moments of Triumph to launch month. Let's have a go, shall we?


Destiny: Rise of Iron offers multiple paths to endgame, and one of them is Rise of Iron Record Book.

In this article we'll explain how the Rise of Iron Record Book works, what you get for your pains, and what you'll need to do to complete it.

Similar to the Sparrow Racing League and Year 2 Moments of Triumph Record Books, the Rise of Iron Record Book contains a bunch of "milestones" - tasks to check off. Whenever you complete one, you can mark it done to receive some XP towards your Record Book total. As your XP goes up, you unlock rewards.

If you're not clear on how to use the Record book: you need to view it in the Progress tab of your menu, then press Triangle/Y to see the details. use the shoulder bumpers to scroll through pages. When you've completed a task, you can activate the equivalent node. If you unlock a reward tier, return to the first page to collect it.

Rise of Iron Record Book rewards: Days of Iron armour

One of the main rewards of the Rise of Iron record books is Days of Iron armour. This armour set is Iron Lord themed, and supports ornaments.

As you level up your Rise of Iron record book, you'll receive Days of Iron armour treasure boxes. These treasure boxes transfer to your inventory (or the postmaster if you're full up) and can be opened like a Sterling or radiant treasure.

Each Days of Iron treasure box will unlock three pieces of Days of Iron armour - one for each class. When you collect all the boxes via your Rise of Iron Record Book, you'll have the full Days of Iron armour set.

Unfortunately it looks like the Days of Iron armour drops at your current Light level or a set, pre-cap Light level, as it certainly didn't pop out at 385 Light for us (dang). However, the Record Book also includes a stack of upgrade materials, apparently, so stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, you might want to hold off collecting and opening your Rise of Iron record Book treasure boxes for now.


Rise of Iron Record Book tasks

The Rise of Iron Record Book is divided into four pages. The first, Iron Rising, tracks general Rise of Iron content such as strikes, story missions and Exotic quests.

The next three pages are more specific. The Plaguelands is all about self-guided gameplay - patrol content, in other words. Wrath of the Machine is raid-specific, and the details are hidden, possibly until the raid launches on Friday. Crucible is PvP focused.

Below we've listed the known Rise of Iron Record Book tasks from all four pages, with links out to guides where appropriate.

*As of launch week, only standard strikes from the SIVA Crisis playlist count. You won't make progress playing the Heroic strike playlist.

**You can do the same quest over and over again if you fancy it.

***According to Bungie: "The Weekly Patrol Quest referred to in requirements for this Milestone is the This Corrupted Land Quest. Players will need to complete this Quest multiple times to meet the requirements for the Milestone. Progress on this Milestone can be accomplished across multiple Characters on a player's account."

    Wrath of the Machine

  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

    The Crucible

  • Dragon of Light – Achieve maximum rank in the Iron Banner event. (x5)
  • Crest in Class – Collect Crests in Supremacy Crucible matches. (x30)
  • Glory and the Taking of It – Complete the Rise of Iron Crucible quest “Glory and the Taking of It.”
  • Golden Ticket – Complete a Trials of Osiris Passage. (x5)
  • ****Supreme Leader – Win Supremacy Crucible match. (x10)
  • Takebacks – Recover Ally Crests in Supremacy Crucible matches. (x15)
  • Unstoppable – Win consecutive Crucible matches in Rise of Iron. (x2)
  • Forged in Fire – Earn a Kill/Death ratio of 1.00 or greater in a single Crucible match.

****According to Bungie: "Supremacy matches that are in alternate playlists, such as Inferno, Rumble, or Mayhem, may not contribute to progress on this Milestone. Progress on this Milestone can be accomplished across multiple Characters on a player's account."

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