Nintendo Media Summit 2008 headlines

Live from Alone in the Dark Harrison event in London

Updating live from the Atari UK Alone in the Dark event in London. After the link.

  • Head-tracking feature pulled from Boom Blox

    Colour us shocked. Joystiq’s reporting that the Boom Blox head-tracking feature – that was supposedly going to allow players to move the game’s camera with head movements – has been pulled. From the site: At the Nintendo Media Summit, Boom Blox senior producer Amir Rahimi confirmed that the final version of the game will lack […]

  • BioWare Sonic RPG played and tested

    Couple of playtests just popped up of BioWare’s Sonic RPG, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. There’s one on 1up and one on MTV. Plenty of detail there for those interested, and new screens showing what appears to be a fairly standard team-based FF-esque console RPG combat system. They’re both taken from the US Nintendo Media […]

  • Embargo passes for Nintendo Media Summit impressions

    1up’s gone live with a heap of impressions from last week’s Nintendo Media Summit in the US. They did it first, so they get the links. Look: LostWinds! FFCC: My Life as a King Guitar Hero: On Tour LostWinds Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Samba de Amigo Boom Blox Update: Here’s Eurogamer’s stuff. So that’s […]

  • Nintendo Media Summit day two live blogged

    Want to read some sketchy notes about a really long WiiWare presentation in America? Course you do. IGN live blogged the second day of Nintendo’s Media Summit just in case you do. There’s stuff in there about Strong Bad, World of Goo and the fact Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Major League Eating were playable […]

  • Nintendo Media Summit - full line-up

    The US press has been embargoed on some of this – we’re guessing one of the games you’re going to have to wait to hear about is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – but GoNintendo’s kindly posted a list of everything shown at Nintendo’s American Media Summit yesterday. What’s “Pop”? Wii Wii Fit Boom Blox […]