LGF 2008 headlines

UK cosplayers take new world record

God. A total of 342 cosplayers have beaten the world record for getting as many of their “kind” in one place, congregating in London to beat a record set in Germany last week. It’s London Games Festival for the next week. Event boss Duncan Best said: “It was a bit touch-and-go for a while but […]

  • London mayor makes weapons-grade arse out of himself over London Games Festival

    London mayor Boris Johnson apparently has trouble remembering what he’s said: the politician today praised the UK games industry, following previously writing a diatribe against games in general in the Telegraph in 2006. Boris today, speaking on the EA Trafalgar Square event during the LGF later this month: “I’m delighted that the London Games Festival […]

  • EuroClash to publish LGF guide

    EuroClash is to publish the London Games Festival guide, the venture’s announced. The week-long event takes place in October. EuroClash’s Simon Tapscott said, “We’re delighted to have been selected to produce this year’s official London Games Festival Guide. The combination of the vibrancy of the Festival, Eurogamer’s editorial credibility, the sheer diversity of events and […]