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Choices | The Royal Romance Walkthrough Answers

In case you hadn’t guessed, Choices is a game about - well - choices. Through a series of visual novel-styled narratives you build your character and guide their story through love, loss, and everything in between.

The first book you’re introduced to in Choices is The Royal Romance, and thus it’s one of the most popular. This tale of an ambitious waiter travelling to find love in the kingdom of Cordonia is an official book created by the developers of Choices, Pixelberry.

While there aren’t sprawling spiderwebs worth of decisions to make throughout The Royal Romance, you are periodically offered dialogue options which diverge the story in different ways - similar to games like The Arcana, and BTS World.

There are multiple characters you can increase your relationship with over the course of The Royal Romance, but not all of them you can get romantically involved with.

The three main crushes so far - if we use the canon default names - for Riley are Prince Liam, Drake, and Hana. It’s your decision which of them you’d like to focus on while you’re tested to prove yourself a worthy queen.

What’s more, The Royal Romance takes place over multiple books so you’re not going to see an exciting conclusion for a long while - although there are plenty of twists and turns along the way.

In this guide, we’ve only listed the dialogue choices which actually do something with the story. With every other choice that’s not listed here, you can be safe in the knowledge that your gut choice won’t impact the way you want your story to go.

This means that you just need to check the next set of options in the list to see if you're up to that line yet - without context it’s not really a spoiler.

The data in the tables comes from the Choices community wiki by CC-by-SA license, which means you’re also free to reuse and remix the information yourself.

