CES 2009 headlines

Greenberg: “we’re not even thinking about the next generation at this point”

Microsoft’s American mouthpiece, Aaron Greenberg said at last week’s CES 09 that the company aren’t thinking about launching a new console any time soon. “I think we absolutely have a very long life ahead of us. I think what we’re seeing this generation is that we have a console that is no longer limited by […]

  • Microsoft to increase Live Friends limit

    Xbox 360 product manager Aaron Greenberg told Joystiq at last week’s CES 09 in Las Vegas that there are plans afoot to increase your Live friends limit to beyond its current maximum of 100. “I can’t commit to when that will happen, but that is something we want to do,” said Greenberg. “It’s definitely something […]

  • "We absolutely would not want to trade places with Sony," says Greenberg

    In response to Sony’s earlier claim that Microsoft and Nintendo continue are just “peddling add-ons,” 360 product manager Aaron Greenberg has told Kotaku at CES 09 that MS would “absolutely not want to trade places” with its rival. “First, I would say we absolutely would not want to trade places with Sony,” said Greenberg. “We […]

  • Guitar Hero first game ever beyond $1 billion in sales

    Speaking at last week’s CES 09, Activision CEO Mike Griffith said that Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock became the first single game ever to make more than $1 billion in sales. That’s an awful lot of money. Citing data from research group Nielsen, Griffith went on to say that “download sales for artists appearing […]

  • CES 09 - All the news

    As you’ve probably realised, the Consumer Electronics Show was held in Las Vegas this week and we’ve done our level best to capture everything that we felt was newsworthy. However, these all stories are scattered randomly around the site which simply won’t do, as we’re sure you’ll agree. What we’d thought we’d do is put […]

  • New Flock trailer and screenshots

    Not content with giving us new Street Fighter IV, Dead Rising Wii and Resident Evil 5 media, Capcom has released a new trailer (after the link) and 25 new screenshots of its XBLA/PSN title, Flock. Wanna make some crop circles and herd some sheep? Then Flock is for you. Out next month. Check it all […]

  • Stringer: PS3 and PSP combined userbase now over 61m

    Speaking at the Sony keynote at CES 09 yesterday, CEO Howard Stringer said that PlayStation 3 and PSP now have an accumulated userbase of over 61 million units. Stringer then gave the mic to Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz Hirai who proclaimed that $1m dollars of gumpf has been sold through Sony Home. You can […]

  • Sony CES 09 keynote video

    Watch every second as maestros like CEO Howard Stringer and CEA president and CEO, Gary Shapiro, talk about the economy, Sony’s ‘Innovation Checklist’, PlayStation 3 and Home at CES 09 after the break. Oh, and there’s Tom Hanks and Reggie Jackson as well. After the break. By Mike Bowden

  • 5 new Killzone 2 movies are positively stunning

    In what can only be described as a CES 09 Killzone 2 media blowout, five new gameplay trailers for the Guerilla super-shooter have crept their way off the show floor and onto the internets. Amongst gunplay and cut scenes, you can even see a whole building completely collapse (4th video down) as just as we […]

  • Three new off-screen Halo Wars CES 09 videos posted

    After the break. Although many people think an RTS can’t be adequately done on a console, we must say, this does look rather special. Ensemble Studios’ swansong goes on sale Feb 27 in Europe with a demo due February 5. By Mike Bowden

  • MTV shows to air on PlayStation network

    MTV and Sony announced at CES 09 last night that they have struck a deal which will facilitate PlayStation 3 owners to be able to watch certain MTV programs via PSN. Shows such as The City, South Park, SpongeBob SquarePants and Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels will be available from February. More shows […]

  • Halo Wars US release date not 28 February but March

    Right, this is the last Halo Wars release date story we’re doing – well, this week, anyway. It appears that Robbie’s Bach’s announcement that Halo Wars will ship in the US on February 28 was a mistake. The game wil ship at its original date of March 3, whilst the UK and Europe get theirs […]

  • Bach on Blu Ray for 360: "We have no plans in that space"

    In an interview with techflash, Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Division, said that due to cost and compatibility, said that the Redwood giant has “no plans” to embrace Sony high def format, Blu Ray. “It’s not a feature we get a ton of requests for. We really don’t,” began Bach. “When you […]

  • CES 09 screenshots show Resi 5 looking better than ever

    Don’t believe us? Then click on this IGN link and see for yourself. We like guns, we like explosions and we like zombies, and Resident Evil 5 seems to have the lot. Capcom’s zombie romp is out March 13 for PS3 and Xbox 360. By Mike Bowden

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