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  • Molyneux: "I feel sorry for Denis Dyack"

    In what easily wins the “quote of the day” competition, Peter Molyneux has said he feels sorry for Denis Dyack, and that Too Human doesn’t deserve the attention being poured on it by the h8torz. “I feel sorry for Denis Dyack because you know, I think a few things were said wrong, there was that […]

  • Reggie: GTA on Wii is up to Take-Two and Rockstar

    Speaking to MTV at E3 last week, Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime said that he’s open to discussions on bringing GTA to Wii. “You know, a GTA on the Wii is all based on what Rockstar and Take-Two want to do,” he said. “And again, from our standpoint, if they build a bottoms-up game that takes advantage […]

  • Bungie laughed when Microsoft pulled E3 Halo reveal, says Mattrick

    Speaking to Eurogamer at E3, Xbox boss Don Mattrick said that Bungie head Harold Ryan laughed off the decision to not announce the developer’s new Halo game in the Xbox 360 press conference. “Sure they’re disappointed. Any software creator would be disappointed,” said Mattrick. “Harold just laughed and he said, ‘Boy, just a sign of […]

  • Iwata apologises for lack of "hardcore" Nintendo games at E3

    We skipped this yesterday as we got blinded by ubiquity of the whole Nintendo E3 casual hardcore disaster “thing,” but Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has actually apologised for the company’s E3 press conference in general. “If there is any perception that Nintendo is ignoring the core gamers, it’s a misunderstanding and we really want to […]

  • Fat Princess attracts feminist ire

    Titan PSN game Fat Princess, announced at E3, has instantly attracted some heavy comments from the feminist side of the gaming press, which are claiming the title to be “heteronormative”. “Congrats on your awesome new game, Sony,” said Melissa McEwan, writing on Shakesville. “I’m positively thrilled to see such unyielding dedication to creating a new […]

  • Sony belittles FFXIII move to 360

    Speaking to MTV at E3 last week, SCEA marketing exec Peter Dille played down Microsoft’s FFXIII 360 announcement, saying he thought the decision would bear little fruit for the console. “What you have with Final Fantasy XIII is a lot like what they’ve paid for with GTA,” he said. “It’s not an exclusive on their […]

  • Iwata: Friends codes aren't perfect

    Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has admitted in a post-E3 interview that Wii’s Friends codes system isn’t a complete product quite yet. “I don’t think the current system we have with Friend codes is perfect,” he told GameDaily. “However, if it’s an online world where you can get access to anybody without any restrictions, I as […]

  • PS3 BioShock will "match" 360 version visually

    BioShock senior producer Melissa Miller told Videogamer at E3 last week that the PS3 version won’t be looking to stretch over the 360 version in terms of graphics. “We’re looking to match the quality of the original version,” she said. “We want to make sure that the water is just as great, and I think […]

  • Reeves: Microsoft's Gosen is incorrect over European console figures

    Speaking to Eurogamer at E3 last week, SCEE head David Reeves said that his announcement at London’s PlayStation Day in May that PS3 had overtaken 360 in Europe was correct. Microsoft’s David Gosen rubbished the figures after the event: the company was wrong, said the Sony exec. “I think we’ve only made one – I […]

  • Zelnick: We will stay profitable on non-GTA years

    Speaking to VentureBeat at E3 last week, Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick has said that one of his main challenges since taking over at the firm has been to deliver a business that’s stable in the “off” years from GTA – and he feels as though he’s close to achieving it. “We aren’t giving guidance for […]

  • Hirai hedges bets on autumn beta launch for Home

    Speaking to GI at E3 last week, Sony boss Kaz Hirai was careful to include caveats in the company’s current plan to make the Home beta available this autumn. “I’ve said this on many occasions, and right now we’re aiming for a Fall open beta programme, but no beta should be opened before its time,” […]

  • EA’s Riccitiello: “I don’t care if people write about Take-Two”

    Seems like not a day goes by without an article about Take-Two and EA sitting in a tree. But even amidst all of the commentary, in an interview with VentureBeat, EA CEO John Riccitiello was nonchalant about his company’s current prey. “I don’t care if people write about Take-Two,” he said. “It doesn’t matter to […]

  • Riccitiello: Investors don't give a shit about our quality

    Speaking to VentureBeat at E3 last week, EA head John Riccitiello was blunt about how the investment community is clueless about his well documented drive for higher review scores. “I don’t think the investors give a shit about our quality,” he said. “They care about our earnings per share. They wait for it to happen. […]

  • Keighley hammers Reggie on lack of E3 Nintendo hardcore

    GTTV’s Geoff Keighley, apparently completely oblivious to the fact Nintendo boss Reggie Fils-Aime’s obviously getting annoyed, puts up a commendable barrage of hardcore-related questions to the company front man in a three-part video interview after the break, shot just after he came off the E3 stage last week. There was an immediate backlash after the […]

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