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Sony gamescom asset extravaganza II: Smart As, LBP2, LBP Vita, Medieval Moves, more

Sony has released yet another bonanza of screeshots from gamescom, and once again, we’ve put them all here in one lovely post. You still love us for it, right?

  • Relic's WH40K trailer talks about being a Space Marine

    THQ has released the gamescom trailer for Relic’s Warhammer 40K: Space Marine.

  • Moore - 360 and PS3 Grand Slam Tennis will be released, will use motion tech

    EA Sports is still planning on releasing 360 and PS3 versions of Grand Slam Tennis, division boss Peter Moore’s told VG247, but only when motion controllers have launched for both systems. Moore delayed the games in August following the release of a MotionPlus-compatible Wii version. “You will do on the new motion technologies,” Moore said […]

  • Creative Assembly chats a bit about Napoleon: Total War

    Creative Assembly community manager, Kieran Brigden, chatted a bit with BigDownload during GamesCom and discussed the development of Napoleon: Total War. Brigden also discusses content by way of some of Napoleon’s career battles, and the ability to play against Napoleon as one of the opposing countries. Game’s out during the first half of 2010. The […]

  • Kitase: DLC being considered for future Final Fantasy projects

    Square’s Yoshi Kitase and Motomu Toriyama told VG247 during GamesCom, that downloadable content is being considered for future Final Fantasy titles, but for now, nothing is set in stone for Final Fantasy XIII. “As far as DLC is concerned, there is no solid plan at the moment for FFXIII,” said Kitase, speaking through his translator. […]

  • Kitase: Final Fantasy titles shouldn't take as long to develop in the future

    At GamesCom, Yoshi Kitase and Motomu Toriyama from Square Enix told VG247 that Final Fantasy games shouldn’t take as long to develop in the future. During the conversation, we mentioned CEO of Square Enix Yoichi Wada’s comment regarding the firm “taking too long to produce games”, to see if they were in agreement. Us at […]

  • Fable III was biggest EG GamesCom traffic driver

    Fable III drew the most traffic for Eurogamer over GamesCom for a single game, according to this GI piece. Which is all very nice, but the real story here is the graphs. Just look at that shit. Pastel shades, italics, extended radial spokes on the pie; a new level. Hit the link to see for […]

  • Ass Creed II boss - "Some juice left in me" for third game

    Assassin’s Creed is a very buyable game. And what happens to buyable games? They get sequels. And sometimes they get second sequels. And sometimes the developers working on them get so engrossed they’re prepared to dump a decade of their careers on one franchise. “No, not yet,” said Patrice Desilets, Assassin’s Creed II’s creative director, […]

  • Rockstar: LA Noire still in development

    It’s been so long since we’ve seen a single thing from the game, but Rockstar has confirmed that LA Noire is still in development over at Team Bondi. The news came from a closed doors press conference for the publisher at GamesCom earlier this month, although nothing more was mentioned on the game. The publisher […]

  • FFXIV non-level system will "make sense," assures Tanaka

    Final Fantasy XIV producer Hiromichi Tanaka has said to VG247 that the MMO’s level system, similar to that of Ultima Online, will “make sense” to players when the game launches next year. “From MMO history, from the beginning, [games like] Ultima Online had a similar, skill-based system, so we do believe it will make sense […]

  • Surnames may help FFXI-FFXIV character name transfer, says Tanaka

    Surnames may be introduced help character name transfers between Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV, producer Hironichi Tanaka told VG247 in Cologne two weeks ago. “We’re trying to find a way so people can transfer their names to FFXIV. However, for FFXI we had 32 worlds, and each character had to have a unique […]

  • FFXIV: "Unique" setting to have own religion

    Final Fantasy XIV world Eorzea will have it’s own religion, producer Hiromichi Tanaka told VG247 at GamesCom earlier this month. Remember children: praise Jebus. “It will have its own religion. It’ll be a really unique type of world,” said Tanaka of the MMO. He added: “This time with the world of Eorzea, what we’re trying to […]

  • Tanaka "very pleased" Uematsu agreed to score FFXIV

    Final Fantasy XIV producer Hiromichi Tanaka has told VG247 he’s thrilled famed composer of previous FF musical scores Nobuo Uematsu has taken on the game’s full soundtrack. “Yes, very pleased,” he said when asked if he’s happy Uematsu’s on board for the MMO. “I’ve been working with Uematsu since the beginning of the Final Fantasy […]

  • VG247 podcast #6 - Cryptic boss on Champions Online, Ellie Gibson on GamesCom

    Lots going on this week. The latest episode in our amazing podcast features Cryptic legend Jack Emmert on the imminent launch of anticipated MMO Champions Online, as well as dep ed Ellie Gibson talking to Steph and I about the mighty GamesCom. There’s mention of sausages and sex with aliens in there, as well. […]

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