QuakeCon 2008 headlines

PC the “junior partner in the cross-platform strategy”, says id’s Carmac

Speaking with Tom’s Games at QuakeCon, id boss John Carmac said that in terms of what platform the company should be focusing on, PC gaming was now “junior partner in the cross-platform strategy.” “We still think the PC is a market worth supporting, but we’re not making decision around the PC,” he said. “It’s probably […]

  • QuakeCon 2008 - being there, nearly interviewing Todd Hollenshead, anime porn

    VG247’s man in Texas, Nathan Grayson, gives us impressions of id’s megalithic demon-shooting event, QuakeCon. Frags, Carmack trashing Macs and a fleeting encounter with Todd Hollenshead make us want to get on a plane next year. After the link.

  • Games that sell over three million copies are not "bad", says Doom designer

    Speaking at QuakeCon, Doom III designer Tim Willits told Eurogamer that although he understands the criticism levelled in some quarters at the horror FPS, he feels the sales figures speak for themselves. “Games that sell over three-and-a-half million copies are not bad games,” said Willits. “If you are any self-respecting videogame player, you love Doom, […]

  • id turned down "good money" to create Quake MMO

    According to this Shacknews Q&A, id boss John Carmack’s revealed that the developer turned down “good money” to develop a Quake MMO. The tech overlord says the firm “has no interest in MMO development,” saying he is “fully cognizant” of the challenges and risks associated with the field. More through the link. Thanks, Blue.

  • Carmack - "Steve Jobs doesn't care about games"

    Speaking to Eurogamer at QuakeCon last week, id tech boss John Carmack said the reason Apple doesn’t drive gaming is down to company’s CEO. “The truth is Steve Jobs doesn’t care about games. This is going to be one of those things that I say something in an interview and it gets fed back to […]

  • Carmack: iPhone more powerful than DS and PSP combined

    Bit late on this, but John Carmack said at QuakeCon this week that iPhone is more powerful that DS and PSP combined. There’s plenty on it on AppleInsider, although the quote itself is lacking, sadly. Have a read.

  • Avary writing Wolfenstein movie "right now"

    According to this Eurogamer report, Roger Avary is currently working on the script to the long-delayed Wolfenstein movie. “With the writer’s strike it took so long to get underway and Roger Avary, the writer, had a commitment that was in line before working the Wolfenstein stuff, but I’ve recently been in contact with Roger and […]

  • Hollenshead: E3 was a disappointment to everyone

    Speaking to Kotaku at QuakeCon, id boss Todd Hollenshead has joined the “E3 was shit” chorus by saying that… E3 was shit. “E3 this year, in my opinion, it was pretty much disappointing to everybody,” he said. “The press were disappointed, the people I talked to in the industry are disappointed. Almost everyone agrees that […]

  • Doom 4 - everything there is to know

    Eurogamer’s put together a hodgepodge of Doom 4 bits from various interviews at QuakeCon, including info that the game may use some of Quake Live’s infrastructure, that it will be built so the single-player doesn’t allow the gamer to become “pissed off at the game,” and plenty more. Read it. You don’t have anything better […]

  • Carmack - "360's the better platform" for modern games

    Stoke that fire, John. Give it a blow. Speaking to Eurogamer at QuakeCon today, id’s John Carmack said he felt 360’s the platform to go for if you want to make games for the modern man. Or woman. “You could design a game where the PS3 would be the superior platform, but you’d have to […]

  • EA bosses "all hardcore gamers" - Willits

    Awesome. Speaking to Eurogamer at QuakeCon today, id’s Tim Willits said part of the decision to go with EA for Rage was because all the publisher’s top brass are all mental 733t hardcore. “When we were looking at publishers, there were only a handful, and we were really excited by the leadership. John Riccitiello flew […]

  • Hollenshead: "I'd like to do another Doom movie"

    According to this Kotaku piece, id boss Tdd Hollenshead said at QuakeCon today that he’s open to doing another Doom film. “Personally I’d like to do another Doom movie, I thought working with it was a blast,” he said. “There are some lessons we learned. The best way to do things better is to get […]

  • Doom 4 to be about "winning," says Carmack

    Speaking to Shacknews at QuakeCon today, id’s John Carmack said that Doom 4 isn’t going to be a survival horror. Stop the press. “It’s not that you’re running around frightened down to your last bullet [in Doom 4],” added Carmack. “There will occasionally be that, but it should be much more of you winning, because […]

  • First direct-feed Rage shots released

    After the break. These have come out of QuakeCon which started in Texas yesterday.

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