MI6 2009 headlines

EA Sports wants to be a household name on par with Nike, ESPN

Peter Moore has told M16 that he wants EA Sports on par with other brands like Nike and ESPN. Moore’s grandiose plan is based on “personal access to the emotion of sports,” he said. Gaming is changing, and therefore he feels it’s a good time to explore other forms of brand-usage never tried by the […]

  • Moore - EA Sports Active makes us "uncomfortable"

    EA Sports boss Peter Moore has told MI6 that EA Sports Active makes the company feel “uncomfortable”. Apparently this is a good thing. “They say that if it makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s innovative,” Moore said. β€œ[EA Sports Active] makes us feel very uncomfortable. We drip with testosterone. We are all about male-fueled angst, agony, […]

  • Koller: PS3-Facebook integration coming "sooner than you might think"

    SCEA hardware marketing boss John Koller has told the MI6 conference in San Francisco that PS3 Facebook integration is in the works. From this Joystiq report: During a panel titled “Casual to the Core: Redefining the Gaming Dynamic,” SCEA’s John Koller talked about social media and how it can affect the games space. When asked […]

  • Peter Moore to keynote MI6

    EA Sports boss and general Welsh legend Peter Moore is to keynote this summer’s MI6 conference, taking place on April 8 in San Francisco. “Every year MI6 brings together the most revolutionary brand and marketing executives from the gaming industry, and this year we are delivering that and more,” said event boss Jonathan Block-Verk. “We […]