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  • GDC: Jaffe pulls out of session!

    Just got this from Tom Eurogamer. Guess we won’t be seeing anything from Mr Jaffe this evening. The Eat Sleep Play boss was supposed to be speaking at 6.30pm GMT at GDC. OMG. JAFFE HAS FUCKING PULLED OUT. “Oops.”

  • GDC: David Jaffe session live at 6.30pm

    Eurogamer’s liveblogging David Jaffe’s session at GDC in a little over half an hour, so be sure to take a look here for some swearing and insight. Jaff’es now known to be working on a PS3 version of Twisted Metal, as well as other projects at Eat Sleep Play, and it’s still unknown whether or […]

  • GDC: 18 million 360s sold worldwide, says Schappert

    In this interview, Microsoft’s John Schappert has claimed that more than 18 million Xbox 360s have now been sold worldwide. “I think that we’ve sold 18 million, the last time I’ve checked,” he said. “18 million hardware units worldwide.” In a wide-ranging chat, Schappert also talks about the speed at which Microsoft has reached 10 […]

  • GDC: Bionic Commando: Rearmed scaled back on Live limit

    According to this, Bionic Commando: Rearmed producer Ben Judd has been telling people at GDC that the XBox 360 version of Bionic Commando: Rearmed won’t be as good looking as the PS3 version because of the 150Mb file-size limit placed on Xbox Live content. Microsoft responded today. “That’s surprising to hear,” says John Schappert, Microsoft’s […]

  • GDC: Indiana Jones game "in production"

    According to this, an Indiana Jones game has just gone into production. Apparently, the game has been in pre-production for about two years, but found itself sidelined by Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Obviously, this is a different beast to Lego – sorry, LEGO – Indiana Jones, which releases in June.

  • GDC: Gears 2 narrative "even more interesting", says Bleszinski

    Epic dev lead Cliff Bleszinski has said that the narrative for Gears of War 2 will be beefed up over the original game, and pointed to the newly released teaser trailer for clues as to what to expect. “Narrative is one of those things that is incredibly important in a video game,” he said. “The […]

  • GDC: Prototype to offer "more than better experiences"

    “Do gamers want better experiences, or more?” That was the question posed by Prototype producer Tim Bennison as he showed off the game to a GDC audience. “We wanted to provide more, and see if that led to new experiences.” “A lot of games are doing the same thing better,” said Bennison, who wanted his […]

  • GDC: Realtime Worlds shows APB, its "MMO Crackdown"

    Didn’t see this coming. Crackdown developer Realtime Worlds has shown off its next project at GDC, a “multiplayer online game” called APB that seemingly has a shot at reinventing the entire MMO “thing”. From the sound of this gushing 1UP report, the game is a PC action title in which teams of cops and robbers […]

  • GDC: "Downloadable content has come of age", says Microsoft's John Schappert

    Speaking to videogaming247 after his Wednesday GDC keynote, John Schappert – “Corporate Vice President LIVE, Software and Services for the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft” – said that he believes downloadable content is now an accepted part of the gamer experience, and a precursor to the advent of “community gaming”. “No, not in any way,” […]

  • GDC: Dave Perry's Luminary Lunch - full report

    Dave “Shiny” Perry decided to arrange lunch at a posh San Francisco hotel for some industry luminaries, and let us sit in on it. The session, which was hosted by ex-PC Gamer editor Gary Whitta, was attended by Sony’s Phil Harrison, EA’s Neil Young, Peter Molyneux, Gas Powered Games’ Chris Taylor, Mr Perry himself, and […]

  • GDC: Microsoft blogger breakfast audio available now

    In short, Microsoft got loads of American bloggers together yesterday for bacon and eggs and talked about XNA, Xbox Live and all the other stuff from the keynote. Kotaku, Joystiq, Destructoid and all the rest were there. Get it here. If you’re at work and you’re employed by headphone Nazis, Kotaku liveblogged it. See here.

  • GDC: Valve confirms Portal 2

    According to this, producer Kim Swift said in a G4TV interview yesterday, “Well, I believe Doug Lombardi who is our lead marketing director at Valve, has announced Portal 2.” Swift was probably referring to Valve’s interview with Eurogamer a couple of weeks ago, in which Lombardi said we can expect to see “more Portal, for […]

  • GDC: Lego Batman guy video interview

    Below. We can’t hear anything, for some reason. Our luck with Flash movies isn’t so great. This does, however, appear to be a developer interview with one of the Lego Batman team. Good luck. Update: We can watch it now. It’s cool. Lots of info. Have a look.

  • GDC: Boom Blox to include head tracking

    It says so here. In his GDC session, Louis Castle, producer of Spielberg game Boom Blox, said by using two Wiimotes it’s possible to control the camera with your head. He was also keen to point out that the “feature” was an easter egg and not something EA was planning on promoting. Which sounds sensible […]

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