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Quick quotes – Wii U is “definitely more powerful than 360 and PS3,” says 5th Cell

“[Wii U is] definitely more powerful than Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It’s kind of frustrating to see the rumours and speculation of people going back and forth saying it’s weaker or more powerful. It’s definitely more powerful. I think we were one of the first developers to see the Wii U.” – 5th Cell […]

  • Quick quotes - Molyneux says Fable is in "incredibly capable hands"

    “Lionhead and the Fable franchise has been left in incredibly capable hands. Fable: The Journey is coming out this year, and when I saw it last it was looking pretty cool and I am sure Lionhead will take Fable to a very bright and interesting future. You can’t help but have thoughts and ideas of […]

  • Quick quotes - games can be as rewarding as doing Shakespeare, says Willow actor

    “As an artist and producer you want to find other ways to spread your creativity. A game seemed a good way to do that. It’s no less rewarding than getting up on stage and doing a Shakespeare play.” – Actor Warwick Davis at Develop on working with studio Matmi on Pocket Warwick, currently in development.

  • Quick quotes - Last Guardian progress "business as usual"

    If last week’s quote from the head of PlayStation software development, Scott Rhode, wasn’t enough to put your mind at ease with regard to highly anticipated and in-no-way-canned Sony title, The Last Guardian, here’s another. This time it’s from the beautiful mind that brought us Ico, Shadow of the Colossus and is helping to (eventually) […]

  • Quick quotes - The Last Guardian will "ship when it's absolutely ready"

    “I will not give you a detailed update, but I will say one thing and it goes back to innovation and to gamers and to quality. [The Last Guardian] is going to ship when it’s absolutely ready. It’s going to ship at sometime, and it’s going to ship when it’s ready. And I think that’s […]

  • Quick quotes - Peter Molyneux "not really decided about Wii U"

    “I am not really decided about Wii U. I watch people playing and they sometimes seem to be confused about which screen they should look at when they play with the tablet. I also feel that monitoring both screens turns out to be a bit demanding, as some games make it necessary to change your […]

  • Quick quotes - "I don't think I'm doing art, I'm doing what I believe in," says Cage

    “Do I consider myself doing art? Honestly, certainly not. I don’t think I’m doing art. I’m just doing it by passion, and I’m doing what I believe in. If something of what we create today, people still talk about it 50 years from now, then we’ll say, ‘Okay, it was art.’ But that’s really not […]

  • Quick quotes - Adults need games with intellectual stimulation, says Jenova Chen

    “They are not good enough for adults. For adults to enjoy something, they need to have intellectual stimulation, something that’s related to real life. Playing poker teaches you how to deceive people, and that’s relevant to real life. A headshot with a sniper rifle is not relevant to real life. Can games make you and […]

  • Quick quotes - David Cage is "not that interested in technology" or next-gen

    “To be honest, I’m not that interested in technology or the next generation of consoles. If we could continue with PlayStation 3 for another five years it would be fine with me. Are there technical things I can’t do on PS3? Honestly, no. The limitation is much more about the ideas we have. When you […]

  • Quick quotes - The "incentives" of retail are "becoming increasingly limited," says Molyneux

    “The incentives for driving me out of my seat and into a shop is becoming increasingly limited. I don’t go to retail to buy a film. I don’t go to retail to buy music. I don’t go to buy books any more. And I’m certainly not that interested in buying games in shops, myself. If […]

  • Quick quotes - CD Projekt level artist wants to see "real-life animations" in next-gen

    “I’m a level artist so for me, it’s all about the visual quality. I want more creative freedom and more great graphics, that’s what really makes me want to create games. I’m looking for like real-life animations. It’s like pushing the limit again and again, creating bigger and greater stuff. I don’t know when it’s […]

  • Quick Quotes - WWII, feudal Japan and Egypt considered too "boring" for Assassin's Creed

    “People on the internet suggest the most boring settings. The three most wanted are WWII, feudal Japan and Egypt. They’re kind of the three worst settings for an AC game. Writer Corey May really wants to do India. I would too. I’d really love to do the Raj.” – Assassin’s Creed 3 creative director Alex […]

  • Quick Quotes - Wii U "could be first real console" to run a MMO "without compromise", says Funcom

    “Wii U could be the first real console on which running an MMORPG without compromise is plausible. The controller is perfect for lining up those rows of hotbars that are essential in most MMOs. A customisable touchscreen interface combined with the 3D spatial movement of a console controller could be a winner.” – Funcom developer […]

  • Quick Quotes: Vigil's Jay Fitzloff on why Darksiders was such a risky venture

    “Darksiders was a huge risk because it was an old game in a new shell for us and for THQ because it’s a new studio, nobody there had made a console game before and it was a new IP. On paper, to be honest I don’t know why THQ went for it. I mean, the […]

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