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  • Kim "very happy" Microsoft never launched a handheld

    Speaking at the Microsoft Gamer’s Day earlier this week, Xbox boss Shane Kim has finally put down perpetual talk of a Microsoft gaming handheld saying he’s pleased the company never entered the portable fray with Nintendo and Sony. “I’m very happy we didn’t get into it, because launching a handheld platform is like launching another […]

  • Zune reaches 2 million sales

    According to this Electronicista report, Microsoft’s Zune has now passed the 2 million sales mark globally. The report says Microsoft now owns 4 percent of the mobile music player market in the US. Zune originally launched in November 2006.

  • Zune XNA games beta for mid-May, eight-way Wifi play supported

    Engadget’s reporting that Microsoft is planning to release a community technology preview (CTP) for Zune XNA games in mid-May. The site’s also learnt that Zune can support ad-hoc wireless play with up to eight players. There’s an image from a presentation over there will a bunch of details on it, such as resolution and memory […]

  • Zune for Europe in late 2009

    Zune will be released in Europe late next year, according to the director of Microsoft France. The device, shown as part of the Microsoft game-life-connectivity dream at CES this year, should be on its third generation by then, so that’s nice. We’re quite prepared to be bribed with one of these, if you’re listening, Microsoft.

  • Microsoft still "committed" to Live Anywhere

    According to this, Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about Live Anywhere, the mobile app that hooks users into Live. Many were expecting to see it showcased during John Schappert’s GDC keynote, but it didn’t turn up. Schappert was confirmed the project’s still ongoing, though. “We continue to make progress against the vision laid out for LIVE Anywhere […]

  • GDC: "Downloadable content has come of age", says Microsoft's John Schappert

    Speaking to videogaming247 after his Wednesday GDC keynote, John Schappert – “Corporate Vice President LIVE, Software and Services for the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft” – said that he believes downloadable content is now an accepted part of the gamer experience, and a precursor to the advent of “community gaming”. “No, not in any way,” […]

  • GDC: Microsoft blogger breakfast audio available now

    In short, Microsoft got loads of American bloggers together yesterday for bacon and eggs and talked about XNA, Xbox Live and all the other stuff from the keynote. Kotaku, Joystiq, Destructoid and all the rest were there. Get it here. If you’re at work and you’re employed by headphone Nazis, Kotaku liveblogged it. See here.

  • GDC: Hands-on with Zune games

    Here. Zune games were demoed in yesterday’s Microsoft keynote, but we really didn’t know what to say about it, so we didn’t write a news story. There’s some good detail through that link, including release dates for beta development tools, storage partitions, and so on.

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