Comic Con 2008 headlines

LittleBigPlanet will be “hardware seller” claims Sony

Speaking to GI at Comic Con, LBP associate producer Eric Fong has claimed that Media Molecule’s PS3 blue-sky platformer will drive hardware sales. “It’s going to be a hardware seller,” he said. “Not only do you have the platforming experience that a lot of other games will have, you have this creativity that really is […]

  • New Marvel Vs Capcom fighter mooted at Comic Con

    According to this IGN report, Kevin Feige, production boss at Marvel Studios, gave a pretty clear indication that a new Marvel Vs Capcom fighter’s on the way. “Yes,” he said, when asked in a Q&A session whether or not fans can expect a new title in the series. “And maybe sooner than you think.” Best […]

  • Microsoft: "We'll explore, not exploit, Halo"

    Speaking to Eurogamer at Comic Con, Microsoft’s Frank O’Connor has said the platform holder has no plans to wring the Halo Universe dry. “We have a well defined, carefully orchestrated, properly planned universe to explore not exploit,” he said. “And that’s the tricky part: what are the things people want to do? We have to […]

  • Porn star Tera Patrick joins Saints Row 2 team

    We’re not making it up. THQ just sent word that “adult actress” Tera Patrick will be joining the Saints Row dev team at Volition as a “special producer.” Patrick’s going to be appearing for the game at Comic Con this weekend, so if you’re in the area go and get her to sign something.

  • Writing games is harder than film, says Stan Lee

    Speaking at Comic Con yesterday, Spider-Man legend Stan Lee opined that writing games is more difficult that scripting films due to branching storylines. “When you talk about games evolving over the years and becoming more like movies, in many ways, they’ve gone beyond movies,” he said. “To do a movie is difficult, but it’s linear. […]

  • Meet Mega Man and the Bionic Commando at Comic-Con!

    If you hadn’t already worked yourself into a nerdy fervor over this week’s San Diego Comic-Con, here’s a nice little incentive. GoNintendo got its Gameboy-stained claws on Capcom’s Comic-Con schedule, and it’s a doozy. Actually, it’s pretty commonplace, but apparently you’ll be able to “Meet the Bionic Commando & Mega Man!” Cool. Additionally, the Capcom […]

  • Capcom details Comic Con showing, promises exclusive RE5 trailer

    We’re not that bothered about missing E3 this year, but we do wish we were going to Comic Con. Capcom’s detailed its showing at the San Diego event, taking place just after E3, and it sounds “fun”. Aside from the enjoyable aspect, the firm’s promising an exclusive Resident Evil 5 trailer, so that’s a good […]

  • Capps explains Gears chainsaw origin at Comic Con

    Speaking at Comic Con in New York this week, Epic president Mike Capps explained that the chainsaw battles in Gears of War came about not through a lust for blood, but simply because the developers wanted you to actually see the game’s highly-detailed character models. From GameSpy: It’s interesting the chainsaw ended up being pivotal […]

  • Top Cow hints at Darkness sequel at Comic Con

    Comic Con’s been and gone now, and threw up what looks to be a roundabout confirmation of a second Darkness game from Top Cow. Not really sure how Starbreeze is involved, but there we are. From TheQuarterBin: There is a Darkness video game sequel in the works. They made the announcement saying, “We can’t say […]

  • Rein plays down Comic Con Gears 2 showing

    Following a press release saying there would be a games panel at Comic Con in New York later this month, and that Gears of War 2 would be shown at the event, Epic boss Mark Rein has seemingly clarified that the mega-sequel won’t be shown at all. “I’m not aware that we’re showing anything there,” […]