GDC Europe 2009 headlines

CCP announce Dust 514 for consoles

CCP have announced their newest project at GDC Europe in Cologne, known as Dust 514. It’s a hybrid of an FPS and MMO with RTS elements coming to the consoles, although no platforms were announced. The developer also confirmed it will tie into the EVE Online universe. “Our success with EVE Online has afforded us […]

  • Crytek: Current gen will last "until 2012"

    Crytek president Cevat Yerli has said, speaking during a keynote at GDC Europe, that he doesn’t expect the next generation of consoles until 2012 at the very latest, although he and the studio has doubts to if there will be a next-gen. “…there’s a big debate about whether there will be a next generation at […]

  • More than 420 exhibitors from 30 countries expected at GamesCom

    More than 420 exhibitors from 30 countries are expected to descend upon Cologne for GamesCom. Loads of premieres, events and entertainment are expected along with seminars on Youth Protection. According to the press release issued by organizers, stands are already being set-up at the over 120K square meters or exhibition space. It’s gonna be huge, […]

  • EA, Activision, and Square announce GamesCom line-up

    GamesCom’s just around the corner and Activision, Electronic Arts, and Square Enix have all revealed a list of games that will be present for the event. Activision: Bakugan, Band Hero, Blur, DJ Hero, Guitar Hero 5, Modern Warfare 2, and Tony Hawk RIDE. EA: APB, Army of Two: The 40th Day, Battlefield Bad Company 2, […]

  • CCP trademarks Dust 514

    EVE developer and publisher CCP’s trademarked Dust 514, as reported by MMOsite. What is it? Probably the first-person game company boss Hilmar Petursson’s heavily tipped to announce at GDCE the week after next in Cologne. Hit the link for more. We’ll know soon enough. Thanks, Jim.

  • Square Enix announces GamesCom line-up

    Square Enix has announced the games it will have on had at GamesCom next month. Looks like attendees can look forward to seeing Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts 385/2, Nier, and Supreme Commander 2, among others. Here’s the full list: Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3, Xbox 360, PC) Dissidia Final Fantasy (PSP) Final Fantasy XIII (PS3, Xbox […]

  • Heavy Rain's David Cage confirmed for GDC Europe keynote

    Quantic Dream founder and CEO, David Cage, has been confirmed to deliver a keynote at GDC Europe. Cage will deliver an address entitled ‘Writing Interactive Narrative for a Mature Audience’, which will focus on the necessity of mature games that explore difficulties through interactive story-telling and solutions. “I am excited to participate at GDC Europe […]

  • Rumor: Lionhead to announce "something" at GamesCom

    It is being reported that Lionhead’s set to make an announcement at GamesCom in Cologne. The news comes from German site Gamefront, which claims Peter Molyneux will front the Microsoft press conference at the event. Molyneux was confirmed for earlier in the month as a keynote speaker, but this is the first we have heard […]

  • Nordic Game for Gamescom 09 gets 24 new entries

    Nordic Game will be participating in Gamescom on August 19-23, and the game booth will showcase 24 Nordic game companies and organizations. Some of the highlights: Amazing Games Boomtown Donya Labs Fatshark Gogogic Hansoft Pixolane TeliaSonera International Carrier Tonic Games Unity 3D Zordix These companies will be joined by: Artplant, Coldwood, Gotland University, Housemarque, Neogames, […]

  • Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli to give keynote at GDC Europe

    Cevat Yerli, CEO and president of Crytek, will be giving a keynote titled The Future of Gaming Graphics at GDC Europe in August. “As a German based company, we are proud to participate in GDC Europe in Cologne,” said Yerli. “We are very excited to share and communicate our success story with our fellow European […]

  • Remedy's Matias Myllyrinne to give keynote at GDC Europe

    Remedy’s managing director Matias Myllyrinne has been announced as the second keynote speaker for GDC Europe. His keynote will be titled “From Max Payne to Alan Wake: Creating Intellectual Properties the Remedy Way,” and will focus on maintaining a small, independent company while remaining passionate about new IPs. “Remedy revolutionized the action genre with Max […]

  • EVE Online's Hilmar Pètursson to keynote GDC Europe, show new title

    CCP’s Hilmar Pètursson will be one of the keynote speakers at GDC Europe in August. The CEO’s speech is titled “CCP: Winning the War”, which discusses the company’s success stemming from near obscurity to producing one of the largest MMOs out there, EVE Online. “GDC Europe is gearing up to be one of the industry’s […]

  • List of GDC Europe speakers starts to thicken up

    Initial speakers for GDC Europe 2009 were announced this morning for the August event in Cologne, Germany. Taking place August 17-19 at the Cologne Congress East Center in Germany, the first set of speakers and their subject matter are as follows: Flower – Design Postmortem by ThatGameCompany’s Kellee Santiago. Surviving Project Cancellation in the Economic […]

  • Online Registration opens for GDC Europe

    Online registration for GDC Europe has gone live. The event will take place alongside Gamescom in Cologne from August 17-19 at the Cologne Congress East Center. Over 80 lectures, panels and keynotes will take place. “GDC Europe will serve as the premier pan-European developer event in 2009,” said Frank Sliwka, event director. “Bringing together the […]