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  • Angry Birds: Star Wars - Cloud City adds Boba Fett

    Angry Birds Star Wars shows no signs of slowing down; the latest episode, Cloud City, takes the action even higher into the sky than usual, and also adds everyone’s favourite bounty hunter, Boba Fett. It hasn’t been dated but is expected soon. Check out some gameplay footage through the break.

  • Angry Birds Trilogy 'Fowl Tempered' DLC adds 135 levels, hits PS3 and Xbox 360

    Angry Birds Trilogy has received a new ‘Fowl Tempered’ DLC pack which catapults lots of new features and 135 stages into the mix.

  • Angry birds cartoons debut in northern spring

    A series of animated cartoons based on Angry Birds will become available in northern spring. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Rovio’s Mikael Hed couldn’t give details of where and how the shorts will be accessible, noting that distribution will be somewhat unusual. Angry Birds is a full-fledged phenomenon and has spawned a huge range […]

  • Rovio enters the publishing biz

    Angry Birds and Bad Piggies developer Rovio has opened its arms and coffers to third-party developers, hopefully leveraging its 263 million actively monthly users for the benefit of other creatives. Pocket Gamer reports the first title to sign with Rovio is Tiny Thief, a product of Spanish developer 5 Ants. A trailer for the cute […]

  • Angry Birds Star Wars now available on Facebook

    Like it says on the box; Angry Birds Star Wars is now available on Facebook. You can indulge your sci fi and avian obsession in a number of places now – Android, iDevice, Mac and PC as well as the new in-browser social network option. The licensed title was recently updated with 20 new levels.

  • Angry Birds: Star Wars Hoth update adds 20 levels, Leia

    A free update to licensed crossover Angry Birds: Star Wars has added s bevy of new content.

  • Angry Birds developers form new studio Boomlagoon

    Three of the core members of Rovio during its rise to success with Angry Birds have secured funding for their newly-launched studio, Boomlagoon. VentureBeat reports Antti Stén built Rovio’s cloud infrastructure; Ilkka Halila was Rovio’s lead programmer; and Tuomas Erikoinen designed Angry Birds’ graphics, so the new team represents a significant slice of talent. There’s […]

  • Angry Birds more popular than Coke and Pepsi in homeland

    Yet more evidence of the phenomenal popularity of Angry Birds, now officially capable of burying some of the biggest brands in the world.

  • Angry Birds: Star Wars hits iOS & Android, review scores here

    Angry Birds: Star Wars has launched on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Reviews of Rovio’s money-spinning title have also begun. Get the app details, pricing and scores below.

  • Angry Birds: Star Wars: new trailer shows Chewie & Han in action

    Angry Birds: Star Wars developer Rovio has released a new gameplay trailer for its sci-fi mash up, this time showing off Luke’s lightsaber abilities, Han blasting lasers in space and a massive Chewie smashing imperial pigs to death. Watch the madness below.

  • Angry Birds: Star Wars trailer shows R2-D2, C-3PO

    Angry Birds: Star Wars sure is a thing, and here is further video proof of it, this time featuring the franchise’s most famous droids.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars: Rovio pushing itself to 'new level' for launch

    Angry Birds: Star Wars developer Rovio has explained its launch plans for its lucrative partnership with LucasArts and toy manufacturer Hasbro, stating “It’s going to be an Angry Birds holiday.”

  • Bad Piggies: fake version hits 80,000 Chrome users with adware

    Bad Piggies, the spin-of to Rovio’s juggernaut Angry Birds franchise has been blitzing the App Store charts since it launched. But today it was revealed that a fake version of the game has stung over 80,000 Google Chrome users with adware viruses. More below.

  • Angry Birds dev: "Kickstarter turning devs into high paid escorts/circus animals"

    Rovio Stockholm head Oskar Burman has called out the way developers treat Kickstarter, specifically the way they offer themselves up as prizes for high-paying backers.

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