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Video – Ellen Page and David Cage discuss Beyond: Two Souls

Ellen Page and David Cage appeared at last week’s Comic-con event to discuss Beyond: Two Souls during a panel. Today, Sony has released a video of the two discussing the game after the panel. Watch it below.

  • Resident Evil 6 gameplay videos take on the Ustanak, subway

    Capcom has released three Comic-Con videos showing gameplay content from the Resident Evil 6 panel. In the videos below, follow Leon and Helena as they head down into the subway; see Chris, Piers and other BSAA team members do battle with an enemy with “a vicious bite”; and watch Jake and Sherry join up with […]

  • Iron Man, Hulk, and Wolverine take out baddies in these Marvel Heros shots

    Screenshots for Marvel Heroes, Gazillion’s heroic free-to-play MMORPG, are posted below. If you missed out on the Comic Con trailer Brenna posted for you overnight, click here. The game was previously known as Marvel Universe Online and is due for release before the end of the year.

  • Watch a condensed version of The Last of Us Comic-Con panel

    Sony has posted a condensed look at its The Last of Us panel from Comic Con. Watch below creative director, Neil Druckmann, and game director, Bruce Straley, discuss various game inspirations, the characters, and the “plausible science” behind the game. Actor Troy Baker (Joel) and actress Ashley Johnson (Ellie) also comment on their performance capture […]

  • Battleblock Theater passes MS certification

    The Behemoth has announced Battleblock Theater has passed Microsoft certification. Speaking with Joystiq at Comic Con, project manager Emil Ayoubkhan broke the good news. The game is about friendship, betrayal, and evil cats – which always seem to go hand-in-hand we’ve found – and was originally slated for release in 2010. According to a statement […]

  • PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Comic Con panel released

    Sony has released a video of the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale panel from Comic Con, featuring SuperBot‘s Chan Park and Omar Kendall explaining the studio’s beginnings and its love for the fighting game genre. Watch below.

  • The Unfinished Swan Comic Con video shows concept art, discusses inspiration

    Those who attended Comic-Con 2012 over the weekend and sat in for the Unfinished Swan panel where given a look at some never-before-seen concept art for the title. The team at Giant Sparrow also chatted about where some of its ideas for the game came from, such as Pottery Barn of all places. Watch the […]

  • Resident Evil 6 Comic Con video is full of hungry zombies

    Feast your eyes on the Resident Evil 6 video Capcom showed during Comic Con. If it’s dark where you are, be sure to turn the lights off. It’s scarier that way.

  • Marvel Heroes Comic Con trailer shows off Iron Man, Black Panther, more

    Will the licensed assets ever cease? Not until San Diego Comic Con is but a bitter memory. This one’s for Marvel Heroes, Gazillion’s heroic free-to-play MMORPG.

  • Penny Arcade considering third PAX in Austin

    During a panel at San Diego Comic Con, as reported by Gamespot, Penny Arcade’s Mike “Gabe” Krahulik told the audience that the company is “aggressively exploring a third PAX” close to Austin, Texas. Austin already hosts a number of gaming events and is something of a development hotseat; a local event would join PAX Prime […]

  • Marvel Avengers: Battle for Planet Earth fronts Comic Con screens, trailer

    More San Diego Comic Con goodness today with the arrival of a new trailer and set of screens for Marvel Avengers: Battle for Planet Earth, heading to Kinect and Wii U.

  • Assassin's Creed III Comic Con panel provides fresh look at Boston

    You may consider yourself justifiably replete with footage of Connor in Boston, but just in case you’re not, Ubisoft has released a full video of its San Diego Comic Con panel, which includes a good five minutes of live gameplay.

  • Namco Bandai dusts Klonoa off for digital comic series

    Namco Bandai’s latest foray into digital comics – part of the publishers plan to keep interest in neglected properties alive – revisits everyone’s favourite cat-rabbit-hand-ear thing. Klonoa: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol was announced at San Diego Comic Con, and is due in August on ShiftyLook. If you’re not already fangirling like a windmill, how […]

  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Comic Con trailer is light on gameplay

    The women of Tekken are strong, motivated, and could kick your arse from here to Wednesday and back. Twice. Watch cosplayers exhibit none of these qualities in the Comic Con trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 through the break.

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