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Spector: I changed Will Wright’s mind on importance of Cloud gaming

Warren Spector convinced Will Wright at GDC that Cloud gaming’s going have a giant impact on the trade. The famed developers went toe-to-toe on the issue during the Luminaries Lunch at the Californian show last month. “For the first time in my life, at least, I actually got Will Wright to admit that I was […]

  • Old Republic pricing will depend on MMO "standard," says BioWare

    Star Wars: The Old Republic’s business model will depend on what’s considered to be the norm on other MMOs, BioWare’s told VG247, likely meaning the game will carry a subs model in the West. “The way we look at these things is, ‘What’s the standard at the time?’ Obviously we’re not quite done yet. We’ve […]

  • Gears boss on 360's limits: "There's still more it can do"

    Gears of War 2 executive producer Rod Fergusson has told VG247 that innovations in both games software and Microsoft services mean we’ve yet to see the limit of what can be achieved with Xbox 360. Fergusson was quoted previously as saying the box had been maxed out, a comment he told us was taken out […]

  • SCEA: "Exclusivity is something that doesn't truly exist in this cycle"

    SCEA hardware marketing boss John Koller has claimed that console software “exclusivity” was a a last-gen concept, and that higher development costs have forced game-creators to become platform agnostic. “Exclusivity is something that doesn’t truly exist in this cycle,” the exec told VG247, speaking at GDC. “What does exist is first-party product. That’s your exclusive […]

  • Video: Jaffe, Gerstmann and Pachter talk gaming in the recession

    During GDC, David Jaffe, Jeff Gerstmann, and Michael Pachter sat down with GameTrailers TV to talk about gaming in the recession. Watch the discussion after the break. In it, Jaffe’s weighs in on the used game market, Gerstmann’s talks about OnLive, and Pachter’s looks into his crystal ball for the coming year. It is definitely […]

  • 360 exclusivity has "helped" Gears of War, says dev boss

    Both having Microsoft as a publisher and concentrating on 360 as a single format has aided the Gears of War IP, executive producer Rod Fergusson has told VG247. “Yeah,” said the developer when asked if keeping the franchise exclusive to 360 had been a benefit. “Microsoft is just an awesome publisher. They’re a great partner […]

  • Sony: Microsoft "writes cheques" for games thanks to first-party line-up insecurity

    SCEA hardware marketing boss John Koller has told VG247 that Microsoft’s apparent need to pay for exclusivity on certain products – such as the Lost and Damned – is borne from a self-perceived lack of strength in its first-party line-up. “Microsoft has had a much more lenient policy to writing cheques than we do,” he […]

  • Fable 3: It would be "pretty poor" if See the Future didn't have "some connection," says Molyneux

    Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has told VG247 that it would be “pretty poor” if upcoming Fable II DLC See the Future didn’t relate to the next Fable game. “Well, while it’s not easy for me to absolutely confirm that, it would be pretty poor to say ‘See the Future’ if it didn’t have some connection, […]

  • Mass Effect 2: We won't "shy away" from controversial moments, says BioWare

    Good news, alien sex fans. Remember the “porn” scene from Mass Effect? The one pop psychologist Cooper Lawrence claimed contained “graphic” shagging? The one that actually didn’t? BioWare’s promising more “emotionally engaging moments” for Mass Effect 2. We know because Steph asked BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk at GDC. VG247: Anything controversial this […]

  • PS3 hardware boss: "Blu-ray is really gaining a lot of traction for us"

    SCEA hardware marketing boss John Koller has said that Blu-ray, and the public’s perception of the value it brings to PS3, will be a driving factor in increased sales for the machine this year. “We are looking at a general move by the consumer to understanding the complete value of the PS3, inclusive of Blu-ray […]

  • Gears 2: Match-making problems were "growing pains," says Fergusson

    Gears of War 2 executive producer Rod Fergusson has told VG247 that match-making issues with the title’s multiplayer – which initially saw game-breaking waits to access games on Live – were the result of “growing pains” and treading new ground in terms of scale. “The match-making problems we had at the beginning of Gears 2 […]

  • Molyneux - The greatest story ever told will be in a computer game

    Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux thinks games will surpass the level of storytelling seen in the Godfather. Bold claims. Not bold enough. He’s told VG247 that games will tell the best story in the world. Ever. “The greatest story ever told? I think it’s going to be in a computer game,” he said. “And I think […]

  • Sony: Our first-party dev is as big as Microsoft and Nintendo's combined

    SCEA hardware marketing head John Koller has claimed that Sony’s first-party development division is as big as that employed by Nintendo and Microsoft. In total. “Our development studios – the Worldwide Studios team – is as large as Microsoft and Nintendo’s combined,” he said, talking at GDC. Koller said that Sony’s first-party roster for the […]

  • BioWare: Dragon Age is the launch of a "platform," a "landmark in fantasy"

    BioWare boss Ray Muzyka has told VG247 that fantasy RPG Dragon Age: Origins marks the launch of a fantasy “platform” for the company, one that will last for “years”. “We want this to feel like a living world,” he said, speaking at GDC. “Like a rich, deep, living world. We’re seeing this as the launch […]

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