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Destiny 2: Chalice of Opulence crafting and upgrade guide

The Season of Opulence is well underway and a new boss has been added to the Menagerie, so let's take a look at how to gather runes, upgrade your Chalice and get the gear rolls you really want.

You can upgrade your Chalice using Imperials and equip Runes to curate a roll for items you really want. There are 12 different types of Runes and three Chalice slots, alongside nine Chalice Perk upgrades. There are various ways to earn Imperials, which you can see here, so let's take a look at Runes and the combinations needed to get the stuff you really want.

Thanks to the Destiny 2 Raid Secrets subreddit crew for gathering this information.

Destiny 2: Runes

You can pick up a buff from Werner or Benedict 99-44 that will increase the chances of Runes dropping from any matchmaking activity. A slightly easier way is to pay the 5000 Glimmer tithe and get them from Calus' chests on the Nessus barge.

You can also earn Runes by completing bounties given to you by the aforementioned robots and finding Imperial chests, so equip a Runefinder and jump into activities like the Menagerie.

There are four colours of Runes to choose from. You begin with purple Runes and you'll have to purchase the Rune Compatibility Chalice upgrade to unlock the other colours.


Each colour of Rune is tied to three items, which you can see below:


  • Rune of Joy - item for your Guardian's class
  • Rune of the Beast - SMG
  • Rune of Jubilation - Sniper Rifles


  • Rune of Cunning - Gauntlets
  • Rune of Gluttony - Boots
  • Rune of Ambition - Power Weapons


  • Rune of War - Helmets
  • Rune of Desire - Hand Cannons
  • Rune of Pride - Sidearms


  • Rune of Pleasure - Chest armour
  • Rune of Excess - Fusion Rifles
  • Rune of Wealth - Shotguns

The first Chalice slot is unlocked after your first Menagerie run and the other two can be purchased with Imperials. The first slot determines what item you'll receive, the second determines exactly what type of weapon you'll get based on slot one, and slot three guarantees a Masterwork item.

So, if you only have the first slot unlocked and use an SMG Rune, you'll receive an SMG from a pool of four. If you have the first and second slots unlocked, you'll be able to choose which weapon you desire.

With that in mind, let's take a look at what Runes you'll need to get the various weapons in the Chalice pool.

Destiny 2: Chalice of Opulence combinations - weapons

As the third Chalice slot only functions to guarantee a Masterwork roll, we'll be looking at combinations for the first two slots. Remember, you unlock each Rune in a specific order, so it might take a while before you can access blue Runes. The colour of the second Rune determines what weapon you'll get and is dependent on the first Rune you use.

If you don't use a Masterwork Rune, you'll get a random perk roll, but if you do you'll get a Handling Masterwork.

Shotguns - Rune of Wealth

  • Purple - Badlander
  • Red - Parcel of Stardust
  • Green - Imperial Decree
  • Blue - Dust Rock Blues

Fusion Rifles - Rune of Excess

  • Purple - Proelium FR3
  • Red - Main Ingredient
  • Green - The Epicurean
  • Blue - Erentil

Snipers - Rune of Jubilation

  • Purple - Twilight Oath
  • Red - Beloved
  • Green - Fate Cries Foul
  • Blue - Dreaded Venture

Power Weapons - Rune of Ambition

  • Purple - Bad Omens
  • Red - Zenobia - D
  • Green - Sleepless
  • Blue - Fixed Odds

SMGs - Rune of the Beast

  • Purple - Calus MINI Tool
  • Red - Trackless Waste
  • Green - Hard Truths
  • Blue - Bad Reputation

Hand Cannons - Rune of Desire

  • Purple - Trust
  • Red - Austringer
  • Green - Waking Vigil
  • Blue - Pribina-D

Sidearms - Rune of Pride

  • Purple - Drang (Baroque)
  • Red - The Last Dance
  • Green - Anonymous Autumn
  • Blue - Smuggler's Word

Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Chalice of Opulence combinations - armour

Armour works in a similar way to weapons. There are Runes for every armour piece you can collect and each colour denotes a different armour set.

There are four armour sets to collect:

  • Tangled Web - Purple Rune
  • Exodus Down year 2 - Red Rune
  • Reverie Dawn - Green Rune
  • Opulent - Blue Rune

Like weapons, you'll need to insert the Rune of the piece of armour you want as well as a coloured Rune to get the armour piece from the set you want. Putting a Rune into the third slot also guarantees a Masterwork piece as well as resistance to a specific element.

In order to get a roll with better mobility, resilience or recovery, you'll also need to input a specific second Rune.

For example, if you'd like to get Chest armour from the Opulent set with mobility, you'd need to choose the Rune of Pleasure for both slot one and two.

Here are the combinations you need for each armour roll:

Purple - Class item - Rune of Joy

  • Rune of Joy - Tangled Web with Mobility
  • Rune of the Beast - Tangled Web with Recovery
  • Rune of Jubilation - Tangled Web with Resilience

Red - Gloves - Rune of Cunning

  • Rune of Cunning - Exodus Down with Mobility
  • Rune of Gluttony - Exodus Down with Recovery
  • Rune of Ambition - Exodus Down with Resilience

Red - Boots - Rune of Gluttony

  • Rune of Cunning - Exodus Down with Mobility
  • Rune of Gluttony - Exodus Down with Recovery
  • Rune of Ambition - Exodus Down with Resilience

Green - Helmet - Rune of War

  • Rune of War - Reverie Dawn with Mobility
  • Rune of Desire - Reverie Dawn with Recovery
  • Rune of Pride - Reverie Dawn with Resilience

Blue - Chest - Rune of Pleasure

  • Rune of Pleasure - Opulent with Mobility
  • Rune of Excess - Opulent with Recovery
  • Rune of Wealth - Opulent with Resilience

Now that you know all the combinations available so far, get out there and earn some cool new gear.

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