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Moore: E3 “was a lot better last year” than ’07 or ’08

EA Sports president Peter Moore has said last year’s E3 was miles “better” than the 2007 and 2008 versions of the US show.

  • Hines: Fallout 3 tradeshow demos can be frustrating

    Bethesda’s Peter Hines has admitted that showing RPGs like Fallout 3 at tradeshows like E3 and Games Convention can be a frustrating business. “Sometimes, yeah,” he told VG247, when asked if showing such a large game to people in such a short space of time was problematic. “We had a lot of discussions about E3. […]

  • Hines: Leipzig showing was "just as important as E3" for Fallout 3

    Bethesda’s Peter Hines reckons Games Convention’s just as important as E3 for games like Fallout 3. He told us so in Germany. “It’s hugely important to ‘do well’ here… to get a lot of people to see it and get excited about it,” he said. “It’s just as important as E3 was. E3 was important […]

  • Wright: E3 "like a zombie at this point"

    In an interview with GI at last week’s Games Convention, Sims and Spore creator Will Wright said that the everyone’s favourite whipping boy, E3, isn’t even dead. It’s undead. “It almost feels like a zombie at this point; it’s the walking dead,” said Wright. “It’s such an abrupt end to what was E3, which had […]

  • Yoshida: E3 isn't "the show" any more

    Speaking to VG247 at Games Convention yesterday, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said that E3’s importance for the firm in terms of announcements has diminished in favour of a global approach. “It’s always important to have something exciting for each key event that we have, and this Games Convention is really gaining lots of […]

  • David Cage talks Heavy Rain

    Norwegian site Game Reactor has an exclusive interview with Heavy Rain creative director, David Cage. There’s nothing really new in there. The interview was conducted just before Cage was to show the game to the US press behind closed doors at E3. However, he did confirm that Quantic Dreams will be officially announcing the game […]

  • Dunaway: E3 performance a disappointment

    Speaking with VGChartz, NoA marketing boss Cammie Dunaway told how the company was “disappointed with our performance at E3” and how she wished Nintendo had announced Pikmin 3 on stage. “I would say the message is we were disappointed with our performance at E3,” said Dunaway. “There were titles like Wario which we think will […]

  • LucasArts not too happy about Wii MotionPlus

    Nintendo’s Wii MotionPlus add-on came as a shock to everyone – including publishers. So it’s not too surprising that a few aren’t exactly feeling buddy-buddy with Nintendo at the moment. Game Informer (via NeoGAF), however, claims that LucasArts is especially miffed. It’s not too hard to see why either. When you’re hard at work on […]

  • Nintendo says thanks to E3 press conference attendees

    Nintendo’s sent out thank you cards to attendees of the company’s E3 press conference, signed personally by Reggie, Cammie and Denise Kaigler, as you can see on Kotaku. “THANK YOU for attending our E3 media briefing,” says the card. “Nintendo aims to bring people engaging experiences…to make them smile…and we hope we provided you at […]

  • Lower review scores for Gears PC is "bullshit," says Capps

    Speaking at E3, Epic boss Mike Capps expressed dismay at the fact the PC version of Gears of War scored lower than the 360 game, saying the desktop outing was “much better” and the fact it achieved lower marks was “bullshit.” “I think it’s bullshit,” he told MundoRare. “Because what we did was take a […]

  • Square wants FFXIII on 360 because of "the success of our console," says Microsoft

    Speaking at E3 Xbox global marketing director Albert Pennello scotched rumours that any kind of “behind the scenes” maneuvering has gone on to get FFXIII on 360, saying that Square simply can’t ignore the machine’s install base. “I think a lot of people assume a lot of things about why Square made that announcement,” he […]

  • Best of E3 winners announced

    On Kotaku. Fallout 3 won game of the show, Mirror’s Edge won best original game and LBP won best console game. Congrats to all. Take a look.

  • Riccitiello: EA has the best title plan in the industry

    Speaking to MTV at E3, EA boss John Riccitiello said that he believes EA has the best content plan of any games publisher. Well he would, wouldn’t he? What we’ve been focusing on is making the world’s most creative and innovative games,” he said. “Making sure we put the creators first — because that’s how […]

  • Hollenshead: E3 was a disappointment to everyone

    Speaking to Kotaku at QuakeCon, id boss Todd Hollenshead has joined the “E3 was shit” chorus by saying that… E3 was shit. “E3 this year, in my opinion, it was pretty much disappointing to everybody,” he said. “The press were disappointed, the people I talked to in the industry are disappointed. Almost everyone agrees that […]

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