Choices The Royal Romance Book 1 Walkthrough

Choices: The Royal Romance Book 1 Answers
Choice Number in Chapter:"Correct" Dialogue Choice:Effect on Story:
Chapter 1, Choice 7 1st option - The pleasure's all mineCorrect timed choice
Chapter 1, Choice 9 1st option - Kismet, the hottest club in townExtra opportunity for +romance with Liam
Chapter 1, Choice 11.5 (Kismet)1st option - You don't need an excuse+Liam romance
Chapter 1, Choice 132nd option - This doesn't change anything+Liam romance
Chapter 1, Choice 151st option - You're lucky I can pull in a favour (20 Gems)+Liam romance, 1 more chance at +romance
Diamond choice 33rd option - Maybe I'm falling for you+Liam romance
Chapter 1, Choice 161st option - pull Liam in close and kiss him+Liam romance
Chapter 2, Choice 12nd or 3rd option - I'm not afraid of anything/they should be afraid of me+Drake relationship
Chapter 2, Choice 23rd option - To be fair, you're more my type+Drake relationship
Chapter 2, Choice 61st or 3rd option - Sorry/you're gorgeous +Hana relationship
Chapter 2, Choice 71st option - help her+Hana relationship
Chapter 3, Choice 3All options+Liam relationship
Chapter 3, Choice 81st option - You're acting like a childOlivia is offended
Chapter 3, Choice 9 1st option - I'm going after Hana (19 Gems)Chance at 2 Hana Romance and 1 Hana Relationship
Diamond choice 23rd option - Give you a hug+Hana romance
Diamond choice 51st option - You're her biggest threat+Hana relationship
Diamond choice 61st option - You could never look like a mess to me+Hana romance
Chapter 4, Choice 11st and 2nd option - May I cut in/This is my dance+Liam relationship
Chapter 4, Choice 21st and 3rd option - I love it/I'd like it better if I had more time with you1st = +Liam relationship, 3rd = +Liam Romance
Chapter 4, Choice 61st option - I'll be out there in 20 minutesChance at 1 Liam romance
Diamond Choice 51st option - Kiss him+Liam romance
Chapter 4, Choice 113rd option - Fancy horse raceCorrect timed response
Chapter 4, Choice 123rd option - You don't need to hurt others to protect yourself+Olivia relationship
Chapter 5, Choice 13rd option - Your GraceCorrect timed response
Chapter 5, Choice 22nd option - Used wrong handRight answer
Chapter 5, Choices 4, 5, and 61st options = everywoman, 2nd options = the mystery woman, 3rd options = the american+Press if you wear a diamond outfit,
Chapter 5, Choice 7 2nd option - Full of charm and wonder+Press
Chapter 5, Choice 81st option - Graceful and composed+Press
Chapter 5, Choice 91st option - comfort of the people+Press
Chapter 5, Choice 121st option - I'm going with you (18 gems)Chance at +Drake relationship & +Liam romance
Diamond choice 51st option - We're happy to see you+Drake relationship
Diamond choice 82nd option - How about a goodbye kiss+Liam romance
Chapter 5, Choice 141st and 2nd option - You look stunning/how do you handle the attention?1st = +Hana romance, 2nd = +Hana relationship
Chapter 6, Choice 62nd option - A sense of duty+Queen
Chapter 6, Choice 71st option - A stoic leader makes for stoic people+Queen
Chapter 6, Choice 82nd option - Step back!+Queen
Chapter 6, Choice 92nd option - It is wrong+Liam romance
Chapter 6, Choice 101st option - Hit the ball as hard as you canRight timed response
Chapter 6, Choice 112nd option - Is an art lost on most+Queen
Chapter 6, Choice 122nd option - Take the win yourself+Queen
Chapter 6, Choice 131st and 3rd option - You would complain/I kind of agreeBoth +Drake relationship
Chapter 6, Choice 15Meet me out front in once it gets dark (16 gems)Chance at romance and relationship with all three
Diamond choice 1All three1st = Liam romance, 2nd = Drake romance, 3rd = Hana romance
Diamond choice 4 All three based on previous answer+relationship with chosen character
Chapter 7, Choice 2Snow Bunny outfit (25 gems) Unlocked chance at +2 Drake romance later
Chapter 7, Choice 41st option - Catch yourselfRight timed response
Chapter 7, Choice 83rd option - Actually, it's gorgeous+Olivia relationship
Chapter 7, Choice 111st and 2nd option - I might have a little faith/You're scaring me+Drake relationship
Chapter 7, Choice 161st option - leave Drake alone+Drake romance
Diamond choice 1 1st option - See what Drake is up toChance at 2 Drake romance and 2 Hana romance
Diamond choice 31st option - To make sure you're okay+Drake Romance
Diamond choice 71st option - Take Drake's hand+Drake Romance
Chapter 7, choice 171st option - I'd love to waltzChance at +2 Hana romance
Diamond choice 41st option - On you+ Hana romance
Diamond choice 7Both options1st option = +Hana relationship, 2nd option = +Hana romance
Chapter 8, Choice 12nd option - I liked you better... +Hana romance
Chapter 8, Choice 41st option - I'm actually glad to see you+Drake romance
Chapter 8, Choice 81st option - Move backward+Waltz
Chapter 8, Choice 91st option - Relax +Waltz
Chapter 8, Choice 142nd option - Ca Va Bien+Kiara
Chapter 8, Choice 152nd option - Clearly has the upper hand+Kiara
Chapter 8, Choice 162nd option - I'll support you +Kiara
Chapter 8, Choice 18All options (17 Gems)Chance at +2 romance for all characters
Liam Diamond choice 23rd option - Going to have to show you+Liam romance
Liam Diamond choice 62nd and 3rd option - Kiss/Straddle him+Liam romance
Hana Diamond choice 12nd option - Spend time with you+Hana romance
Hana Diamond choice 62nd option - Can you put your arms around me+Hana romance
Hana Diamond choice 71st option - Thank you+Hana relationship
Drake Diamond choice 11st option - I couldn't wait to see you+Drake romance
Drake Diamond choice 7All options1st and 2nd = +Drake romance, 3rd = +Drake relationship
Chapter 9, Choice 62nd option - I care for him+Press, +Liam relationship
Chapter 9, Choice 73rd option - Generous spirit+Press
Chapter 9, Choice 82nd option - kiss on the cheek+Press
Chapter 9, Choice 121st option - Sailor's Knot+Race
