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Destiny: The Dark Below Guide - where to find the new Dead Ghosts

Destiny: The Dark Below adds six new Ghosts to the game, which means six new chances to earn Grimoire points and unlock new cards. Let's go get 'em.


Destiny: The Dark Below Guide - where to find the new Dead Ghosts

Since Destiny: The Dark Below doesn't add any new Destinations, the six new Dead Ghosts are divided between Earth and the Moon. They're available in our location guides for both destinations, but we thought we'd round them up by mission for those of you who have been through the base game grabbing all the original collection already.

The Dark Below: Siege of the Warmind (Earth) Dead Ghost locations

The first three Dead Ghosts in The Dark Below are all found in the Seraphim Vault, which is access via Bunker RAS-2 - but only during the mission Siege of the Warmind.

The second and third Ghosts are collected in the boss battle room, so get to them quick before the action kicks off; nip after them while you wait for the orbit timer; or bring a friend to distract your enemies while you search.

  • The Dark Below Dead Ghost #1 (Earth Dead Ghost #17)
    As you enter the Seraphim Vault you'll battle against waves of Thralls, a couple of Knights and a few Acolytes. The battle takes place in a lengthy, curving corridor punctuated in the centre by stairs leading up to a Major Knight and the path to the next room. Facing away from the way you came in, continue along the dead end corridor past the stairs. Step up onto the slightly raised platform and look behind a large crate.
  • The Dark Below Dead Ghost #2 (Earth Dead Ghost #18)
    The second Dark Below Dead Ghost is right at the top of the structure in the centre of the boss battle room in the Seraphim Vault. From the control panel platform, carefully jump up onto one of the nearby masts and make the huge leap onto the lowest accessible section of the - whatever it is. Then "simply" platform your way up and hunt around for the Ghost. Enjoy the sounds of battle below.
  • The Dark Below Dead Ghost #3 (Earth Dead Ghost #19)
    In the final boss room in the Seraphim Vault, look for the short tunnel passing underneath the control panel platform. Facing outwards into the room as if you were standing at the control panel to operate it, the Ghost is in the right segment of tunnel, against the rear wall.

The Dark Below: The Wakening Dead (Moon) Dead Ghost locations

The three new Moon Dead Ghosts are found in the Chamber of Night during the mission The Wakening Dead.

  • The Dark Below Dead Ghost #4 (Moon Dead Ghost #10)
    Enter the Chamber of Night and pass to the left of the first glowing green sigil on the ground. Continue on until you see the second sigil, then head up the nearby stairs. A little further on, past a large pillar, the Dead Ghost can be found on a pile of detritus; look to your left to spot it.
  • The Dark Below Dead Ghost #5 (Moon Dead Ghost #11)
    When the environment opens up again after passing through the area with the sigils, look ahead for a tall, spiky rock. You'll need to make several jumps to reach the top of the spire and grab the Ghost from its peak. You'll be immediately attacked when you first enter here, so be mindful of that.
  • The Dark Below Dead Ghost #6 (Moon Dead Ghost #12)
    Ugh, this one's a bit tough. When you pass through a huge door (it's closed when you first approach, and then opens) you'll need to look around for a doorframe you can (with difficulty) jump on top of. From this vantage point you can both see and leap to the Ghost's resting place, a large geometric pillar-thing.

Find the rest of the Ghosts - and everything else - with our complete Destiny guide.

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