Austin GDC 2008 headlines

Valve brand Google talk “100% rumour”

Speaking to Spong, Valve’s Doug Lombardi has branded speculation of Google being poised to buy the firm as “100 percent rumour.” The Inquirer originated the talk, as you can see here.

  • Rumour: Google to buy Valve

    This Inquirer piece is rumouring that Google may be moving to buy Valve. The story cites “well-placed sources” and was filed from Austin GDC. If true, Steam is the main target, says the site. Also, it would be contrary to comments from Gabe Newell at Games Convention last month. Snip from the interview: So you’ve […]

  • Google Lively getting a boost from game developers

    Google made a few pebble-sized splashes when it waded into the videogame industry with Lively, but as with anything Google does, it won’t remain obscure for long. At the Austin GDC, the ubiquitous online company announced the next step in its plan to expand Lively: opening the gates to game developers. For now, Google plans […]

  • Rage held back for 360? NO, says Willits, caps lock on

    Seems there was a bit of a scuffle overnight regarding an id Rage talk at Austin GDC. A 1UP story reported that: id Software lead designer Tim Willits the developer is cutting back on the amount of content they would have liked to include in their upcoming shooter Rage. The main reason for limiting the […]

  • Harvey Smith to keynote Austin GDC

    Deus Ex designer Harvey Smith has been confirmed as the keynote speaker of Austin GDC this year. His talk’s entitled, “Luckiest People Alive,” apparently, and is unlikely to focus on plane crash survivors, and such. The event’s taking place at the Austin Convention Center from September 15-17. Press release after the link.

  • Sc-fi author Bruce Sterling to keynote Austin GDC

    According to, science fiction author and futurist Bruce Sterling will appear as a keynote speaker at this year’s Austin Game Developers Conference, which takes place on September 15-17. Sterling’s keynote will focus on the “future of computer entertainment and predicting its expansion by 2043.” “We are thrilled to have Bruce Sterling as a keynote […]

  • Speaker submission open for Austin GDC

    Here. You’ve got until April 14 to get your session ideas in. The show itself runs from September 5-7 this year.