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Dark Souls 3: How to Get the Irithyll Straight Sword

Defeat a deadly frost knight and get this sword.

This guide will show players how to obtain the Irithyll Straight Sword in Dark Souls 3. This sleek sword is the weapon of choice for the Boreal Outrider Knight. Follow our steps to defeat this frosty enemy and obtain this unique weapon.

The Irithyll Straight Sword is an icy blade that conjures images of the frigid mountains of the Boreal Valley. This straight sword inflicts Frost damage as its bonus attribute, and its beautiful frost effect can be seen emanating from the blade itself. Frost damage can accumulate with each successive attack, causing enemies to become Frostbitten. Frostbite slows an opponents' movements and stamina regeneration for a duration, making them vulnerable to additional attacks.

Along with its frost effects, the Irithyll Straight Sword utilizes the Stance weapon art. Stance allows its wielder to break an opponent’s guard when following up with a basic attack, making this an ideal choice against shielded foes. Using a strong attack while in Stance results in a powerful forward lunge that is aimed slightly upward.

The Irithyll Straight Sword initially begins at 124 Physical attack damage, with an additional 35 Frost damage, making this weapon fairly lethal early on in the game. This straight sword requires 12 Strength and 14 Dexterity, and has a D rating in the bonus scaling for both of these attributes. Due to its bonus Frost attribute, this weapon cannot be infused or buffed, but can still be upgraded using Twinkling Titanite.

To obtain this weapon, players must defeat the Boreal Outrider Knight, who is found at the base of the giant tower in the Undead Settlement, just before the doors to the Road of Sacrifices. To reach the tower, start at the Cliff Underside Bonfire to the south of the boss location.

Exit the bonfire room and make your way down to the lower path where enemy hounds and a sorceress patrol. Cross the bridge, heading away from the sewers. Watch out for a pair of pot-throwing manservants on the other side. You will pass by Eygon of Carim on the way to the double doors at the base of the tower.

Enter the double doors to the tower and approach the elevator lift. If this is your first visit to this tower, you will be greeted by the humble NPC, Siegward of Catarina. Afterward, step onto the elevator lift and ride down to the bottom level of the tower. The Outrider Knight is found waiting in the next chamber over from the staircase.

How to Defeat the Boreal Outrider Knight (Frost Knight)

The Boreal Outrider Knight is a very lethal mini-boss who crawls like a beast and has blue glowing eyes. If you have any armor with increased Frost Resistance, now is the time to wear it. The Outrider Knight wields a frost sword that inflicts frost damage with each swing, which can quickly cause you to become Frostbitten if you are not careful. The Outrider Knight’s move set mainly consists of fast, powerful slash attacks and forward thrusts. If you see the Knight stand upright, be prepared to quickly dodge his incoming ground attack.

Fighting the Outrider Knight head-on can be quite difficult. Try to use your environment to your advantage by luring the Knight toward the staircase near the elevator lift. If you are desperate, you can stand at the top of the staircase and shoot arrows at the Knight to slowly deplete his health from a distance. Sometimes you can even lure the Knight toward the lift and cause him to fall down the elevator shaft as you ride upward. However, this is not necessarily a reliable method.

Stay behind doorways and pillars to avoid some of the Knight’s swift attacks. Keep in mind that the Outrider Knight’s attack scan still reach beyond some pillars and walls if you are too close, so try to maintain some distance in between attacks.

Once the Knight is defeated, he will drop the Irithyll Straight Sword for your efforts. After the battle, be sure open the doors at the back of the Outrider Knight’s chamber to rest at the Road of Sacrifices Bonfire.

If you enjoy the Irithyll Straight Sword, be sure to try it out in PvP to experience its true potential. Head over to our Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough and Guide for more useful tips and features.

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