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  • TGS: XBLA de-listing deferred, says Schappert

    According to this IGN story, Xbox Live boss John Schappert said at TGS today that there aren’t any plans to remove badly performing titles from Live itself. If you recall, Microsoft said in May that XBLA games that were either selling poorly or had received bad review scores would be removed from Live. “We have […]

  • PSP Store gets first images from Tokyo

    On IGN. PSP will have direct access to this from October 15 onwards in Japan. We’re still waiting for an announcement on the European and US side, but hopefully we won’t go begging for too long. Take a look.

  • TGS gets 16 new Far Cry 2 screens

    On CVG. Some shooting and stuff from the map editor there. It’s out on October 24 in Europe. Take a look.

  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope - TGS trailer and off-screen gameplay videos posted

    On IGN. There’s the RPG’s Tokyo Game Show trailer there, and two off-screen videos of gameplay. It does, in a word, look hot. See for yourself.

  • LBP beta levels will make it into retail version

    According to this 1UP piece, Media Molecule’s Alex Evans said at TGS today that all levels made in the LittleBigPlanet beta will be kept live in the retail version. The developer’s been running a poll on its official site as to whether or not the slate should be wiped clean come the Blu-ray release: sounds […]

  • The TGS Day 1 NEWS BEAST - Everything so far

    In case you need to catch up on what’s happened on the first day of 2008’s Tokyo Game Show, you need look no further. Below is everything Japan-related since 3.00am UK this morning. The biggest stuff was from the opening Microsoft keynote: get it all here. Aside from that, fill your boots: Avatar customization requires […]

  • Avatar customization requires 256Mb of storage

    According to this X3F story, Microsoft’s NXE announcement from Tokyo this morning was a note that Avatar customization requires 256Mb of storage. We’re looking at you, Core owners. Hard drive or bust. More through the link. NXE was confirmed this morning for a November 19 launch.

  • Sony announces Home-backers in Tokyo

    Sony’s announced a list of companies apparently backing Home at TGS today. According to this IGN story, the following names have “signed on to produce Home content,” and will be “holding PS Home collaboration events for their games”. Irem Software Engineering Activision Acquire Atlus Walt Disney Japan AQ Interactive SNK Playmore Capcom Gung Ho Online […]

  • InFamous gets updated impressions and screens

    Another playtest from Tokyo, this time in the form of Sucker Punch’s InFamous, as seen by IGN. From the piece: The representative playing the game also fought against several suicide Reapers, which would attempt to detonate themselves near Cole in a flurry of fire and smoke. The explosions were quite spectacular, even with the game […]

  • First Ninety-Nine Nights 2 image released

    On CVG. Not much to go on aside from the fact the sequel – announced this morning for 360 – is going to involve a huge amount of violence, but beggars can’t be choosers. No date yet.

  • TGS: "Riled" Schappert goes on offensive against "innovation criticism"

    Xbox Live boss John Schappert has reacted sternly to accusations that Microsoft is a follower as opposed to a leader in the console innovation space, saying he finds the notion “ironic” and that he gets “riled” by the idea. “The innovation criticism is almost ironic to me,” he told Eurogamer. “You’ve got the Xbox, which […]

  • R-Type Dimension screenshots and trailer

    Gamersyde has them both, and we like what we see. The trailer shows online co-op and the ability to switch between 2D and 3D modes on the fly. Not bad at all. Go watch. By Mike Bowden

  • Prince of Persia gameplay montage posted

    Following on from the rather excellent, if not slightly emo, TGS video of Prince of Persia, below you can see a couple of minutes of gameplay which is almost as good as the trailer. Or is that better? We can’t really tell any more. It’s been a long day. Make your own minds up. By […]

  • Sony clears up TGS press conference confusion: there isn't one

    Speaking to Eurogamer, Sony’s confirmed that the company isn’t going to hold a press conference at TGS, despite the firm’s Japanese site appearing to claim the contrary. From the piece: The platform holder’s Japanese video website specifically lists “SCEJ Press Conference 10/9”. But while the company is expected to show a number of new titles, […]

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