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  • WoW design boss: "We don't have anything against consoles"

    Speaking to Videogamer at Games Convention, Wrath of the Lich King lead designer Tom Chilton said that the firm doesn’t hate consoles: but don’t be expecting WoW on a pad just yet. “It’s really not that we have anything against consoles,” Chilton said. “I mean we love console games also. And I’m sure there will […]

  • Reeves: Heavy Rain is PS3's "most important title for next year"

    Speaking at Games Convention last week, Quantic Dream boss David Cage said that Sony considered stunning thriller Heavy Rain to be “the most important title for next year.” “A risk? I would rather say it’s an opportunity… If you listened to the keynote speech yesterday, David Reeves said this is the most important title for […]

  • Ubisoft: Europe is now our biggest territory

    Ubi boss Yves Guillemot has told GI that Europe is the biggest cash territory for the publisher, bringing in more than 5 percent more revenue than the US. “First, our money – the pound or the euro – is very strong and because of that the turnover from those countries is heavier than they used […]

  • Reeves: Publisher exclusivity probably "a thing of the past"

    David Reeves is the man who keeps on giving. At least he does in this case, because both VG247 and GI had the same interview slot with the SCEE president at Games Convention, all of our questions from which are newsified here. He did, however, say other things. And the biggest thing he said was […]

  • Kojima wishes people would stop asking about MGS4 on 360

    Speaking to Eurogamer at Games Convention, Hideo Kojima said he’s had enough of people asking about MGS4 on 360. Not entirely surprising, really. “I’ve been doing a lot of interviews and stage shows, and half the questions are like ‘Will MGS4 be coming out on 360 or other formats?’, and in the near future I […]

  • "Almost all market leaders" will attend gamescom 2009, says Koelnmesse boss

    Koelnmesse boss Oliver P Kuhrt has issued a stark statement to Leipziger Messe in the face of the East German outfit announcing GC2009 dates. Translated, it says something along the lines of, “Give it up: everyone’s coming to gamescom next year.” β€œIt was to be expected that Leipziger Messe” would announce dates for a 2009 […]

  • Reeves-ageddon - SCEE boss talks FFXIII, Vidzone, PAL hardware sales and more at GC08

    David Reeves is a nice chap. He’s also president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, so when he says things it’s best to take note. We caught up with Reeves at Games Convention in Leipzig last week after an impressive press conference at the show, and, as ever, he had plenty to say on everything. We’ve […]

  • Seven minutes of bad quality Fable II shakycam posted

    After the break. It’s a bit rubbish, but you can see what’s going on. There’s plenty of fighting and resurrecting to watch. The footage was shot at Games Convention in Germany last week.

  • Funcom confirms more than 400,000 paying subs for AoC

    As you can see in this onlinewelten.com movie from Leipzig last week, Funcom’s Erling Ellingson has confirmed that Age of Conan has more than 400,000 paying subscribers. The news comes after a Funcom financial report put the number of “customers” playing in the MMO at 415,000, but confusion reigned as to whether or not this […]

  • Reeves: We're a bit behind on video downloads, but we will get there

    Speaking to VG247 at Games Convention in Germany last week, SCEE president David Reeves highlighted the difficulties in bringing the Movie Store service to European PS3s, but assured that SCEE “will get there” and launch the functionality on the Continent. “On the video side, you will appreciate that when a movie comes out in Europe, […]

  • Reeves: "I am supremely confident" that PS3 leads 360 in PAL territories - audio

    SCEE super-boss David Reeves has told VG247 that PS3 is still ahead of 360 in Europe, and that he’s amazingly sure of the fact. “We are indeed,” said the exec when asked if Sony was sure PS3 was still in front. “In PAL territories we are ahead of Xbox 360. We’re absolutely confident.” “I have […]

  • Reeves: Focus groups said music videos were key to PS3

    Speaking to VG247 at Games Convention in Leipzig last week, SCEE boss David Reeves said that the reason Vidzone – a streaming service for music videos – is to be added to the European PS3 early next year is that focus tests consistently through it up as important. “It’s what prompted it,” said Reeves when […]

  • Reeves: You can play PS3 games while listening to streaming Vidzone movies

    Worried that PS3’s streaming Vidzone music videos were going to get in the way of your games? SCEE president David Reeves is here to quell the fear. “People said, ‘I wish I could listen to the music, and see it as well,'” Reeves told us, speaking at Games Convention in Leipzig last week. “Because you […]

  • Reeves: Euro PS3 music video downloads "might be a Sony service"

    Speaking to VG247 at Games Convention last week, SCEE president David Reeves pressed the point that the European PS3 music video download service won’t necessarily be a Vidzone feature. “It might be totally different, but with Vidzone, I think they already offer a streaming service on PC,” he said. “So we’re very comfortable working with […]

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