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Destiny 2: all scannable object locations in the European Dead Zone (EDZ)

Scattered around the world of Destiny 2 are scannable objects which put your Ghost to good use.

Destiny 2 contains hundreds of scannable objects you will want to find. Otherwise, how else will you gain insight into what occurred before you became the bad ass Guardian that you are? Surely, there was a story other than your own at some point in the past. Right? Actually, yes, and this is where scannable objects come into play.

Unlike Destiny 1, Destiny 2 does not make use of grimoire cards. Bungie replaced the cards with scannable objects in order to include Destiny's lore within the game world.

Before we go further it's worth checking out our Destiny 2 guide because you're going to come up against a whole bunch of enemies and it's wise to have your best exotic weapons equipped if you can. Once you're geared up, let's crack on...

In Destiny 2, the lore is told through Adventures, the characters and through the campaign, it's also told through scannables you find throughout the world. It's a rather nice departure.

To find these items, whip out your handy Ghost and have it sweep the area. You may want to walk around a bit, because the device's range isn't large and some items may be hidden. Using your Ghost in this manner will highlight nearby objects in the Destiny 2 UI, and upon interacting with said object, you will be treated to lore-related goodness.

Alternatively, you will run across items when you don't have your Ghost out. When this occurs, the game will prompt you to "Investigate" the object.

Since there are many scannable objects in the game, when you come across one in an area like the European Dead Zone (EDZ), you may wish to make a mental note. The game is large enough as is without revisiting an area for an object you've already found. Your best bet in this case, is to try to find all scannable objects in the area before moving on.

Not all areas will be devoid of enemies, which means you might have a hard go of it. If you find this is the case, you may wish to level up a bit or play around with your build before returning to an area rife with Cabal or Vex. If you’re new to Destiny or you want to tweak your loadout, take a look at the various Destiny 2 Titan, Warlock and Hunter builds for some tips. You might also wish to peruse the various abilities and subclasses available in Destiny 2 as our Destiny 2 guide details.

If you're having issues with getting your butt whooped,  remember: it's all about Power this time around instead of Light. Leveling your Power fast isn't that difficult, as you can reach Power level 20 just by completing Destiny 2's Homecoming mission. If all else fails, here's some tips on how to level up and get more Power in Destiny 2 fast.

With all of that out of the way, let's get you started on finding scannable objects located in Earth's European Dead Zone. There are 41 in total, so we have broken things up for you by area and the number of objects.

If you would rather give the video a watch than read the step-by-step instructions below, just give the play button a click.

Outskirts (5)


1): The easiest way to get to the first item in the Outskirts is to go through the Trostland landing zone and work your around. As soon as you enter the Outskirts, take a left and walk to the red metal building with the burned out car. Facing the building, to the right, you will see the first item to be scanned nestled in the corner. It is a fishing net filled with canisters.


2): Spinning around and facing the way you came, make your way toward the houses on the right hand side. Go past the burned out bus and up the path leading to the houses. Jump down off the path landing in front of the houses beside the classical statue holding a water jug by the pool. Face the houses and you will see a wall is missing in the middle section above a brick facade. Jump up the wall onto the first floor, and then up to the second floor. Turn around to face the way you came and to the left you will see a set of shanks handing in some netting. This is the second item you will scan in the Outskirts.


3): Jump down from the second floor of the building and make your way to the right of the pool. Go past the broken statue on your left toward the derelict building. Jump onto the stone ruins, through the building, and onto the cliff behind the ruins. Make your way around the left side of the small cliff jumping on the small boulders. When you reach the end, turn around slightly to the left, you will see another relay antenna nestled in between two rocks behind a small cluster of trees. This is the third object to be scanned.


4): From the third object, work your way toward the bridge which overlooks the Lost Sector. This one is a bit tricky because you may not see it, depending upon where you're standing on the bridge. There is, however, a raised part of the bridge resembling a step of sorts. Stand there, and face the rocky area. Go to the edge of the bridge and look down at the pool of water. At the back of it, behind a mossy rock, you will find the fourth object.another destroyed servitor which is


5): From the bridge, follow the path down keeping the lake on your left. When you come to the second dilapidated vehicle, keep straight at the fork and walk past yet another dilapidated vehicle which will be on your right. Go up the path a ways and to your left you will see what appears to be boxes covered by a tarp with Fallen markings. This is the fifth and final object to scan in the Outskirts.