Chapter 9, Choice 133rd option - Hang on +Race
Chapter 9, Choice 142nd option - Use the sail to catch the wind+Race
Chapter 9, Choice 161st option - I'll come (19 Gems)Chance at +3 Hana romance
Diamond Choice 72nd option - I would do anything +Hana romance
Diamond Choice 83rd option - You're winning me over+Hana romance
Diamond Choice 92nd option - You+Hana romance
Chapter 10, Choice 1Beach Bae (25 Gems)Unlocks scene with Hana and Drake later
Chapter 10, Choice 52nd option - I'll get that for you+Hana romance
Diamond choice 1Swim with Hana and DrakeChance at +Hana romance
Diamond choice 33rd option - Speed up+Swimming
Diamond choice 41st option - Sabotage Drake+Swimming
Diamond choice 52nd option - Fight through it+Swimming
Diamond choice 63rd option -Kiss?+Hana romance
Chapter 10, Choice 83rd option - Spend time with you+Maxwell relationship
Chapter 10, Choice 91st option - Is that any way to greet a friend?+Penelope
Chapter 10, Choice 103rd option - There's more to this than just the Prince+Penelope
Chapter 10, Choice 113rd option - Genty detach the crab+Penelope
Chapter 10, Choice 131st option - I'd love to go to the falls (30 gems)Chance at +2 Liam romance
Diamond choice 61st option - Kiss Liam+Liam romance
Diamond choice 81st option - Kiss Liam again +Liam romance
Chapter 11, Choice 1 3rd option -The Cordonian RubyCorrect answer
Chapter 11, Choice 52nd option - Swallow and smile+Press
Chapter 11, Choice 61st option - A compelling story+Press
Chapter 11, Choice 72nd option - Whoever will make the best queen +Press
Chapter 11, Choice 81st option - Help Maxwell talk (17 Gems)No effect on anything
Chapter 11, Choice 91st option - We're going out (19 Gems)Chance at +2 Drake relationship, and + 1 Romance for all (+2 for Drake)
Diamond choice 21st option - Whiskey+Drake relationship
Diamond choice 4Options 1-3 - Liam, Hana, and Drake+1 romance for chosen character
Diamond choice 71st option - Hug Drake+1 Drake romance
Chapter 12, Choice 1 Maiden Fair (25 Gems)Helps win Apple Queen, but possible without if you have Press favour from previous chapters
Chapter 12, Choice 53rd option - 4 cups of apples+Baking
Chaper 12, Choice 61st option - How can I help?+Olivia relationship
Diamond Choice 1 (from outfit)1st and 3rd options - Cordonian Royal Seal/Flurry of Roses+Baking
Chapter 12, Choice 71st option - Catch the pie+Baking
Chapter 12, Choice 82nd option - A valuable asset+Queen
Chapter 12, Choice 91st option - Is extraordinarily talented +Queen
Chapter 12, Choice 10 3rd option - Reliable +Queen
Chapter 12, Choice 191st option - That'd be amazing (18 Gems)Chance at Liam romance
Diamond choice 31st or 2nd option - I can't wait/we'd have adorable children+Liam romance
Diamond choice 72nd option - Kiss Liam+Liam romance
Chapter 13, Choice 71st option - It's unfair+Olivia relationship
Chapter 13, Choice 13Visit the ruins (17 Gems)Chance at +1 romance with chosen character
Liam Diamond choice 22nd option - Sexy+Liam romance
Hana Diamond choice 32nd option - Get close to her+Hana romance
Drake Diamond choice 32nd option - I care for you too+Drake romance
Chapter 14, Choice 52nd option - That was hot+Hana romance
Chapter 14, Choice 6Both options+Hana relationship
Chapter 14, Choice 10-12Hit the centre pegHighest points
Chapter 14, Choice 13Convince the Prince (18 Gems)Chance at +2 Liam Romance
Diamond choice 1Both options+Liam romance
Diamond choice 81st option - Kiss him+Liam romance
Chapter 14, Choice 191st option - Help Drake (15 Gems)Chance at +2 Drake romance
Diamond choice 62nd option - It would've been different +Drake romance
Diamond choice 72nd option - Reach out to hold him+Drake romance
Chapter 14, Choice 202nd option - I have feelings for you+Drake romance
Chapter 15, Choice 141st option - follow Drake (15 Gems)Chance at +3 Drake romance
Diamond choice 51st option - What about how I feel+Drake romance
Diamond choice 61st option - I want you +Drake romance
Diamond choice 71st option - Kiss Drake+Drake romance
Chapter 15, Choice 161st option - I'd love to go (18 Gems)Chance at +1 Liam romance
Diamond choice 71st option - Where's my goodnight kiss?+Liam romance
Chapter 16, Choice 141st option (20 Gems), 2nd option (17 Gems)1st = Liam romance, 2nd = Hana romance
Diamond Choice 1 (20 gems)2nd option - And you deserve a kiss+Liam romance
Diamond Choice 4 (20 gems)1st option - Sit up and kiss him+Liam romance
Diamond Choice 6 (20 gems)1st option - Kiss him again+Liam romance
Diamond Choice 6 (17 gems)2nd option - How about a do-over+Hana romance
Chapter 17, Choice 102nd option - Your MajestiesRight timed response
Chapter 17, Choice 121st option - We're getting room service (15 gems)Chance at +2 Hana romance
Diamond Choice 82nd option - The way I feel is more than friendshipAdvance to romance path
Diamond Choice 91st option - I feel the same way+Hana romance
Diamond Choice 101st option - Kiss her+Hana romance
Chapter 17, Choice 131st option - I feel the same way +Hana romance
Chapter 18, Choice 121st option - Go wild (30 gems)Chance at +1 Hana romance
Diamond choice 51st option - Kiss you+Hana romance
Chapter 18, Choice 151st option - Follow Drake out (30 Gems)Chance at +1 Drake romance
Diamond choice 91st option - Kiss me now+Drake romance
Chapter 19, Choice 51st option - Take a break with Maxwell (18 gems)+relationship with Maxwell
Diamond choice 72nd option - Hug him+Maxwell relationship
Chapter 19, Choice 121st option - Meet Liam outside (30 gems)Chance at +Liam romance
Diamond choice 31st option - Kiss me+Liam romance
Diamond choice 6 (if you didn't kiss at 3)1st and 2nd options both work+Liam romance
Chapter 19, Choice 151st option - Follow her (16 gems)No affect on characters, but get more story context
Chapter 19, Choice 161st option - blow a kissNo affect, but does't upset characters in the conversation

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