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Destiny 2 Guardians will encounter many formidable Cabal units and most ruthless of the bunch is the Red Legion

In Destiny 2, the Red Legion is your worst enemy.

The head of the Cabal in Destiny 2, the Red Legion is described by Bungie as "the most ruthless" of the lot.

According to combatants design lead Tomonori Kinoshita, players will confront various units within the militaristic Legion led by its Emperor, Dominus Ghaul.

These include the Legionary, which are infantry and make up the majority of Cabal forces. These units also sport a retract blade located in their gauntlet which can be used in close combat as melee weapon, or ranged when used as projectile.

There's also the Phalanx, which are defensive troops providing cover and support for fellow Cabal. In Destiny 2, the Phalanx use their Energy Shields for cover allowing multiple units to shoot players from behind it. The Phalanx also makes use of the Cabal Slug Shotgun.

A new unit called the Incendior is part of the Red Legion and uses the Cabal Magma Launcher to incinerate surfaces and Guardians. It's basically a massive flamethrower. Incendior also has a giant backpack housing a fuel tank which when detonated causes massive AoE damage. When this occurs, the unit takes out Guardians as well as Cabal in close range. Be sure to shoot the tank from afar, then.

Blood Guard versions of these units are harder to deal with, so be prepared.

War Beasts are another new Red Legion entry in Destiny 2, and are fast, military hounds with nasty, big pointy teeth. They will use their chompers, claws, and horns to make your life miserable - especially when coming at you in a pack. These bad dogs will relentlessly chase down Guardians until either are dead.

Other combatants include the Centurion field commander and the Colossus light, heavy infantry unit. The Gladiator is also a new melee units for the Red Legion and loves to come at you with dual Cabal Severus. Don't anger him too much or the Gladiator will perform a formidable charge attack.

One of the ways in which Bungie helps Guardians locate the Cabal, is the use of red lasers. Snipers are especially dangerous, so the red lasers fired by these fellas will pretty much give away their location. That said, the Cabal in general will be tougher enemies compared to what players were faced with in Destiny 1. Good luck, Guardians.

If you give the IGN First video a watch, Kinoshita also discusses the various weapons the combatants will use, and he also provides some information the development team's goals when creating the new enemies.

The Destiny 2 beta is currently live for those who pre-ordered the game. PlayStation 4 players were given dibs on it yesterday, and Xbox One users can dive in today.

It goes into open beta on July 21 and it will end for all console users on July 23. It's a great opportunity to try the game before it releases on September 6 for consoles.

The PC version of Destiny 2 will release on October 24, and a beta is planned for August. Be sure to make a Blizzard account if you haven't already.

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