The Farm (4)


1): The first object is on top of the barn. You will need to make your way onto the roof of the Farmhouse beside the Postmaster and walk across the power lines which connect to the barn. Jump off the wires and onto the barn roof and walk over to far end. Looking down, you will see two platforms. The platform on the right features boxes and a couple of sacks. Jump down onto the platform and scan the top sack and you're done.


2): Scannable object number two is a rather easy get. Make you way off the roof of the barn and stand facing it. Turn to the right and head off into the trees past the pad where you spawn into the farm. This will take you to a cliff overlooking the ocean. Scan the sacks for the second object.


3): After you grab object two, go back the way you came and stand on the spawn pad. Turn to the left and you will see a cliff on the other side of the docks. Jump down to the docks and run past them to the cliff. You will see large rocks jutting out of the side of the cliff, and jumping up you will see a grassy ledge leading to more scannable sacks. Go up the ledge, and jump over to the cliff to scan the sacks.


4): The last object is located rather close. Jump back down to the docks, go to the left. Keep left past the Evergreen Trading Company and walk up a small ridge to tree. On the other side of the tree is a sleeping bag laid out in front of a small pool. The sleeping bag is the final scannable object at The Farm.

Firebase Hades (4)


1): If you haven't found the landing zone yet, just come into the area via The Gulch. Upon entering the area, hug the left hand side of the path to the dead tree trunks. There is a large rock behind the tress and your first object is a set of canisters in netting nestled between the rock and a tree trunk.


2): From the first item, turn and face north. Run through the path which leads under the building - or hop on your sparrow for a quick time of it. When emerging from under the building, deviate from the path a bit to the right and hug the cliff wall. You will see a set of three missals stacked on top of two crates. Go behind the crates, still keeping the wall on your right. Once you have passed the missals, directly to your right up in a dark corner you will see what appears to be a large, metal safe. The second scannable object is hanging on the back wall. Since it's a bit dark, whip out your Ghost to highlight it.


3): For object three, turn and face the opposite direction. Go right and walk under the building keeping to your right. Continue staying to the right until you reach the end of the walkway, and jump up on the grated platform which is, again, on your right. Ahead of you will be another raised platform. Jump on it, go inside and look at the ceiling.


4): The final object is located not far from the third scannable object. Turn completely around, jump off the platform and once again head off to your right. Just before you reach the fork in the road, follow a short dirt path which takes you up on a rocky ledge overlooking the road. From there, you will see a rocky outcrop on the other side of the road with plenty of trees. To the bottom right is a Fallen antenna for you to scan.

Trostland (4)


1): Drop into the landing zone. Turn right and head toward the buildings and to what appears to be a ruined city park. There is a burned out semi-truck. Continue straight through the park towards the buildings and you will see a burned out semi-truck. Inside the cab of the truck is the first scannable object in Trostland.


2): You won't have to walk far for this one. After scanning the object inside the truck, turn full circle and look behind you. The building to your right has a Fallen banner hanging off the side of it. Scan it.


3): After scanning the banner, turn around and face the truck again. Go to your right alongside the buildings. Keep to the right. On your left is a church and on your right a wall along the street with pretty, purple flowers. Jump over the wall, making a soft right and you will a ruined building with a brick facade. It features a ABS Kastner sign. Just up to the first floor to reach the second floor. In the far right corner is the third object you will need to scan. It looks like a green cooler.


4): From there, turn around and face the opening, and you will see the church before you. Jump down, and while still facing the church, go to the left of it, or through it, however you like. On the other side of the church is a building with two rust cars in front of it with a Schnell sign. The building next to it, with an Ansel sign, has been blown open and this is where the fourth and final object is located. Jump up onto the first floor and to the right of you hanging from the ceiling is a net bag filled with what looks like canisters. Scan it and you're finished with Trostland.

