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Destiny 2 Warmind guide: All Data Memory Fragment locations - how to get the Worldline Exotic Sword and Exotic Sparrow

As you wander the dusty surface of the Red Planet, Mars, in Destiny 2’s new Warmind expansion, there are tons of secrets to uncover.

Best of all, not only do you get the satisfaction of scratching your completionist itch, but blasting every data fragment nets you some sweet exotic loot as well. Here are all of the data memory fragment locations in Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion, so you can unlock the Worldline Zero Exotic Sword and Exotic Sparrow.

Below we’ve embedded a video from the mighty Arekkz showing every data fragment location in detail. But if you prefer, we’ve included written instructions too.

When you’re data fragment hunting, remember to bring a full roster of guns with different elemental powers. For white fragments, you’ll have to shoot them with a kinetic weapon. Orange fragments need a solar weapon, purple needs void and blue fragments have to be destroyed by an arc weapon. Some fragments will require you to use the new Javelin relic weapon to break.

Most fragments take a few shots from a primary weapon to break.

Many of these fragments are in environments from Warmind’s campaign - so beware of mild spoilers for area names.

Destiny 2 Warmind Data Fragment Locations:

Olympus Decent Data Fragments

  • At the very bottom of the map, where you start the expansion, walk north a few paces then turn and look up high on the cliffs to the West.
  • Continue north along the path from where you found the first fragment, enter the cave and keep following the path. Once you’re in a larger cavern, press forward past the large stalactite on the western side of the chamber, then look down into the gap on that western side. The void fragment is on a ledge below you.
  • To get to the next memory, continue following the path out of the cave, through another large room, until you reach a cliff edge with a WarSat embedded in it. Walk as if you’re going to go off of the edge, and you’ll see a solar fragment just underneath the WarSat.

Glacial Drift Memory Fragment Locations:

  • From the landing point at the southern end of the area, the first fragment is high on a cliff a little to the west - next to where you’d enter the area if you were walking.
  • To get to the second memory, head east from where you found the first one. Jump up onto the rock in front of you, then drop down onto the ledge protruding from below the frozen dam. There’s an arc fragment all the way in the western corner.
  • After that, jump back up to the west and head over to the giant doors that you can see over the brow of the hill in front of you. There’s a small open entrance just to the right, go through and turn immediately left. A fragment should be in a box on the bottom shelf right next to the entrance you came through.
  • Go back out of the door you came in and jump on the wheeled platform right in front of you. Then turn to face east and double jump onto the taller pillar that you see. Turn back around to face north and you should see another memory on the roof of the building in front of you.
  • Now turn to face east again and jump to the second tall pillar you can see further down the bridge. Turn to face north and you should see a fragment on the cliff edge.
  • Under the bridge are two fragments that require the Javelin relic weapon which you can get from public events of Mars. The first is on the northern side of the bridge, on the western side of the first bridge support.
  • The second javelin fragment is on the southern side of the bridge in a dead tree. You can find the tree by heading south from where you found the first javelin fragment and looking up at the southern side of the tree.
  • Next head over to the eastern side of the bridge and jump up on the last tall pillar on the northern side of the bridge. To the right of where it says “Clovis Bray” on the large building, there’s a small platform with a fragment on it.
  • Turn to face south from where you shot the last fragment and jump onto the pillar on the southern side of the bridge. Turn to face east and you should see a memory above the open door.
  • Head south from the top of that pillar until you reach the cliff edge. Turn to face west and look slightly down. There’s another fragment hidden along the cliff face in the distance.
  • Return to the open hangar door a little northeast of your location and go inside. Then jump up to the walkway on the northern side of the room. Turn around to face south and there’s another fragment on the other side of the room.
  • Jump down from the walkway and back out of the door you entered through. Now head northeast to the other open door just over the hill. Go inside and walk to the end where there’s sand piled up. Look to your left and there should be a target on the right of the fan in front of you.

