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  • Joe Madureira wants to tackle Legend of Zelda comic

    Aside from being the creative director behind the Darksiders games, Joe Madureira is also quite the established comic book writer/artist – and unsurprisingly, rather enjoys Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda.

  • Mac, iOS versions of Q.U.B.E. being "prototype," OnLive also looked at

    Toxic Games has said it’s currently looking at Mac and iOS versions of PC puzzler Q.U.B.E. The studio’s managing director, Daniel Da Rocha, told Joystiq it was also looking at an OnLive release for sometime in Q1. For PSN and XBLA releases, those are “dependent on how well the PC version does”; this seems hopeful, […]

  • OnLive to be integrated into all Google TV devices

    OnLive has announced Google will be integrating the gaming service as a feature of its Google TV platform. The OnLive Viewer, which enables OnLive social features, is available immediately on all Google TV devices currently in the market, is compatible with standard Google TV remote control, the OnLive Wireless Controller, and standard USB game controllers. […]

  • OnLive introduces cloud-based Microsoft clients with OnLive Desktop

    OnLive’s announced the introduction of three new Microsoft clients for its cloud-based games service. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Excel are now all able to run from OnLive Desktop, a dedicated app for the programs. The app is currently only available for iPad, but support for Android, smartphones, PC, Mac and monitor/TV support through […]

  • OnLive would "love" to have its service on next-gen Microsoft and Sony consoles

    OnLive UK boss Bruce Grove has said the firm would “love” to talk to Microsoft and Sony about bring its tech to the next iteration of consoles, as it feels its services would work “nicely” on the systems.

  • OnLive Android, iOS apps out now - stream L.A. Noire right to your tablet

    Streaming games service OnLive has expanded its hardware horizons to support mobile devices, complete with a wireless controller and custom touchscreen controls.

  • Holiday sales - Amazon, Steam, and OnLive

    Take advantage of savings this US holiday weekend; we’ve rounded up a very small sample of the best offerings through the break.

  • Batman: Arkham City demo breaks day one UK, US record, claims OnLive

    The OnLive demo for Batman: Arkham City has broken both the US and UK records for most demos being played in a day, the streaming firm said today, but no figures to back up the claim have been provided.

  • PSA: Arkham City hits PC in the US, Robin Bundle Pack hits all formats

    Just a quick reminder to let you know that Batman: Arkham City is now available on PC, Steam, OnLive, Origin, and GameStop’s Impulse in the US. The Robin Bundle packs is also available today on the aforementioned platforms, along with PSN and XBL for $6.99/560 Microsoft Points. In the Robin Bundle Pack, the Boy Wonder […]

  • OnLive exec jumps ship for Disney Interactive

    IndustryGamers reports Disney Interactive has snatched up former OnLive vice president for games and media John Spinale. Spinale will be in charge of Disney’s entire social effort, including Playdom, as head of social games. The industry veteran’s past roles includes gigs with Eidos and Activision.

  • OnLive UK userbase is at "millions," says CEO

    OnLive has seen a UK userbase of “millions,” CEO Steve Perlman has said.

  • LotR: War in the North demo exclusive to OnLive

    You’ll need access to streaming games service OnLive if you want a taster of the latest Tolkienesque adventure.

  • Game release lull is "pretty much over now," says OnLive VP

    OnLive VP of games and media, John Spinale, has said the lull in game releases on the service is “pretty much over now.”

  • US OnLive members get next PlayPass game for $1

    OnLive management gambled that the streaming games service couldn’t rack up 10,000 extra Likes on Facebook in 48 hours, and lost – the target was hit in under seven hours. Happily, everyone else wins. All current US members can expect to receive an email with a special reward – their next full PlayPass game will […]

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