Paris GDC headlines

2K programmer: “BioShock should have failed”

Speaking at Paris GDC yesterday, 2K programmer Chris Kline told the crowd that in hindsight BioShock should never have been the success it proved to be, Gama reports. “BioShock should’ve failed, said Kline. “In fact, it did fail a lot, over the course of time. A series of big mistakes and corrections and slipped ship […]

  • Good games don't need big teams, says Media Molecule

    Kicking off Paris GDC this morning, Media Molecule boss Mark Healey has said that massive teams aren’t necessary to make big games, GI reports. “One of the interesting things about the titles shown here is that the team sizes vary quite a lot,” he said, showing a list of game concepts in his keynote. “I […]

  • Quantic Dream to talk at Paris GDC

    GameSetWatch has announced the latest slug of speakers to take the stage at the upcoming Paris GDC, including confirmation of a talk from Quantic Dream’s Guillaume de Fondaumiere. Other definites are Allan Murphy (Microsoft); Lionel Lemarié (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe); Ian Baverstock (Kuju); Chris Mottes (Deadline Games); and Franc Hauselmann (Ubisoft). Previously announced are Blizzard’s […]

  • Blizzard to keynote Paris GDC

    Rob Pardo, Blizzard’s SVP of game design, will give the opening keynote at Paris GDC this year, the event confirmed today. The keynote – titled “In the Eye of the Blizzard” – GDC boss Jamil Moledina will interview Pardo on stage “on his inspirations, challenges, and on the next steps at Blizzard Entertainment. Pardo will […]

  • LittleBigPlanet devs to keynote Paris GDC

    According to this PS3F report, Mark Healey and Alex Evans – co-founders of LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule – will keynote Paris GDC this year. “Their talk will touch upon the ways in which game developers can incorporate creativity into their designs, and the future of user-generated content as illustrated by their upcoming title, LittleBigPlanet for […]

  • Harmonix, Bioware, Nvidia sessions for Paris GDC

    GI’s reporting that Harmonix, Acclaim, Nvidia and Bioware will all be speaking at Paris GDC. The event takes place on June 23-24, at the Coeur Defense. Senior designer at Harmonix Chris Foster will feature in the design track along with BioWare’s managing editor Mac Walters and game designer David Freeman of The Freeman Group.

  • Registration opens for Paris GDC

    It’s seriously slow today, so you get stories about registration for French trade shows. Registration for Paris GDC is now open here. If you sign up before May 14 you get a discount. Only “103 days left”, says the site. We have no idea if this is going to be any good, but even if […]

  • Paris GDC dates set

    CMP has confirmed that Paris GDC, moved from Lyon for its 2008 event, will take place on June 23-24. “We were delighted with the success of the first French GDC held in 2007 and are confident that Paris GDC will bring together even more talented developers from around the world, now in a more central […]