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Blizzard co-founder: Activision merger is “cool,” unimposing

Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce has said the monster-developer’s merger with Activision is “cool” from a business perspective and has affected each side’s money men rather than their game-creators. “I think from a corporate family perspective it’s cool, right? The leadership of Activision has a lot of experience in the industry,” he told VG247. “You know, […]

  • Heavy Rain - GC level is "not part of the main plot"

    Speaking in a Games Convention presentation, Quantic Dream boss David Cage confirmed that the Heavy Rain scenario shown at the event – with a journalist being chased through a house by a taxidermist murderer – hasn’t got anything to do with the thriller’s main story arc. “It’s really a bonus scene,” said Cage. “It’s not […]

  • Epilepsy tests are "subjective," says WipEout dev

    Speaking to EG, WipEout HD director Tony Buckley has expressed frustration at the game failing a routine epilepsy test. Not passing resulted in the racer being delayed. “[It was] frustrating more than anything, because it’s quite subjective the whole test,” he said. “But we certainly weren’t going to take it lightly. We had to think […]

  • Yoshida: Why Sony decided against Microsoft's no-hard drive policy

    Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has told VG247 that Sony looked at Microsoft’s choice to make Xbox 360’s hard drive optional and decided against it in an effort to be able to provide “seamless gameplay” and solid digital distribution. “It’s one of the things we really supported when the hardware specification was decided for […]

  • Yoshida: PSP negligence is "really, really disappointing"

    Speaking to IGN at Games Convention, Sony Worldwide Studio boss Shuhei Yoshida’s admitted he’s not happy at the lack of PSP games on the horizon. “Yeah, it’s really, really disappointing and it’s a lost opportunity for the third-parties,” he said. “They should look at what the PSP can do for their titles and the potential […]

  • Heavy Rain play target is "8-12 hours," says Cage

    Speaking to VG247 at Games Convention, Quantic Dream boss David Cage said a single walk through of top drawer PS3 thriller Heavy Rain is likely to take no more than 12 hours. “We’re still in the middle of production, so I can’t really tell you the exact time of the game, but we’re targeting a […]

  • Diablo III will have "its own unique needs" for the new Battle.Net

    Speaking to VG247 at Games Convention, Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce said that Diablo III’s requirements from the major Battle.Net upgrade currently being worked on at the firm will be specific to the game itself. “Diablo III will have its own unique needs in terms of what Battle.Net provides,” he said. Pearce also revealed that the […]

  • Heavy Rain: If the main girl dies, you can keep playing the "big story"

    We thought we imagined this at the time, but Quantic Dream’s David Cage did definitely confirm at Games Convention that if you get the main character killed, you carry on playing the game’s central plot. The protagonist is the girl showed in the SCEE press conference at the show (pictured), a journalist investigating some disappearances. […]

  • World of Warcraft is "still growing," says Blizzard

    Just because Blizzard isn’t screaming about another million milestone for World of Warcraft every ten minutes doesn’t mean the subs numbers have stopped rising: they’re still going up, Blizzard told us at Games Convention. “It’s actually still growing,” said Wrath of the Lich King lead designer Tom Chilton. “It’s certainly not in a reverse trend, […]

  • Yoshida - PS3 hardware, cost and pricing "now coming together"

    It’s all happening. Speaking to VG247 at Games Convention, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said that Jack Tretton’s claim that 2008 would be the “year of PlayStation 3” is coming to fruition. “All the things are now coming together in terms of the right hardware, cost and pricing, and we are increasing our hard […]

  • Blizzard already planning WoW landmass expansions

    Speaking to VG247 at Games Convention, Wrath of the Lich King lead designer Tom Chilton confirmed that plans are already in place to introduce further landmasses to the MMO, despite the fact the latest expansion is yet to launch. “We actually already have ideas on how we’re going to expand on that in the future,” […]

  • Far Cry 2: Dead buddies mean loss of content

    Speaking to VG247 at Games Convention, Far Cry 2 narrative head confirmed that losing your NPC buddies in fire-fights means not being able to see all the game’s missions. “That buddy, Joseph, he’s still around,” said Redding after Joseph came and rescued him from the bush after taking hits. “He’s out there autonomously fighting guys, […]

  • Hines: Fallout 3 tradeshow demos can be frustrating

    Bethesda’s Peter Hines has admitted that showing RPGs like Fallout 3 at tradeshows like E3 and Games Convention can be a frustrating business. “Sometimes, yeah,” he told VG247, when asked if showing such a large game to people in such a short space of time was problematic. “We had a lot of discussions about E3. […]

  • Hines: Fallout 3's gameplay is like "organised chaos"

    Peter Hines has described Fallout 3’s open-world gameplay as “organised chaos,” saying the player is free to do what he or she likes but can always be easily sucked back into the post apocalyptic RPG’s main quest. “It’s sort of like organised chaos,” the Bethesda man told VG247 at Games Convention. “In order for the […]

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