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Deathloop Aleksis | How assassinate Aleksis with the meat grinder

Show everyone you're the real party animal!

Party animal Aleksis is painting Updaam red in more ways than one, with his shindig at Dorsey Manor presenting Colt with as perfect an opportunity as you get in Deathloop.

Visit Updaam in the evening, and you have a few different options on how to approach assassinating Aleksis - one stealthy, one very not stealthy, and one mixture of the two.

The loud option is simply bursting through the front door and fighting everyone in sight. However, by this point in the day, if you’ve defeated any other Visionaries the power boost to the Eternalists is going to make taking them all on very tough.

So here are a couple of other ways to assassinate Aleksis in Deathloop.

How to assassinate Aleksis in Deathloop

Despite the sheer amount of Eternalists milling around Dorsey Manor, it’s actually not that tough to infiltrate.

Outside the front door guarded by the wolf-masked bouncer, Shift up onto the billboards overlooking the manor walls. Clamber across and up onto the high wall of the estate.

Be mindful of patrolling guards and look over to your left to make sure no one sees you.

Continue forward and bear right onto the rooftops and make your way to the other side of the courtyard.

Look to the left and there’s an open window here that you can Shift into.

Immediately on your right is Aleksis’ personal bathroom, where you can find his music maker.

Interact with the note and you’ll find that Aleksis is obsessed with dancing to his own music, so if you can get it on the party playlist, he won’t be able to resist revealing himself.

Remember the code on the lit-up music box, then continue deeper into Aleksis’ quarters. Take a right out onto the landing, then take the stairs down one floor. There shouldn’t be any Eternalists to worry about.

Shift across the chandelier or walk through the adjoining rooms to the DJ booth.

Interact with the DJ decks and enter the code from the music maker upstairs.

This will lead to Alkesis kicking the rest of the revellers off the dancefloor, leaving him open to whatever method of assassination you favour.

How to put Aleksis through the meat grinder in Deathloop

Alternatively, from Aleksis’s office next to his bathroom, you can open the internal window next to his desk and Shift down to the scaffolding on the right.

Crouch to hide behind the low wall and curtain and you should see a red button.

This controls the trapdoor underneath the microphone on-stage, where Eternalists are bragging about their evil deeds for the enjoyment of the others assembled.

Lie in wait for a good few minutes and eventually Aleksis will take the stage and boast about raising the price of a vital medicine. You can then press the trapdoor button to assassinate him without raising the alarm.

If there are other Visionaries you’ve maneuvered into Updaam during the evening, you can then venture out and assassinate them next.

For more on creating the perfect look, take a look at our Deathloop guide for Visionary walkthroughs and side quest solutions.

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