Live headlines Live was rubbish

Not our words, but the words written here. Well, they’re not exactly the words, but you get the idea. “Did it help that the event was actually promoted with lies? Did it help that they had emo bands playing that made me want to kill myself and the screaming girls who bounced in front of […]

  • For the billionth time, Haze is PS3 exclusive

    Look, we know, OK? Free Radical’s shooter is a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Ubisoft said this again at Live this weekend, reiterating the fact it’ll never come out on Xbox 360. No one knows why but the developer and Ubisoft, and it’ll probably stay that way. Can we drop it now?

  • Killzone 2 trailer for Live (or not)

    We really should actually read things. Live’s website is listing Killzone 2 as making an appearance in trailer form at Live next weekend, although if SCEE’s got anything new to show right now we’ve colouring ourselves surprised for the next year. We’ll check with reps tomorrow. Update: We may have missed this because […]

  • "Sexy" Gemma wants to design Wii-bra

    Just as Friday reached the afternoon deathzone, Gemma arrived to brighten up our lives. Apparently, Gemma’s waps are so massive they get in the way of her Wii-playing, so much so she’d like to create a range of bras for ladies that share her predicament. “I have to wear two bras when I go running […]

  • Live Resi 5 showing is just previous trailer

    Ten second panic over. Capcom UK’s told us that while Resident Evil 5 is listed on Live’s website, it’s footage we’ve already seen. “We’re going to show a trailer you’ve already seen, that’s all,” said a rep. As reported yesterday, there’s a fair amount of activity surrounding the horror game’s release date at the […]

  • Soul Calibur IV tournament at Live

    Today’s Gemma-related news comes in the form of a promised Soul Calibur IV tournament at the Wembley Stadium event, being held next weekend. There’s a contest on both the Saturday and the Sunday, with trips to Las Vegas being awarded to the winners of each. Check out the official site for Live, which includes […]

  • Player dumped from £50k PES tournament for cheating

    According to this, Konami has barred a leading player from a PES tournament for cheating. The competition is to conclude at Live at Wembley Stadium later this month, the first prize being a mighty £50,000. “Konami Digital Entertainment Ltd GmbH and will not tolerate cheating of any kind and reiterates its commitment that […]

  • Lego Indiana Jones dated as June 6 for Europe by Live

    A press release Live just put out – the focus of which is that Lego Indiana Jones is going to be playable at the event – has given a release date for the game as June 6. The title previously had a June 3 date for the US, but no specific European date had […]

  • Ghostbusters and Gemma Atkinson to host Live

    Vivendi has just told us that Ghostbusters is to have a “presence” at Live, but wouldn’t say what it was. A rep described the showing as an “interesting angle”. Make of that what you will. The Terminal Reality-developed game has a release date of autumn 2008, and hasn’t been seen outside of NDAs, a […]