Braytech Futuresafe Memory Fragment locations:

  • If you head northeast out of the sandy room you found the final Glacial Drift fragment in, you’ll come to a derelict road littered with cars. Follow the road until the sand level drops and you see a truck with a rounded front cabin. Jump on to of the truck and turn to face west. Jump onto the balcony walkway across from you and turn to face south. Go all the way to the end of the walkway and you’ll see the first memory on a pipe if you look down over the edge.
  • Turn around and head back north. When you see a vehicle that you ride, turn east and jump on the building in front of you. Turn to face south and get to the highest point on the building. The memory is in the distance just past the large blue container.
  • From here turn back to face north again, then head northeast where you’ll see some stairs next to the edge of the platform. At the bottom of these stairs, turn around and you’ll see an orange container. Jump over the edge and use that container as a platform. There’s a solar fragment tucked underneath the stairs.
  • Jump back onto the main platform so you’re at the bottom of the stairs again, then run straight north through the clearing and jump up onto the raised part of the area. Keep heading north and look off the edge of the platform. You’ll see another memory on the pipe in front of you.
  • The next fragment requires a Javelin from a public event, and is located on the western side of the clearing you just ran through. It’s on top of a cylinder on the wall.
  • From that cylinder, walk west through the middle of the building and jump up so you get to the edge of the platform. There should be a javelin platform on the ground. When you’re stood on the Javelin platform, turn to face east and look up high on the building in front of you. Toward the southern side of the building, there will be a memory near the top.
  • Turn to face north from where you’re stood on the Javelin platform and walk forward. You should see an alleyway between two buildings. Go down the alleyway and look up and to your left. There’s a fragment on top of a box there.
  • In this same alleyway, there’s a keypad that you can interact with on the right-hand wall. Doing so will open a door to the west of where you’re standing. Turn around and go back out of the alleyway, turn and head west, then enter the open door that you can see on the blue building that says “02” on. Once you’ve gone into that door, you’ll see a small opening in the wall in front of you. If you look through the opening, you’ll see another fragment.
  • Go back out of the door you came in and head east. You need to go in the main Clovis Bray building that you find Ana Bray in as a vendor. In the middle of the room, next to the screen with the rotating Clovis Bray logo, there will be a stack of boxes with a fragment on.
  • Northwest of that fragment, go through the door to the left of the screen that says “Clovis Bray Exoscience”. Go up the stairs and the fragment should be visible in front of the large diamond-shaped structure.

Aurora Reach Fragment locations:

  • Going through the doorway behind the diamond structure will lead to the Aurora Reach area. Once you get outside, head over to the left hand side of the metal platform. Crouch down and face the Clovis Bray building and you’ll see a memory fragment underneath the platform.
  • From there, go through the door of the Clovis Bray building and follow the linear path. Eventually you’ll be able to see outside again, press forward and you’ll see a fragment in plain sight on the path in front of you.

Mindlab:Rasputin Memory Fragment locations:

  • As soon as you come into this area, walk along the path and jump on top of the Warmind in front of you. Across the other side of the gap, you should be able to see an open vent. Jump over to it and climb through. When you’re inside, turn left, go around the corner and turn left again. The fragment should be on top of a box.
  • This one’s quite complicated to explain. To get to the next fragment, drop down from the vent you just came through and turn right. Then run straight forward and progress through the level as you would during the campaign, by jumping up onto the platform in front of you, going through the tunnel and turning left up the pipes to take to up a level. Once you’re at the next level, run to the other side of the platform and look over the edge. You should see some more pipes below you. Jump onto these pipes and walk about half way down them until you get to where it connects to the wall on the right hand side. Walk onto the connecting piece of metal and look upwards. You should be able to see a fragment on a strut in the distance.
  • Return to the platform you jumped down from to get to the pipes you were just on and continue through the open door. Jump across the gap in front of you and turn to your left when you reach the door with a logo in the middle. The memory is above a door blocked by darkness.
  • Turn around from the logo door and go back out into the room with the gap. Clear out all of the enemies from this area and proceed through the door at the very back of the room. Once you’re through, turn left and look into the far distance. You should be able to see another fragment.

Dynamo Approach memory fragment location:

  • Make your way over to Dynamo Approach, the easiest way is to fast travel back to the Glacial Drift and head west. As you come into the area, run past any enemies and make your way over to the eastern side of the area. If you look up and into the distance, there’s a radio tower. There’s a memory fragment on the tip of the beam on the southern side.

