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Media Molecule’s co-founders on LBP DLC, working with Sony and more

LittleBigPlanet is nothing if not unique. Media Molecule’s game-building cuteathon is headed up by company founders Mark Healy and Kareem Ettouney, and you can get a good idea as to why the game turned out the way it did by watching our interview with the developers after the break. We filmed this at Develop earlier […]

  • Media Molecule was "worried" Kojima wouldn't like LBP's Metal Gear content

    Media Molecule boss Mark Healy was worried the firm’s take on Metal Gear Solid for LittleBigPlanet wasn’t going to sit well with Kojima Productions, the developer’s admitted to VG247. “We were slightly worried that our first attempts weren’t going to go down too well,” he said. “We see Metal Gear Solid as quite serious, a […]

  • Hello, LittleBigPlanet bosses: are you working on a sequel?

    Want to see what happens when you ask Media Molecule co-founders Kareem Ettouney and Mark Healy if they’re working on a disc-based sequel to LittleBigPlanet? Hit the link.

  • Frontier's David Braben defends Lionhead's Milo & Kate

    Frontier’s David Braben, creator of Elite and the upcoming sequel to LostWinds, has defended Lionhead’s Milo & Kate and the reputed “smoke and mirrors” aspect of it. “I think there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of with good, complex smoke and mirrors,” he told Eurogamer during Develop. “With all of these things, we’re building […]

  • Develop: One-day event to be held in Liverpool this November

    The Develop conference has added a new one-day event in Liverpool for studios in the North. Develop Liverpool will be held November 5 with Merseyside ICT’s Software City event, and will feature tracks and networking events at the Arena and Conference Center Liverpool. “With such an active and vibrant development community north of Birmingham it […]

  • APB will last five to ten years, according to Dave Jones

    Dave Jones has told Videogamer that his main goal for APB, is for it to last for five to ten years. “That’s ultimately the goal. The method I looked at, the kind of ideas I looked at was more like Counter-Strike,” he said at Develop. “There is a game which kept people playing for years […]

  • Mark Rein: New Unreal Engine features "will blow people away"

    Epic boss Mark Rein sat down with VG247 at Develop in Brighton, England last week to chat about the firm’s Unreal Engine. Rein revealed that the engine behind APB (and many others) is due for an update and the new features “will blow people away.” “It’s a very mature engine and we’re adding great new […]

  • "I'll be disappointed if we can't sell a million plus," says APB's Dave Jones

    Realtime Worlds boss Dave Jones told VG247 that he’d be disappointed if action MMO, APB didn’t shift over a million units. “I’ll be disappointed if we can’t sell a million plus,” he told us at Develop in Brighton last week. One million copices would certainly go some way to recoup the $30m dollars that APB […]

  • Pro Gotham Racing series has sold over 7 million units, Acti to pay $40m if Blur hits target

    Bizzare Creations associate producer Chris Pickford has revealed that the franchise has sold over seven million units to date. “We were absolutely astounded at how well Gotham 1 sold,” said Bizarre Creations associate producer Chris Pickford at Develop last week. “I think we projected that the game would sell around 500,000 units, but we absolutely […]

  • Matsuura thinks Natal would be great for music games

    Masaya Matsuura thinks Natal would be a great platform to create new styles of music games. Creator of PaRappa The Rapper, Matsuura told attendees at Develop that NanaOn-Sha is currently thinking up ways to make use of Microsoft’s latest gadget. “It’s very interesting. We are thinking about ideas. I think any kind of interaction with […]

  • Dyack says games are art, "gameplay is not everything"

    During his talk at Develop, Denis Dyack stated that gameplay is not everything when it comes to developing a title, and the aesthetic value must be considered an integral part. Basically, games are art. “Gameplay is not everything,” said Dyack. “If you look at the most popular games today, they are far more narrative-focused. If […]

  • PS3 motion tech is "very, very precise," says Sony

    SCEE R&D boss Paul Holman told Edge at Develop this week that PS3’s upcoming motion technology will cause advancement in games thanks to its precision. “I think we can just say that it’s very, very precise,” he said. “People are going to be able to take games in this space forward because of the precision […]

  • Jones: APB has cost $30 million, won't have "normal" subs model

    Upcoming Realtime Worlds MMO APB has cost around $30 million so far, company boss Dave Jones told VG247 at Develop this week, and won’t be covered by a “normal” subscription model when it releases next spring. “It’s not just a game any more,” said Jones. “We’ve got data centres, we’ve got all the hardware. But […]

  • PS Eye has facial recognition right now

    In case you missed it in the PS motion tech keynote liveblog from Develop yesterday, Sony confirmed that PS Eye can already recognise faces. The SCEE research and development guys said the peripheral is capable of detecting the “position and direction” of your head, the “gender and age of face” and smiles. It can also […]

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