GMA 2008 headlines

Live-blogging the Games Media Awards!

Live from the Jongleurs Comedy Club in London’s Camden Lock. The British games media industry is currently drunk. See what happens when some of them get awarded for writing about videogames. After the break. We’re using CoverItLive, so there’s no need to refresh.

  • Live from London's Games Media Awards 2008 tonight

    We’ll be live-blogging tonight’s Game Media Awards in London, just so you don’t miss any of the “action.” We’re up for two – “Games Website” and “Specialist Games Writer – ONLINE” – which means we sort of have to go, and seeing as we’re there we thought we might as well bring you the blow-by-blow […]

  • GMA nominees announced, VG247 up for two

    We fucking rule. We’ve been nominated for two Game Media Awards, as you can see on MCV. We’re up for Specialist Games Writer and Games Website, which is pleasant. The awards show itself takes place on October 16 at Jongleurs Comedy Club in Camden. The double acceptance speech has been ready for months, obviously.

  • The year's Game Media Awards head to Camden

    MCV’s posted up details of this year’s Game Media Awards, to be held this year at the Jongleurs Comedy Club in Camden, London. The inaugural GMAs was held last year. From the site: This time, the voting panel will be MCV’s entire readership. In other words, the UK video games industry. There will also be […]