Maevic Square (3)


1): Take the path east out of Trostland to reach Maevic Square. From the landing pad, go right and walk straight into the ruined structure. Follow the wall left and go past the reception desk on the right. On the other side in a ruined room full of rubble is a Fallen weapon. Scan it.


2): From object one, spin around and face the blown out double doors behind you. Go outside, run through the courtyard to the building straight in front of you. There are vines growing on it. To the left of the vines is a tree, and behind it is the second item to scan. It is a crate covered by a tarp. If you are having an issue seeing it, just pull out your Ghost and give the area a good scan.


3): While looking at the second item you scanned, turn to your left, hug the wall, run through the area with enemies and kill them. Go past the buses in the middle to the left hand side of the area, work your way towards the ruined, stone steps. Go up the steps and in the rubble is the third and final scannable Item.

Salt Mines (3)


1): To reach the first scannable object in the Salt Mine, the easiest way to get there is to go through the back of the church in Trostland. There, you will see a building behind a ruined truck and just inside the entrance is where a small band of Fallen hang out. The mines are full of Fallen, so be prepared to fight. Once inside, go through the entrance next to the truck with the Fallen sigil and just run along the natural path through it. Run through all the corridors until you reach a building with what looks to be a faded sign that may have said Salzwedel at some point.

Go into the building run through all the corridors until you reach a mining area full of boxes, rubble, old pipes and other detritus. Hug the left, go up the stairs, through the short hall, and out the door. Straight ahead is another set of stairs leading to a room. Go inside and you will see a banner with the Fallen sigil. Scan it and you will have the first object checked off the list.


2): From the first scannable object, take a right, drop down, and make your way to the mine entrance straight in front of you. Continue through until you see a semi-truck (or lorry if you are in the UK). On the left is a metal, grated walkway. Go down the walkway and into the next area, hugging the mine wall. Keeping straight, you will see a crater in the wall with another semi-truck partially buried in the dirt. Behind it and to the right is the object glowing purple. Scan it.


3): After the third object is scanned, turn around and start heading through the mines again. Go over the rusted out, raised control area and through the door along the far wall behind it. Inside, you will be standing on a metal grate and you will need to jump across to the other side of it. To the right you will see a terminal. Scan it and get the heck out of the Salt Mines.

Sojourners Camp (3)


1): When following the path leading south out of the Outskirts, you will enter Sojourners Camp through a tunnel. Follow the dirt path out of the tunnel and into a forested area which leads to the camp. At the fork just before the tent, take a right and walk through the small pond to the cliff's edge. There, you will see what appears to be a destroyed servitor. This is the first scannable object.


2): After scanning the first object, turn left and use your rifle scope to check out the closest cliff. You will see what looks alike a gold communication relay. Make your way towards it by walking along the edge of the cliff you're standing on. Just don't fall. When you reach the relay, give it a scan.


3): After scanning the relay, put your back to it. Start walking straight and go past the crates scattered about the clearing. Continue going straight toward a cliff side where you will see small, mossy tree trunks. Behind these, sitting on a rock against the cliff side is an object covered by cloth. This is the third, and final scannable object at Sojourners Camp.

Sunken Isles (3)


1): The first scannable object is not far from the landing zone. Drop in, look north east toward the water. Jump down into the shallow area of the lake and head to the small island with trees and lovely purple flowers. At the every back of this small patch of land is a red crate which can be scanned.


2): From there, turn to your left and head straight. Jump over all the rocks and anything else you come across until you reach a dirt path. Follow it toward the large Cabal structure which will be on your right. Continuing straight, jump over the large rock and you will see roundish, metal bunker. Go inside, scan the computer panel.


3): Go out the exit, run toward the left of the large, red Cabal base and you will see the entrance. Go inside, keep to the left and behind the large crates covered in red tarp you will see the third scannable object attached to the wall.

