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  • Capcom to bring two unannounced games to PAX East - report

    Capcom will announce and even let attendees go hands-on with two unrevealed titles during PAX East in Boston in March, apparently.

  • Blizzard to reveal "a little something different" at PAX East

    Blizzard is hosting a presentation at PAX East where it will show “a little something, different from our other games.”

  • Cliff Bleszinski to give PAX EAST 2013 keynote

    Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski has signed on to give PAX East 2013’s keynote. Penny Arcade‘s Jerry “Tycho” Holkins describes the developer as having “seen a lot of shit” and “in a very good position to handle this format”. Bleszinski has never been particularly shy about speaking his mind and having left Epic is […]

  • PAX East tickets running low, Saturday sold out

    Tickets to PAX East are rapidly running out. Three day passes have been sold out for some time, and now Saturday singe passes have joined them. Only friday and Sunday tickets are left, so if you intend to be in Boston in March, now is the time to pick up a pass. Thanks, Joystiq.

  • PAX East 2013 tickets on sale now

    Penny Arcade has opened registration for PAX East 2013, which takes place in Boston in March. Although it feels comfortable far off now, passes for PAX shows tend to sell out remarkably quickly, so maybe just get on with it while all days are still available. While you’re over there check out the schedule and […]

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