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  • Itagaki's team using modified version of Relic's engine for Devil's Third

    Valhalla Games Studios head Tomonobu Itagaki has said the firm will use a customized version of Relic’s game engine with Devil’s Third, and adding its own choice of middleware.

  • Capcom in talks with MadCatz on making a SFxT Vita peripheral

    Street Fighter X Tekken producer Yoshinori Ono said said the fighter will have free and paid DLC available “post-launch for an allotted period of time,” and plans are to make it cross-compatible between Vita and PS3.

  • Square releases video for Bravely Default: Flying Fairy on 3DS

    Square has released a video for Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, its 3DS RPG. According to Andriasang, a sample of the game can be seen through the e-Shop, and an “AR Demo App” is also available through the e-Shop. The video makes use of a special AR card, you can get at the Tokyo Game Show […]

  • Luigi's Mansion 2 gets some new footage

    Nintendo’s dropped some direct-feed footage of Luigi’s Mansion 2, the first time we believe the game’s been seen since its unveil at E3 earlier this year. We’re pretty sure this’ll probably drive 3DS sales a bit, considering how demand for a sequel there was before the E3 announce. Get it below the break, via GT. […]

  • SCEJ president doesn't see 3DS or smartphones as Vita competitors

    SCEJ president Hiroshi Kawano doesn’t feel Nintendo’s 3DS is a direct competitor to Vita, due to the two handhelds being vastly different from each other in not only looks and tech, but price point.

  • Ni No Kuni to get US release early next year

    Level 5’s confirmed it’s to release Ni No Kuni for the US next year.

  • MGS: Peace Walker HD gets new TGS trailer

    Konami’s released a new video of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD, showing Snake sneaking and taking out guards before taking them away via futon recovery. You know, the usual. Peace Walker will get a separate retail release in Japan on November 10, but will release as part of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection […]

  • Yoshida: Vita to have external battery option

    Sony WorldWide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed PlayStation Vita will have an additional battery option which will extend the handheld’s charge.

  • Ridge Racer Vita teaser trailer released

    Namco’s released a teaser trailer for Rigde Racer Vita, and although it doesn’t contain any gameplay footage, it does just enough to get you all excited if you’re a Ridge Racer fan. The trailer suggests that the new title will lay heavy emphasis on online play as you’re shown connecting with players from all over […]

  • Sound Shapes preview name-checks Child of Eden, Rez, Lumines

    Could Sound Shapes be the next Lumines? They’re both deceptively simple, stylish games, both combining audio, video and gameplay in ways we haven’t necessarily seen before, and they’re both for Sony handhelds.

  • A first look at Katamari Damacy for Vita

    We knew there was a new Katamari Damacy rolling towards the PlayStation Vita, but now, Namco Bandai has given us a sneaky peek of what’s in store, with a bunch of screens, a pile of details and one very dizzy trailer.

  • DMC TGS stage show introduces gamescom demo

    Capcom’s shown off the gamescom demo of DMC at Tokyo Game Show. The first part shows Dante and his ghost companion, while the second part shows a lot more of his white-haired side with Devil Trigger activated. This is properly stonking good, with the environments seriously absolutely brilliant. Get watching below the break, via GT. […]

  • Soul Calibur V gets TGS trailer

    Looking quite wicked, so it is. Definitely on the watch list, going by what we played at gamescom as well. Get the trailer, full of new and old faces and thensome, below the break, via GameFront. It’s out next year for PS3 and 360.

  • TGS '11: Asura's Wrath is a badass Buddhist beat em'up

    CyberConnect2 and Capcom have joined forces to create Asura’s Wrath, blending sci-fi with ancient myths and a steep learning curve. In Tokyo, Brenna Hillier discovers what it’s all about.

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