Alton Dynamo memory fragment locations:

  • Make you way into the area by heading northwest from the Dynamo Approach. As soon as you see the area name pop up on screen, turn around. You should see a memory fragment in the ice behind you.
  • Once you’ve hit the first fragment, turn back around and move forward through the area. When you reach the inside area and jump over the gap, bear left. There’s another fragment on the point of a support beam near the dazzling light.
  • To get to the next memory, continue making your way through the linear path of Alton Dynamo. Go through the first sliding door, then take a right and make your way into what looks like a server room. Make your way over to the far right-hand side of this server room and there will be a fragment high up on the pillar in the corner.
  • This fragment requires a few steps to collect, so make use of the video - from 13:37 onward - if you’re stuck. First, you need to backtrack to the corridor where you turned right to get to the server room and take the left path instead. As soon as the room opens out turn right and look up, there’s a grate underneath the fan on the wall here that you can shoot and it will break. Jump up into the opening you create, go through the tunnel and shoot the grate at the other side. When you’re out, turn left and go the end of the room - there’s a terminal that you can interact with here. Once that’s done, head back out of the vent you came in through and turn right. Continue through the door in front of you, then bear right again and run to the next door that’s in front of you. Now take a left at the bottom of the stairs and when you go through the sliding door turn right and run to the door that’s in front of you on your right hand side. When you’re through this door, turn right and you’ll come to a broken door that opens and closes slightly. You should be able to see a memory fragment through the opening in the door.
  • In this same room, there’s another fragment to your left - on top of the cylinder.
  • To get to the next fragment run back through the room with the Cabal, back through the sliding door and back up the stairs. In the room that you find yourself in, there’s a large burning pillar. What you have to do is jump up using this pillar as a platform and you’ll see the memory nestled on a platform behind some beams at the top.
  • Now go back to the Cabal room that you ran through twice before. Just as you come through the door that leads from the stairs, walk straight forward and jump up onto the wall in front of you. In the distance, you should be able to see the memory.
  • Next, walk into the middle of this Cabal room and turn to face the way you came in. Look up and there’s a fragment on the pipes above you.
  • For the last memory in this area, go back into the room where you shot the fragment through the broken door. Walk forward through the sliding door that leads into another large room. Bear right here and run up to the platform with two large orange cylinders. Walk past the far pillar and turn to face left. Look up, and in the distance there’s a void target hidden in the ceiling between the pipes.

If you’ve collected all of the data so far, you should have recovered 41 data fragments. The final four are located in this map’s Lost Sectors.

Ma’adium Subterrane memory fragment locations:

To get to this Lost Sector, fast travel to the Glacial drift and head east along the cliff edge. There’s a cave opening around the corner with the Lost Sector symbol.

  • To get the first fragment, follow the linear path through the Sector until you reach a glowing chasm. On your right, there should be a crashed ship.Go over to its front end of look underneath one of its engine to find the memory.
  • For the second, spiral around the chasm until you’re on the other side of the room. Look down into the hole, the memory is hidden on a ledge far down below you.

Core Terminus memory fragment locations:

To get to the second Lost Sector, fast travel to the Braytech Futurescape dropzone and head west. Go into the blue building with a number two on it and go up the stairs. Go through the door and make your way past the Hive before turning left through the door. Here you’ll enter the Lost Sector proper by going down the stairs and following the corridor.

  • Keep going through the corridor until you reach a group of enemies. Don’t kill all of the enemies or you won’t be able to get to the last fragment. What you need to do is bypass the enemies and interact with the terminal next to the glass door that’s in front of you and to the right. You can then interact with the door, which will open enough so that you can shoot the target inside.
  • Turn around from the partially open door and keep going through the corridor. Run through the next open doorway and press forward to the far side of the room. There’s another terminal on the right-hand wall here that you have to interact with. Once you’ve done that, keep running into the boss room with the Lost Sector chest. To the right of that chest is another glass door. You have to shoot through the gap in this door to collect the final memory fragment.

Now that’s all done with, you can clear out enemies to give you space to think.

To get the Worldline Zero Exotic Sword, you need to backtrack to the first glass door in the Lost Sector. Once you’re in front of it, turn around walk forward a bit and turn left. You’ll see a cache up against a wall that you can interact with. Open it and you’ll get the Worldline Zero Sword.

To find the Exotic Sparrow, fast travel to the Glacial Drift and work your way back into the Olympus Descent starting area. Make your way along the path past the first chasm on your left, until you get to the area with a WarSat embedded in the cliff edge. Look down and you’ll see a ledge that you can drop down to underneath here. Kill the big enemy that stands in your way and open the cache in front of you. This grants you an emblem and the Exotic Sparrow G-335 Anseris Overdrive.

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