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Crossfire: Legion, the new RTS from Homeworld devs, hits Early Access this spring

One of last year's low-key big reveals gets new details.

Today, we get to learn more about Crossfire: Legion, the new RTS from Homeworld and Relic veterans at Blackbird Interactive.

You may have forgotten about Crossfire: Legion. The game was announced in June last year alongside several other titles at Prime Matter's publishing label reveal event. At the time, we didn't get to learn anything about it.

Now, Blackbird has unveiled plenty for us to chew on. For starters, Crossfire: Legion, as the name might suggest, takes place in the universe of the incredibly popular free-to-play FPS from Smilegate. The game has three factions, Global Risk, Black List, and a third yet-to-be-revealed.

This brand of RTS focuses on macro strategy, inspired by the classics. You'll be able to pick a faction leader, and make use of their unique abilities in the field. The factions themselves are not entirely symmetrical, so you're going to need to vary your tactics and adapt.

The developer has a roadmap planned that begins in January, and goes all the way until April. The technical test will kick things off with the two revealed factions, and two maps later this month. You'll be able to go against other players in PvP, in 1v1 and 3v3.

In February, the game's third faction will be revealed, and it will join the existing two in a first-look demo, which also introduces new maps. Ranked game support and ranked game modes arrive in March. The open beta goes live in April with army customisation support, and the Mentorship Program. The open beta launch also brings with it new maps and modes.

Down the line, you can expect a single-player campaign, co-op scenarios, and a map editor with Steam Workshop support. Though we don't yet have a solid date for the Steam Early Access launch, you can expect it in the spring.

If you’re interested, you can sign up for a chance to access the tech test, and keep an eye on the game on Steam.

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