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BlizzCon adds up to a “substantial loss” for us, says Blizzard

All the exclusive, convention-only Murloc plushies in the world can’t recoup the cost of cramming 20,000 frothing fans into the Anaheim Convention Center, it seems. During the 2009 Austin GDC, Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce explained that – while certainly an excellent marketing opportunity – BlizzCon does quite a number on Blizzard’s wallet. “BlizzCon is operated […]

  • Blizzard's Paul Sams talks licensing, marketing

    During BlizzCon, Paul Sams, chief operating officer for Blizzard, sat down with IncGamers and talked a bit about how the company has changed over the years, especially with marketing. “When I think about what we have in store, what we have done, and how big BlizzCon has become, let alone our products – I mean, […]

  • BlizzCon 2009 destroyed - everything in one place

    The news never sleeps. Thankfully, neither do Nathan, Steph and Johnny. BlizzCon 2009 brought a huge amount of new detail on Blizzard’s portfolio over the weekend, including the announcement of a new Diablo III class and a brand new upcoming WoW pack in Cataclysm. You could try to get everything from the “internet”. That would […]

  • BlizzCon 09 Press Panel: No charging for WoW mods, Blizzard iPhone games, more

    We just got back from a press-only BlizzCon panel, wherein all questions were answered. Blizzard spilled its guts, and we recorded every excruciating detail. See all the carnage below: Guild housing probably isn’t coming to WoW. It was talked about for both Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm, but Blizzard has relegated it to […]

  • BlizzCon 09: Blizzard uses StarCraft II map maker to create third-person RPG, shmup, Super Zerg

    If you thought Blizzard’s decision to let players to charge for created maps was the straw that broke the zergling’s back, you might want to reconsider. During BlizzCon’s StarCraft II gameplay panel, Blizzard showed off three custom maps that a few developers had whipped up in their free time. One was  a third-person action-RPG, another […]

  • BlizzCon 09: Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer to play Kerrigan in StarCraft II

    Straight out of Blizzard’s voice actor panel at BlizzCon, we’ve just found out that Battlestar Galactica’s Tricia Helfer will be playing Sarah Kerrigan in StarCraft II. Helfer, who played the seductive Number Six on Battlestar, will be voicing Kerrigan in her creepy, twisted Queen of Blades form, and in flashbacks as good ol’ non-genocide-bent Sarah. […]

  • BlizzCon 09: Diablo III Q&A panel

    Blizzard held a Q&A panel with the developers for Diablo III at BlizzCon, and BigDownload has the highlights for you, which we have posted below. While the team is not talking about Player Vs Player gameplay in Diablo III at the moment they did say they want to avoid the “go hostile at any time” […]

  • Race changes coming to WoW

    Is your WoW character starting to look uncomfortable in its own skin? Has your orc warrior’s odd penchant for mooing and grazing about relegated him to the loony bin? Well, Blizzard’s got a solution for you. During its WoW Q&A panel earlier today, Blizzard announced that race changes will be coming to WoW. The feature […]

  • A new hero class in WoW: Cataclysm? Don't count on it

    When asked about the possibility of a new hero class during today’s WoW Q&A panel at BlizzCon, the developer was fairly blunt. Odds are, the panelists said, Cataclysm won’t add another member to what’s currently a Death Knight-only club. Blizzard’s reasoning was thus: WoW isn’t racing to include “40 or 50 classes,” and would rather […]

  • BlizzCon 09: Release date for Diablo III yet to be announced, says Blizzard

    Yesterday, there were two different time-frames -of sorts- revealed for Diablo III. We contacted Blizzard to get some clarification on this, and were told by a company spokesperson that: “We haven’t announced a release date for Diablo III.” It all started when Geoff Keighely tweeted that StarCraft II and the new WoW expansion, Cataclysm were […]

  • BlizzCon 09: Diablo III trailers featuring the Monk

    BlizzCon 09 started yesterday, and one of the reveals was the new playable class of the Monk for Diablo III. New environments with the borderlands and an evil-infested desert zone were also revealed. Five different videos for the new goodies were released by GameTrailers and Rock, Paper, Shotgun has all of ’em posted. Go watch […]

  • StarCraft II to support premium player-created maps

    During its BlizzCon panel, Blizzard announced that StarCraft II will allow players to put price tags on their created maps. Creators will, of course, see some cash for their hard work, but Blizzard didn’t give an exact percentage. The hope is that this will encourage players to form small dev teams and craft complex […]

  • Cataclysm Panel: Guild advancement system detailed, new race/class combos, Raganaros returning

    We just finished up at the BlizzCon WoW: Cataclysm panel and our news nets are full to bursting with wriggling tidbits. And you know what that means: info-dump, go! The expansion’s adding multiple new advancement systems. First up, the Guild Advancement System allows guilds to level all the way to 20 by doing normal activities […]

  • BlizzCon 09: Day one all in one place

    What an opening day! A brand new WoW expansion known as Cataclysm revealed. That will please the fans for a good couple of weeks once released. But wait! Is the impossible possible? Diablo III on consoles? Better yet, a release this year? “IMPOSSIBLE!” we hear you cry. Still, if you have missed anything from day […]

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