GDC Austin 2009 headlines

GDC Austin 2009 declared a success, 2010 event confirmed

GDC Austin 2009 has been declared a success with 2,650 attending, 130 lectures, panels, keynotes, and roundtable discussions, presented by 230 industry speakers with 80 participating exhibitors and sponsors. The event’s organizers have also confirmed that it will be back for the eighth consecutive year in 2010. “GDC Austin was a success both in terms […]

  • Turbine's console MMO has cost $20 million so far

    Turbine’s in-development console MMO has cost $20 million thus far, the studios’ project development VP Craig Alexander has told GDC Austin. The exec also hinted that the game will be free-to-play – an increasingly common model in the MMO market. A release is expected in 2011. No one outside the company knows what the game […]

  • Weekly MMO round up: WoW's Pirate Day, Aion provides a server listing, EVE is everywhere

    Loads of news this week in MMO land, kiddos. Massively is giving away Beta keys to Star Trek Online, Aion dropped GameGuard and launched its first server, Pirates are everywhere, and Sony is giving you double station cash this weekend. There is also news concerning Champions Online, EVE, Guild Wars 2, EverQuest, Warhammer, Runes of […]

  • GDC Austin: Turbine boss says MMOs will "revolutionize" consoles

    Craig Alexander, Turbine’s VP of product development, spoke today at a panel during GDC Austin called “MMOs to Consoles”, saying that the fifth generation of MMOs will be on consoles and even called it a “superior” platform. “It’s the 360 and the PS3 where we really finally have the hardware and the storage capacity to […]

  • GDC Austin: BioWare talks about the challenge of having a big team

    During his keynote at GDC Austin, BioWare technical director Bill Dalton chatted about how “interdependencies can lead to problems in development on games”, and used The Old Republic MMO as an example, reports Gamasutra. These “interdependencies” can lead to issues where the team gets frantic trying to do too much at once, and you just […]

  • Turbine confirms console MMO in the works for PS3 and 360

    Turbine’s Craig Alexander confirmed during his keynote at GDC Austin that the firm is currently at work on a console MMO. The VP of project development revealed that it has been in-house for a year and a half and the staff is working to release it on PS3 and Xbox 360. There are also plans […]

  • GDC Austin: Mythic admits mistakes with Warhammer Online

    During his keynote at GDC Austin, Warhammer Online executive producer Jeff Hickman spoke to attendees about three of the major mistakes Mythic made with the MMO. These mistakes being challenging play, the lack of economy, and the fact that the game was so easy that social tools were made irrelevant. “There’s a big difference between […]

  • GDC Austin: Blizzard reveals its canceled squad-based sci-fi game Nomad

    During J. Allen Brack and Frank Pearce’s keynote at GDC Austin, the Blizzard guys revealed its canceled suqad-based sci-fi title, Nomad. Apparently, some ten years or so ago, Blizzard put loads of hours and tons of work into it, but then decided to scrap it and go straight into work on WoW. Joystiq has what […]

  • GDC Austin: WoW needs 20K systems and over 4600 staffers to stay up

    During a keynote delivered at GDC Austin, Blizzard’s J. Allen Brack and Frank Pearce dropped some numbers regarding what it takes on a daily basis to keep World of Warcraft running. The game needs 20,000 computer systems, 13,250 server blades, 75,000 CPU cores, 1.3 petabytes of storage, and over 4600 staffers to keep it going. […]

  • Free Realms to hit PS3 during middle of 2010, likely to have Eye support

    During the Q&A session following John Smedley’s keynote at GDC Austin, the SOE president informed attendees that Free Realms should land on PS3 sometime during the middle of 2010 and may also support the PS Eye. “It’s next year sometime, toward the middle of the year,” he said. “For the PlayStation 3 version, it’s very […]

  • Free Realms officially hits the 5 million users mark

    Free Realms has officially hit the five million users mark, according to SOE’s John Smedley. Speaking during GDC Austin, Smedley revealed the number during his keynote. The free-to-play MMO has been live since April 28, and back in July Smedley told Gamasutra that the game was close to the five million account mark then. Looks […]

  • More speakers for GDC Austin announced

    GDC Austin takes place September 15-18, and you already know that Blizzard and Sony Online will be there, but so will others. Here’s a list of the recently announced speakers and what they will be discussing: Craig Alexander , VP, Product Development, Turbine: MMOs to Consoles – Challenges, Opportunities and Emerging Trends Brandon Barber, VP […]

  • SOE prez John Smedley to keynote GDC Austin

    Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley will be delivering a keynote at GDC Austin. The event starts September 15 in Texas and runs through the eighteenth. More than likely Smedley will be talking up Free Realms and the millions of players it has accumulated since launching on April 28. Other keynoters include Blizzard’s J. Allen […]

  • WoW bosses to keynote GDC Austin

    Blizzard bigwigs Frank Pearce and J Allen Brack are to keynote GDC Austin on World of Warcraft this year, Blizzard said today. The talk, entitled “The Universe of World of Warcraft,” will tackle the challenges faced in creating subs-based MMOs. The event takes place at the Austin Convention Center in Texas from September 15-18. PR […]