The Gulch (3)


1): From the landing zone, run forward and jump across to the rock ledge in front of you. Run into the open area where Public Events occur, jump over to the other side where the road has collapsed. Basically, you will rock jump across the forest floor to reach this elevated area. When you reach the collapsed road, make a slight right, jump up on the boulder, go across it, walk across the fallen log, keeping the broken road on your left, until you reach the rocky ledge. There, in front of you is the first of three scannable objects.


2): Jump down onto the road from the first item scanned, turn right, and start walking down the road. When you reach the water, go left slightly where you will see a piece of large tech to the right of small cave entrance. Jump above the cave into the trees and behind some fallen logs to the left is another Servitor. To find this item more easily, when you jump over the cave entrance, use your Ghost to scan the area.


3): After scanning the second object, jump down to the cave entrance, go inside, and scan the glowing shard.

The Sludge (3)


1): From the landing zone, head into the forest. To the left of the pond with the turned over vehicle is the first item to be scanned in an open portion of the cliff wall behind a tree. It is a glowing, purple shard. Scan it.


2): Facing the shard, head to your left and go into to the next area by hopping up to the ledge. Go under the structure following the broken road until you see a brick building on your left. Go into the open doors of the building, jump to the right and onto the crates. Behind these, you will see an electrical box on the wall with wires coming out of it. This is the second item you will need to scan.


3): Come out of the building you were in for the second object, run forward until you reach a structure which will be on your left. Hug the wall to go underneath the overhanging beams. Under the first beam, the back left corner of the area you will see a large, metal box full of wires with the back out of it. This is the third, and final object you will scan in The Sludge.

The Tunnels (2)


1): From the Gulch landing pad, you will see a large tunnel with a yellow border cut into the cliff. This is where you will need to go to enter the Tunnels. Keep going straight until you reach the thirteenth tunnel door. You will know you have reached the area when you see a red, metal building inside with two, wide entrances. Facing the building, take the right entrance first. Just keep following the path because at this point there is only one way you can go. When it opens up, you will have to fight a Centenarian. Facing the entrance closed off with a large, round yellow door turn all the way around and you will see an entrance to a dark room and in the back is an alcove-like area. Pull your Ghost out, and scan the area for the item attached to the ceiling.


2): The second item you need to scan will take some backtracking. Go back to the thirteenth entrance where you saw the red, metal building. Go to the left, through the fourteenth entrance. Follow this tunnel all the way through until you reach an open area. Go across the bridge with walls of generators on each side that takes you toward the next tunnel entrance. Close to the start of the generators on the right hand side, you will see a small gap. Here, towards the back is your second and final item. Use your Ghost to light the small area up if needed.

Winding Cove (2)


1): Drop into the landing zone and run directly forward up the rocks keeping the lake to your left until you reach the end of the rocks. Jump off the rocks and head to the small rock outcrop with trees in the shallow water. Jump onto it and follow the right edge of it (or drop down into the hole to explore the Lost Sector first). Behind the large rock is a Fallen antenna. This is the first item to be scanned.


2): While still looking at the first object, turn to your right and look off past the fallen log to the left see a rock path leading to a small hill with trees. Head over to this area, and on top of the mossy rocks and fallen trees is a green box which blends in a bit. This is the second, and final object you will need to scan in the area.

Legion's Anchor (1)


1): From the entrance, just work your way through, as there's only one way to go. To the left, there is a raised entrance. Go up to it and it will take you outside. Take the patch to the left and hug the wall all the way down until you reach the ramp down. Once you have gone down the ramp, turn and face the opposite direction, and under the ramp, now on your right, is the only scannable item in Legion's Anchor.

Legion's Hold (1)


1): There is only one scannable object in Legions' Hold and it is located in the Sunken Isles. Your best bet here is to scan this object while you are scanning Sunken Isle objects since you're there already. What you need to do is go up the ramp which takes you inside the large Cabal ship. There's only one way to go inside the carrier so don't worry about getting lost. Once you have followed the path to the end, you will enter a large room. Walk to the large circular platform in the middle and go to the back right of it. Go to the very back wall, again staying to your right, and you will see a ramp which takes you to the back wall of the room. Underneath this ramp to the right is the only scannable object in this area.

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