PAX 2008 headlines

PAX organizers not afraid of new E3, say ESA approaching it from “wrong angle”

Before yesterday’s announcement of the new E3, many considered Penny Arcade Expo to be “the new E3.” So, now that the industry’s best-known conference has popped a few pills and stormed out of the ICU, is PAX feeling the heat? Nope. Not even a bit. “I … can’t imagine it stealing any of our thunder,” […]

  • inFAMOUS man talks side-kicks, power-grids, more

    Speaking at PAX, inFAMOUS producer Brian Fleming’s adding a fair bit of detail to inFAMOUS’s setting, including the fact the protagonist, Cole, will have side-kicks in the game. The third-person action adventure sees Cole take on electricity-related super-powers, which are stocked up by sucking powers from the city’s general supply. There’s more in the there […]

  • PAX attendance hits 58,500

    According to this BigDownload story, 58,500 people attended this year’s PAX, trouncing last year’s record of 37,000 attendees. More people means more problems, obviously. Like over-crowding. “Regarding the overcrowding, it was definitely a symptom of the popularity of the show, but not one that can’t be overcome,” said Penny Arcade biz guy Robert Khoo. “At […]

  • Hands-on with Wii Sam & Max posted

    Want to know what it’s like to play the Wii version of Sam and Max Season One? Wonder no longer. Destructoid had a go on the new version – set to release this autumn, or “soon” – at PAX last week, and wrote this as a result. In a nushell: Visually, the game doesn’t look […]

  • Nelson talks Xbox Experience at PAX

    There’s a movie on GameVee of the Major doing a presentation of Xbox Experience at PAX. There’s plenty of info in there about migrating groups within the Live update, Avatars, and so on. Worth watching. Xbox Experience launches in November, says the internet.

  • Fable II "hours" from gold, new pre-launch money-grabbing method revealed

    Lionhead Studio’s Sam Van Tilburgh has told Kotaku at PAX that Fable 2 is on the verge of final master. Which is odd, seeing at Big Pete proclaimed the game as “finished” at E3. “We have one or two bugs that are keeping us from going gold,” Van Tilburgh said. In addition, Van Tilburgh said […]

  • Halo 3 "Mythic" spotted at PAX

    PAX has been pretty news-free so far, truth be told, but AddictGaming did snap something called Halo 3 Mythic on the Microsoft stand. Here’s the only info known so far: There’s a Dev System underneath, which could mean a fair few things. The options in the menu are Multiplayer only, no Campaign options. The version […]

  • BioWare details Dragon Age Toolset at PAX

    BioWare’s announced the first proper details of the content creation tools in upcoming RPG Dragon Age: Origins this morning, the first proper announcement from PAX 08. In a nutshell: Create Original Adventures – Using the rich set of Dragon Age assets and locations as starting blocks, users can modify these stunning areas by adding new […]

  • Meet Major Nelson at PAX (Trixie's going to be there!)

    Trixie360’s hot. She sounds hot. She may not be hot. Go and find out! You can meet all the chaps from the Major Nelson podcast, including the man himself, e and Trixie at PAX if you’re in Seattle this weekend. Details from Nelson’s blog: Who: Me, e, litheon, Trixie360 some of the Gamerscore blog folks […]

  • Meet the US PS Blogs chaps at PAX, get free sugar

    The US PlayStation Blog’s setting up camp at PAX in Seattle later this week, so if you’re going along be sure to take your PSP for free digital stuff. Coffee and doughnuts are also going gratis from the Sony kids, so don’t miss the opportunity to make your weakling heart beat faster for half an […]

  • Microsoft shows PAX 08 schedule

    Microsoft’s published its demo schedule for PAX 08, and there should be plenty there to keep you happy. Assuming you’re going to Seattle next week, obviously. And you’re into Marcus Fenix. Gears 2 and a showing of Xbox Experience are both on show, neither of which made Leipzig last week, but there’s no sign of […]

  • The Conduit to be shown at PAX 2008

    High Voltage Software has announced that the heavily hyped action shooter, The Conduit, will be shown by Nintendo at this year’s Penny Arcade Expo which takes place August 29-31 in Seattle. “PAX is jam-packed wall-to-wall with passionate game fans,” High Voltage CEO Eric Nofsinger said. “We are incredibly honoured to be featured there at Nintendo’s […]

  • BioWare taking Dragon Age: Origins on tour

    According to an announcement today, BioWare will be “presenting its upcoming dark heroic fantasy”, Dragon Age: Origins at Games Convention in Leipzig next week, as well as other “marquee” games show in the coming months. If you’re anywhere near Indianapolis, Indiana, you can see the game at Gen Con from as early as tomorrow. You […]

  • Left 4 Dead going on road pre-launch

    Valve’s announced that Left 4 Dead’s going on a bit of a road trip before it releases in November, with playable versions on offer at Games Convention, France’s Festival du Jeu Video and PC Gamer Showdown in the UK. The 360 version’s going to be on show at PAX, apparently. “It sounds cliché, but in […]

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