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  • Former Gamecock contract employees suing SouthPeak for not paying up

    SouthPeak Interactive has been accused of not paying of debtors as it agreed upon during its purchase of Gamecock in 2008. According to a former producer for Gamecock, SouthPeak promised former contract employees that their money was “in the mail”, but checks have yet to arrive. “I can think of no reason why my four […]

  • TimeGate Studios announces Open Beta for Section 8

    TimeGate Studios has announced that Section 8 is now in Open Beta for North America, Europe, and Australia. You can download the Beta through File Planet, which includes the online multiplayer mode with two maps from the final game, as well as a variety of vehicles, weapons, deployables, missions, and equipment. Instructions on to prepare […]

  • Section 8 multiplayer to allow user-created choke points

    TimeGate Studios’ Robert Siwiak has said that the multiplayer in Section 8 will give players access to deployables instead of base building and the ability to create choke points. “Playing a lot of other first-person shooters out there, I’m sure that many players can relate with finding this level designer-placed machine gun turret or something […]

  • Section 8 video shows jumping, shooting, big armor

    A video for Section 8 is posted after the jump and features the jumping gimmick and some of the different weapons you can use to take down your hulking enemies. The PC and Xbox 360 sci-fier will land on shelves August 25 and 28 in the US and UK respectively. Via D’toid.

  • Pre-order Section 8, get exclusive armour

    SouthPeak is offering an in-game goody in the form of Captain’s Armor to those that pre-order Section 8 through GameStop. No word on whether or not pre-order bonuses are going to make it to Europe when the PC and 360 shooter ships this autumn. More on Joystiq.

  • Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball launches in Europe

    Somewhat randomly, Southpeak’s announced the release of Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball for Wii. It’s about pirates and ninjas playing dodgeball on Wii. “The aim was to create a fun and exciting game for Wii that made the most of this rivalry in an energetic game that makes perfect use of Wii’s motion-sensing controls,” said Southpeak’s […]

  • X-Blades demo now on Xbox Live

    If women wearing very little clothing and wielding swords is your thing, a demo for X-Blades is now available on Xbox Live. It’s been out since February, so we’ve no idea why the demo has just gone live. More details are through the link. Thanks, Major.

  • Velvet Assassin isn't that great, say first reviews

    The first reviews are in for SouthPeak’s Velvet Assassin, and it looks as though ze Var is over for real-life WWII spy Violette Summer. IGN – 5 GamePro – 2.5/5 Crispy Gamer – “Fry it” Some new shots on Gamershell, if you’re still interested.

  • Velvet Assassin goes gold, new game shots released

    SouthPeak has announced that Velvet Assassin has gone gold. To get more interest piqued, the publisher sent off a few new shots of the game to Shacknews. Looks decent enough. See for yourself. Should be in stores by April 30 for PC and Xbox 360.

  • Velvet Assassin vid heavy on the gameplay, reveals giant ass

    Southpeak released a new Velvet Assassin video this morning, showing heaps of stealth-action gameplay from the WWII title, as well as the protagonist’s enormous derriere. It’s after the break. We’re assured the PC and 360 game – based on the life of WWII spy Violette Summer – is coming “soon”. Seriously, just look at that […]

  • SouthPeak reports 76% jump in revenue

    SouthPeak has reported a 76 percent increase in revenue for the three month ending December 2008. The period brought in $17.3 million compared to the same quarter in 2007, in which the company reported revenue of $4.2 million. “We are very pleased with our solid financial results for the quarter,” said SouthPeak chairman Terry Phillips. […]

  • Renegade Kid cancels Dracula game Son of the Dragon

    Renegade Kid has announced that “fantasy Gothic” game Son of the Dragon has been canceled. “It brings us no pleasure to announce that it is no longer in development,” said a post on the company’s site. “The intellectual property is still owned by Renegade Kid. Should an opportunity to resurrect Son of the Dragon present […]

  • Get Velvet Assassin graphic novel when you pre-order game

    Those who pre-order Southpeak actioner Velvet Assassin through GameStop will receive a 15+ page digital graphic novel as a thank you. Based, as is the game, on the life of WWII spy Violette Szabo, the graphic novel was designed by Peter Chung, the creator and director of Aeon Flux. Chung previously had his hand in […]

  • Mushroom Men coming to Europe in March

    Come March, Europe will geta taste of Southpeak’s Mushroom Men when they finally land on DS and Wii. Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars is a 3D platformer in its Wii incarnation, while Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi is a side-scrolling action prequel to the former for DS. The US got them in December of […]

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