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  • GamesCom show floor report: LittleBigPlanet PSP

    Loads of LittleBigPlanet stuff has come out of GamesCom. The water stuff, the confirmation of the GoTY edition, the PSP version…it was LittleBigPlanet Central over at the Sony booth, apparently. To show you just how much LBP was packed in, James Shepherd , the development director at Cambridge Studios, is featured in the video past […]

  • Bungie: Halo: Reach will be our last injection into the Halo trilogy

    Bungie’s community manager Brian Jarrard has told VG247 that Halo: Reach will be the final game the studio does on the “current” Halo trilogy. He confirmed it would be a standalone game and that it is a prequel. “For now Reach is definitely our next big thing, and it doesn’t really fit into the Halo […]

  • Kojima: Peace Walker will take "hundreds of hours to complete"

    Speaking in Konami’s latest issue of the company’s internal magazine, MGS creator Hideo Kojima has said Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will “require hundreds of hours to complete”. He also reiterates that the team from Metal Gear Solid 4 will be seriously involved with the game as well as himself. “The main team from MGS4 […]

  • BlizzCon 2009: Liveblog starting soon - don't miss it

    BlizzCon should be starting soon, and we are pumped! Nathan is in Anaheim now, getting ready to see all things Blizzard. We are liveblogging the opening ceremony, and you should check it out here. It will be blizzerific.

  • Command & Conquer 4 gets a subtitle, known as Tiberium Twilight

    EA’s announced at a GamesCom event in Cologne that Command & Conquer 4 will be subtitled. It’ll now be known as Command & Conquer 4: Tiberuim Twilight. And that’s all she wrote. It’s out in 2010 for the PC. Via IncGamers.

  • Bungie: Halo: Reach "in development right since the end of Halo 3"

    Halo: Reach has been in development since development ended on Halo 3. That’s what Bungie’s Brian Jarrard told VG247 at GamesCom. The community manager made the admission as he was talking to us about Halo 3: ODST and how life hasn’t changed much since the studio became an independent studio again after breaking away from […]

  • Bungie: ODST "has been a different product"

    Bungie’s Brian Jarrard has told VG247 at GamesCom that Halo 3: ODST, in between having an E3 2008 reveal being pulled at the last minute, an accidental reveal from senior vice president of Xbox, Don Mattrick and a name change from Halo 3: Recon, has been “a different product”. “Yeah, ODST has been a different […]

  • Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 will be 40% puzzle solving, 60% action

    Naughty Dog has said that Uncharted 2 will consist of about 40 percent puzzle-solving elements and 60 percent action. However, that being said, the developers want you to focus more on the pacing, exploration, and action as the puzzles solving will be more subtle and seamlessly integrated. “I think gamers are going to notice that […]

  • House: Sony is "head to head with Microsoft"

    SCEE boss Andrew House has admitted that Sony is going “head to head” right now with Microsoft. Speaking to MCV, House said that the PS3 and PSPgo does have a fighting chance of taking on the Xbox 360. “We’ve competing very seriously, head-to-head, with Microsoft in Europe right now,” said House, going further to say […]

  • Exclusive: Bungie discusses Halo 3: ODST with VG247 at GamesCom

    Interview by Patrick Garratt. During GamesCom, Bungie’s community manager Brian Jarrard and director of cinematics CJ Cowan sat down with VG247 to talk a bit about all things Halo. The guys also spoke a bit about the split from Microsoft, why Reach does not fit into the Halo trilogy,and how ODST is a new way […]

  • Exclusive: VG247 talks Mass Effect 2 with associate producer Jesse Houston

    Interview by Patrick Garratt. Mass Effect 2 associate producer Jesse Houston sat down with VG247 during GamesCom to talk a bit about the game that everyone and their kitten is gagging to get their tiny paws on. Seems the game has double the amount of physical content of the first one, combat is much smoother […]

  • House: PS3 Slim won't be in short demand

    SCEE bossman Andrew House has said to MCV that, despite fears from Amazon it’ll be in short demand, the PS3 Slim won’t be receiving shortages at it’s release. “There are trucks and trailers leaving right now – it’s on the road,” said House. “I will make a prediction there – I don’t think we will […]

  • Watch Bramwell and McDonald batter balls and race cars in Natal video

    You’ve seen Minkley destroy a PS3 demo pod as well as make off with a PS3 Slim, but to cap it off, there’s this. Watch Eurogamer editor, Tom Bramwell and VG247’s GC livetext supergirl, Keza McDonald, play both Ricochet and Burnout Paradise with Project Natal alongside creative director, Kudo Tsunoda. Through here and you’ll find your […]

  • Yamauchi: GT5 will be out shortly after GT PSP

    Polyphony Digital boss and the father of GT, Kazunouri Yamauchi has confirmed that Gran Turismo 5 will be released shortly after GT PSP. Right now, they are working hard on the PSP edition of the game, but they are aiming to have it out after the release of GT PSP on October 1, speaking in an […]

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